KAT KIT KOMING SOON! If the gods of small 3D animal kits are smiling upon us, we will have a truly lovely collection for April.

First off, there’s a paw-licking grey cat. It is anatomically ‘purrfect’ and probably, to date, the most satisfying to make of all the models.

The Glama Llama will also be available to order from 1st April. Many of you met her all-white cousin, as she toured the country in January, at the Road Shows. The version that will be available to buy is cream with a white muzzle, and will come with an Andean-style neck adornment and an authentic (ish) hair piece. It is also great fun to make and we are keen to see what the extra frills do for its shelf appeal.

INVASION OF THE BABY BOOMERS More people are turning sixty this year than in any other year in our history! Partner, Christine Topham, has pointed out that this is surely is the year to have numbered cards for 60-year-olds! The heavy hand of statistical certainty has persuaded us to have another go. So, we will include two, new, 60, age cards in the May release. You have two weeks to send us your most inspiring ideas. If you receive a perfect card or see a perfect ‘60’ card in a shop, that inspires you, please take a photo and send it in to

And that is not all…We have a trio of sweet little African animal characters: an elephant, a giraffe and a penguin (yes, you can see penguins at The Cape!).We are very keen to see how these will sell because they are aimed at families and younger children.There are fewer pieces, but bigger pieces, which make the tabs easier to manipulate. Full details, including pricing, will be sent out in the third week of March.

THE FUTURE OF CRAFT KITS Dismissed by some as too expensive, too bulky, no obvious appeal… we still managed to sell over £50,000 worth! That’s £80,000 adjusted for retail value. If you didn’t get a piece of that, you missed out. THE TOP FIVE TO DATE 1 FKA003 - 3D Model Kit - Sloth 2 FKA005 - 3D Model Kit - Pug 3 FKA002 - 3D Model Kit - Unicorn 4 FKA001 - 3D Model Kit - Flamingo 5 FKC001 - Floral Craft Kit - Peonies

SELLING CRAFT KITS Kate Lee’s story I’d had no luck selling any of the craft sets...until now! I have a few friends who order from me, or rummage through my stock every now and then, so I sent them the latest brochure. Our friends’ WhatsApp group almost went into a tailspin when they all spotted the animals, pretty much simultaneously! Within an hour, or two, one friend had ordered a flamingo and a unicorn and another had ordered a unicorn.

UNDER CONSIDERATION (comments and alternative suggestions welcome):

The first friend runs a company which has a board game library (don’t they all?!) and has since ordered a peonies kit and a pug to guard the library! She’s planning to leave the pug kit by the games with a sign saying, “Please make me”. This morning I had a message to say that their marketing manager loves the idea of the guard pug and is planning to have a ‘name the pug’ competition once he’s been made.They’re also planning to put a picture of the box on the company health and wellbeing channel, as it says, ‘hours of fun and mindfulness’!

Beagle Sausage Dog

Sitting Cat Big Stretch Kitty Dragon Polar Bear Sheep Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Hat Koala

Elephant Seahorse Parrot Duck Baby Fox Panda

She’s after a sloth next…


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