Michael (L) and Matt (R) receiving their certificate and Champagne from the directors

NEW BOYS ON THE BLOCK Back in January, for many, the highlight of the Executive Partner’s Conference and the Huddersfield and Slough Road Shows, was the introduction to our two new rising stars, Matt and Michael Griffiths. Matt and Michael took their Executive Partner title on 1st January and agreed to be thrust into the limelight just one week later!  “A breath of fresh air”,“…that was an inspiration”,“Can I have them in my team?”, were just a few of the comments after their joint presentation. If you missed it, you missed a great opportunity to share in their contagious enthusiasm and ‘can-do’ attitude. A BIG public thank you to you both. ENVELOPE PROBLEMS We were first made aware of a problem with some damaged (damp and distorted and with flaps stuck down) envelopes, back at the beginning of February.The envelope manufacturer expedited a replacement order for delivery the next day and, combined with the swift action by Set in Hand, the problem was speedily resolved. However, in the last few days, we have received news of the problems recurring. Please let Celina know if your order was affected; she will arrange to send you replacement envelopes.

OWN GOAL! FP6176 Birthday Footballer was supposed to have the suffix ‘Red Boot’ in brackets after the title, to differentiate it from FP6068 Birthday Footballers, which already exists. Some ninny, of a creative dictatorial disposition, ordered it to be removed. She has had words with herself, apologised and says it won’t happen again! Meanwhile, to avoid confusion, please do doublecheck the code when ordering Birthday Footballer cards.We will make an adjustment for the reprint. Apologies.

Set in Hand have been our new warehouse and distribution centre for just 10 months.Yes, there are still problems to iron out, but we are confident that we will be able to resolve all issues.The directors at Set in Hand are

ONLINE ORDERS – ARE THEYWORTH IT? Annie Bellan, an Executive Partner from Southampton wrote in to say: Just wanted you to know how delighted I am with my web orders this month - 12 orders totalling £443.30 at retail which has given me £243.16 extra BV over and above my own orders.  Only one person ordered less than £30 (and, ironically, she lives opposite me, but she has a major eyesight problem so likes to order everything online).  Most of the above has come from “prompting” - via an email saying “New cards, etc. are available” or from sending out the catalogue. Of course, Annie has worked hard to build a loyal customer base that she supports diligently and professionally. If you have neglected this side of your business, take a leaf out of Annie’s very full ordering book and start planning now so as not to miss out on the lucrative opportunities that come with supporting your customers in whichever way they choose to buy from you.

extremely enthusiastic and supportive of our business and are prepared to do whatever it takes to get our service up to the high level we demand. It’s a much tougher account than any of their other card publishers’, where the pickers pick and pack in a very different way from the multiple,‘one-card’ pick scenario that is the norm for us. It took Phoenix 22 years of evolving and imposing fairly onerous disciplines on the distribution team to get to the exemplary levels of service we were able to offer.They, and we, want to get it right so, please continue to report any problems to us ( as quickly as possible so that we can take the matter up with the management and strive to build a support service that we can all rely on and be proud of.


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