CELINA COPÈTE COMPANY PROFILE Hello everybody! For those

CHARITY DONATION UPDATE CHRISTMAS 2017 AND 2018 We added both years together as the 2017 donation (started the new business in October) was relatively small.

who don’t know me, my name is Celina and I am the Head of Customer Service for Flamingo. I am 32-years-old, I was born in a small town in the South of France where I grew up surrounded by my family.

I left after my BAC and went to study in Lyon for



a couple of years and then went to Saint-Etienne where I spent three years studying HR and Marketing at Saint- Etienne Business School. During these three years, I spent 6 months in the Czech Republic as an Erasmus Student.  In 2011, I moved to England to work as an assistant on a trading floor; that wasn’t for me - a little bit too crazy to my liking! In 2012, I started working for Phoenix Trading as a French Customer Service Executive and I stayed until the end in 2017. For one year after that, I worked for Envio, the first fulfilment service Flamingo used. Since January 2019, I am working as Head of Customer Service for Flamingo. When I am not working, my Partner and I like spending time walking around Surrey.We moved there a couple of years ago and we are still discovering the area! I enjoy traveling and we have decided to try and visit as many European capitals as possible in 2020, that’s our own 2020 Challenge! Let’s see how this goes! To finish, I would like to thank you all of you for your support and all the beautiful cards and presents I have received over Christmas.This really means a lot to me. I wish you all a fantastic 2020!



AU$ 600

NZ$ 600

CHRISTMAS 2019 What we have estimated to be £8,667.79 of funds raised during Christmas 2019, will be allocated later this year, once they have been signed off by the charity auditors. Our intention is to divvy up the total amount to the same charities as 2017/18. Thank you to all for your support and hard work over the two and a half Christmases that we have been trading as Flamingo Paperie.We are part of one of the most generous sectors for charitable giving. Many charities see greeting card publishers as one of their major sources of donated income.We are looking forward to being able to raise even more funds through Christmas Card sales in 2020.

PS. Quick shout out to Celina for all the praise and gratitude expressed by so many of you.Yes, we agree, she is a star. And I think we have a perfect card for that…

CREATIVE CORNER Pat Coppin wrote in: “Because I had to wait for bits of glue to dry on my Sloth, I decided to be a bit crea- tive.Thinking along lines of easier kits and decoupage this is my basket/box using last year’s catalogue! I plan to use it to display my bookmarks or keep pens on my stall! Thought you would like to see it” 


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