NATFEN Digital Magaine Edition 19



I nsurance companies today dictate that security is tighter than ever with modern 5-lever mortice locks now installed to meet stringent insurance requirements. We know how important security reviews are these days with companies such as Yale, Mila and Avocet tackling the threat of lock-snapping, which has become an increasing concern over recent years. Secured By Design safety guarantees continue to be important to both installers and homeowners, as combating burglaries and preventing crime is a priority in these challenging times. Although technology is advancing at a rapid pace it would be easy to think that we are safer, yet we regularly see statistics regarding burglaries and break-in crime on the increase. Fortunately, trained locksmiths can perform master re-keying on homes or business complexes but surely it has to be about educating homeowners and landlords to ensure that security is reviewed regularly?

We are told, that whether old or new, if a burglar is determined that they can force their way into properties and buildings with ease, via all the weakest spots. So where are the weakest parts of our homes? For a lot of consumers evaluating locks is never considered until something awful has happened, so it may be wise for compulsory reviews to be introduced by both insurance and mortgage companies. Regularly replacing old locks would make a lot of sense all round. How do we make sure that people with smaller budgets can also protect everything they hold most dear — perhaps that is something that should be a focus for the innovators? As the digital world starts to take more control over our security, mobile apps are providing a lot of answers, whether through clever technical coding linked to our iphones or useful directories such as the mobile friendly MLA website.


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