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NJAA C onference & E xpo By Bob Kilroy, Jewel Electric Supply Co. The different shades of Energy Green


completely pay for itself in en- ergy saved within a 12 month period, improve the level of light provided and allow the corporate headquarters to boast they are an environ- mentally friendly company. Further that initiative with a better recycling program, a energy management system, programmable thermostats and educating their employees on inexpensive ways to save energy at home, this company knocked it out of the park! Where are you in the

GREEN spectrum? Where would you like to be? What kind of Return on Investment (ROI) would you consider a home-run? Consider doing one of the following or all 10: • Insulate cracks and open- ings and windows • Use programmable ther- mostats • Reduce water-heater tem- perature by 5 degrees • Replace and clean filters • Turn off lights, automati- cally or manually

• Change to a more efficient type of lighting. • Use Smart Power-Strips • Buy Energy Star products • Vent Attics allowing air to flow freely • Educate others Call the energy experts or just visit us in Booth 419 at the Atlantic City NJAA show, we will show you how to find $50.00 in savings in your bathroom. Bob Kilroy, Jewel Elec- tric Supply Co., Jersey City, NJ. n

fied that they had a five year lease on the building and were provided a new HVAC upon moving in. With these factors in mind we targeted our efforts on decreasing power consump- tion by turning unnecessary items off using photo controls, timers and power-strips that powered down when not in use additionally use 14 watt LED lamps to replace the current 75 watt lamps to complete the first phase. After factoring re- bates and state incentives we developed a plan that would

ow green is green when we are referring to an individual or a

company be- coming envi- ronmentally responsible? S o m e might argue to be consid- ered a true protector of our planet, a

Bob Kilroy

green company or individual, we must shop only in stores that specialize in organic and locally grown products, walk instead of drive, collect rain water to use later and use only products made from recycled materials. I on the other hand believe in the old adage, “every little bit helps” and “baby steps will get us there”. Every little bit will make a difference; if you are not prepared to go big, start out small “baby steps” after all, every little bit gets us closer to our goal. What is our goal? Reduce our carbon footprint by as much as we can as quickly as we can. We should all be working to preserve our planet for the future generations. People sometimes shy away from instituting, energy saving initiatives sometimes because of the start-up cost involved. So why not look to the state and federal government to sub- sidize your efforts? With the federal government offering tax incentives and the state of- fering rebates on projects, now is the time to take action. People often ask me “where do I begin”, when they want to reduce their energy consump- tion. I answer the question with a question, “what is right for you?” There are many way to re- duce your energy load and be environmentally friendly. Start-up cost range from free to sometimes in the millions. The key to embarking on the right program for you is to work with a energy expert who understands your needs, iden- tifies your goals and is capable of providing a solution to fit those needs. Take for an example a re- cent commercial customer who wanted their business to be known as environmen- tally friendly but only had a limited budget to work with. We worked together, identi-

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