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By Lewis Sulovski, American Boiler Company Boiler Cleaning - Eliminate stress, avoid the rush


which can pose a problem in the heating months, should the part be out of stock. With spring boiler cleaning, stressful and unnecessary situations like this one can be avoided. In addition, scheduling a boiler cleaning appoint- ment during boiler season can be complicated. Instead of being restricted by time constraints and availability of the inspectors, multiple

appointments can be set up in the spring, without com- promising the quality of the inspection. For years, American Boiler Company has been in the forefront in promoting safe and highly functioning boil- ers through its installation and maintenance servic- es. These offerings include spring discount boiler ser- vices in order to provide cus- tomers the same satisfaction at a more affordable cost. Not

only can customers save up by availing this special offer, they can also have an easier and faster time setting a much-needed appointment during this time of year. To take advantage of American Boiler Company’s spring boiler cleaning prices, contact us now. Lewis Sulovski is a sales manager at TheAmerican Boiler Company. n

An annual boiler cleaning offers several advantages to a company. By taking care of boiler needs in the spring months, facility personnel and inspec- tors have more time to thor- oughly examine the boilers before the heating season begins. Should any problems be detected, ample time will be available to correct them. Boiler repairs often require new parts to be ordered,

nnual boiler clean- ing is a priority, not only for op-

erational ef- ficiency, but for the safety of building personnel as well.” Industrial boiler main- tenance re-

Lewis Sulovski

quires diligence and plan- ning ahead to ensure smooth sailing throughout the year. That’s why proper boiler maintenance is considered a standard procedure for a company to ensure that op- erational interruptions are prevented boiler cleaning in particular is recommended for commercial boilers, since disruption to operations can mean significant loss of income when boiler break- downs and accidents occur. Why is it so important to conduct an annual boiler cleaning? Over the years, boilers, much like any other type of equipment, can deteriorate. Deterioration manifests it- self in various ways such as corrosion, leaks, noises, defects, and soot build-up, es- pecially when regular main- tenance is not conducted. Worn-down boilers equate to low efficiency as a result of slower heat transfers, which ultimately affect the overall productivity of the machine and its performance. To avoid physical and financial conse- quences of boiler wear and tear, it is vital to conduct an annual spring boiler clean- ing, which in turn, will save the company a significant amount in terms of repair or replacement costs during the busy boiler season. Annual boiler cleaning is a priority, not only for opera- tional efficiency, but for the safety of building personnel as well. Industrial boilers that go un-serviced for long periods of time can lead to hazards such as fire, explo- sion, pollution, and exposure to toxic gases such as carbon monoxide. These situations are easily prevented with regular inspection and test- ing.

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