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March 2020

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Lessons From the Madness Basketball, Family, and Personal Injury

Here we are, on the eve of one of the world’s great sporting events: March Madness. I’m more of a college football guy when we’re comparing regular seasons, but you can bet that my family and I will be eating up all the drama and heart-pounding moments of this year’s NCAA tournament. My kids in particular will be drawing inspiration from the games. My boys are at that age where they love just about every sport. From tossing a football in the yard to shooting hoops in our driveway, they’ll play until the sun goes down. As a former student-athlete myself, it does me proud to see them enjoying these physical activities. Part of me just hopes that as they grow older, the tougher parts of athletics don’t discourage them. Broken thumbs, twisted wrists, sprained ankles — I had my fair share of sports injuries growing up. Those kinds of risks come with the territory, and they can be painful for players and fans alike. We Pelicans supporters learned that first hand when Zion Williamson tore his meniscus last fall and missed a lot of the start of the season. Obviously, the injury hurt the rising star more than it did any of us, but it’s a good illustration of how a debilitating wound can have large ripple effects. Sports can be used as a metaphor for a great number of things, and personal injury law is definitely one of them. Just like when a star player has to be benched and the whole team suffers, the same is true for when a breadwinner is hurt in an accident. No matter how much they may want to get back on the court and make a difference, there’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it: They need to take the time to heal.

The difference is that those pro athletes are still collecting huge paychecks while they go through physical therapy and rehabilitation. For those of us who don’t have contracts with NBA teams, being knocked out of the game can be far, far more distressing. This is why pursuing lost wages as part of an accident claim becomes critical — you need to make up for those days, weeks, or months you were kept from providing for your loved ones. Recovering these damages can be a tough fight, but once again, basketball offers us a handy metaphor. Almost every March Madness tournament, a little team from a school no one’s even heard of brings their A-game and beats some of the highest ranked colleges in the nation. It’s a great reminder of something we see in our line of work all the time: With the right amount of skill and practice, the underdog can win. It doesn’t matter if you’re against a Pac-12 school or a billion-dollar insurance company —with the right team behind you, those David and Goliath battles can end in victory.

“Sports can be used as a metaphor for a great number of things, and personal injury law is definitely one of them.”

Here’s to all the lessons sports teach us,

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