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A Bavarian Adventure Raving About My Recent Trip to Germany

Just two weeks ago, my wife and I returned from Germany, and it was one of the most thrilling vacations we’ve ever been on. Though I’ve been to Europe once before, this trip was one of the most engrossing, incredible adventures of my adult life. Honestly, I have my in-laws to thank, as they were our excuse to book the tickets and meander around such an interesting place that’s so steeped in history.

mission in the Czech Republic, where my father-in-law was serving as the mission president. They joined us as we toured the country, marveling at the amazing architecture, exploring the deep and complex historical landmarks, and eating some of the best food in the world (which, personally, was my favorite

activity). When my in-laws were recently called to serve in Bavarian Germany, they jumped at the chance. My father-in-law had lived there as a young man, so he was eager to return. And of course, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit them in their fantastic new home. I prepped for the trip by learning about the local history and brushing up on my WWII facts. I appreciate having context for the places I visit, so I devoured as much information as I could. I’m the kind of tourist who people get annoyed at because I read every single plaque in the museum. Once a history nut, always a history nut, though I really think that when you are able to read a little before you visit a place, you can absorb so much more of the local culture. My in-laws are based in Frankfurt, so that was the starting point for our trip. We joined up with them there and proceeded to amble around the Bavarian part of Germany, visiting the little villages and magnificent castles dotting the countryside, and eventually ending up in Salzburg, Austria. The entire time, I was (as always) floored by the historical gravity of the places we were visiting. Once we were in Salzburg, I was eager to check out some famous

spots from one of my grandma’s favorite musicals: “The Sound of Music.” I never got to do the Julie Andrews twirl on a mountaintop like I teased my brother-in-law about, but needless to say, it was an amazing experience. Even while typing this, my head’s up in the clouds, reminiscing about the staggeringly beautiful scenery, the stately, thought-provoking landmarks, and the interesting people we met along the way. While it’s always comforting to come home after being in a new place like that, I keep replaying the memories in my head. I guess pretty soon I’ll have to find another excuse to book an international plane ticket and head off on another mind-boggling adventure.

“The entire time, I was (as always) floored by the historical gravity of the places we were visiting.”

I have to say, I’m grateful that my in-laws are such avid missionaries. About a decade ago, we had the pleasure of visiting them on their

-Kevin Jensen



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