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Between the holidays and the new year, I find myself doing plenty of reflection on where our firm started and where we’re going. It’s hard to believe that when I first opened this practice over 32 years ago, it was just me and one other attorney taking almost exclusively bankruptcy cases in Philly and Bucks counties. Back in those heady days, I never would have imagined Young Marr & Associates would be where we are today. Headed into 2019, I’m proud to say we’ve grown to four attorneys and seven support staffers working to help people in need. We’ve expanded our practice areas, representing people facing everything from criminal charges to long-term disabilities, and we’ve widened our reach to as far as New Jersey. While this means that I’m driving to our 11 satellite locations more often, I’ve never been one to shy away from assisting people. Besides, I rather enjoy being on the open road. For me, the long drives across Pennsylvania give me some much-needed time to decompress. With iTunes, audiobooks, and sports talk radio, I don’t even really mind being stuck in traffic. When I’m not getting caught up on how the Eagles and Flyers are doing, I use my driving time to contemplate the future of our firm. It’s one thing to grow our staff and our reach, but we also have a duty to make sure our service grows better than ever. We took a lot of steps in the right direction this year, expanding our hours and streamlining many of our support systems using the tools of the digital age. We even made ourselves available via text outside of business hours. “While I’ll always remain a hardworking lawyer, I’ve come to realize that this personal time is precious, and the joy I find in these moments carries back into my work.”

Of course, we worried that this increased reliance on technology would lead to a loss in the personal connections that have always defined our relationships with clients. So we launched this paper newsletter last summer, to keep that personal touch that sets our firm apart. Headed into 2019, we will continue to perfect that balance between fast, effective service and individualized, personal support. I’ll also be striking a balance between these goals for the firm and my own personal New Year’s resolutions. I love my work, but this past year has made it clear that you can have too much of a good thing. I’ve always been a workaholic; anyone who knows me knows I’ll spend long hours in my office any day I’m not on the road. Not to admit I’m getting older, but this lifestyle is starting to have consequences. I had some cardiac and back issues in 2018, and I’m determined to take better care of my health in the new year. Beyond exercising and eating healthier, I’m going to challenge myself to spend more time with friends and family. While I’ll always remain a hardworking lawyer, I’ve come to realize that this personal time is precious, and the joy I find in these moments carries back into my work. To all those striving to grow in 2019, I wish you the best of luck! And from all of us at the firm, happy holidays and have a great new year! –Paul H. Young | 1

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