Personal Injury - AI

A.I. generated "Elements of Damages" calculations are providing attorneys with a new tool to increase the value of claim settlements at a fraction of what you would otherwise pay for manual economists' services.

Audit the injury claim across 28 monetary markers Search and tag elements of damages among 67,880 decision points Perform impairment ratings that add 25% to the total medical valuation Determine Loss of Services, true Pain & Suffering, Emotional and Cognitive Disorders A.I. PROCESS APPLIED TO PERSONAL INJURY WILL;

A.I. Economist's Calculations of “Elements of Damages” with “Predictive Analytics” increases the value of the claim and the amount of money recovered for the client every time.

Perform Economists Calculations

Maximize the value of every injury claim

Provide Nexus Letter to win the greater weight of the evidence challenges

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