Personal Injury - AI

We use A.I. To Maximize Claim Valuation Previously, the personal injury claims process was lengthy and cumbersome, involving hours of research and paperwork and often winding up with insurers making unfair, unreasonable undervaluations of injury claims. A.I. INCREASE IN EFFICIENCY LEADS TO MORE CASES BEING RESOLVED, HIGHER INJURY CLAIM VALUES, AND MORE SATISFIED CLIENTS. ABOUT A new and affordable A.I. Service saves you legal time-and-spend by running your claim through its A.I. Analytics Program to enhance claim valuation every time. Attorneys report saving 50% in time. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

We Offer a Free A.I. Claim Review & Report on Any One of Your Injury Claims.



28 MONETARY MARKERS Audits the injury claim across 28 Monetary Markers

ELEMENTS OF DAMAGES Searches and tags Elements of Damages among 67,880 decision points 25% MORE TOTAL MEDICAL VALUATION Provides Impairment Rating in admissible table format that adds 25% value to the total medical valuation ECONOMISTS CALCULATIONS Performs Economists Calculations that add six figures of valuation to standard soft-tissue (whiplash) injury claims


Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in personal injury litigation to maximize claim valuation. WORKS IN P.I. A.I. Predictive analytics increases the valuation of the claim every time. A.I. economist's calculations of Elements of Damages increase the compensation recovered for the client.

INCREASE THE VALUATION Increases the valuation of each injury claim every time

REVERSE UNDERVALUATION Reverses undervaluation of an injury claim NEXUS LETTER WITH DEMAND LETTER Drafts a Nexus Letter to establish the preponderance of evidence to win the greater weight of the evidence challenges

Attorney's report saving 50% of their legal time-and-spend using our A.I. audit service to formulate the demand

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