Personal Injury - AI

WPI ADDS 25% TO THE INJURY CLAIM Many attorneys are unaware that the Whole Person Impairment Rating (WPI) is one of the four (4) corners of the injury claim and is responsible for one-fourth or 25% of the total valuation of the entire medical component. Nothing can justify failing to have a WPI rating assigned on any injury claim. The AMA charges the physician to assign an impairment rating on cases where compensation is sought for recoverable amounts. One primary concern, according to estimates, is that, on average, only 5% of physicians assign an impairment rating. Many Judges appreciate it when attorneys are knowledgeable of the AMA Guides, Chapters 1 and 2, the Constitution, and By-laws. NOTICE: Do not risk the loss of the 25% valuation assigned to the impairment rating.

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