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Israel Study tour

DEB FREY (‘81)


Are you looking for something that will transform your appreciation for God’s Word? Would you like your senses to awaken as you walk through the same locations you have read about in the Bible or heard about from your pastor, Sunday School teacher or parents? Do you desire a closer walk with the God of the Bible and the Lord Jesus? If your answer is, ”Yes”, then you should take a trip to the Holy Land. It’s the land where the personages of the Bible... patriarchs, prophets, priests, kings and other people, including our Lord Jesus, lived. You will feel a kinship with them as you see the same mountains (Mount Carmel and Mount of Olives), valleys (Jezreel Valley and Valley of Armageddon), and seas (Mediterranean, Dead, and Sea of Galilee) they saw to name a few. Even the travel routes are the same as they have been for a mil- lennia. You can see the remains of the cities where they lived and the palaces that King Herod built. It’s amazing! It is life changing! It may be just what you have been looking for as you go with Mark and Laurie Strout, who have led many tours throughout Israel. Their passion for teaching the Bible in the land where it was written will invigorate your walk of faith. There is no better way to see the Holy Land!

Israel Study Tour

ISrael Study Tour

• March 13-25, 2020 • Trip is limited to 50 participants: Word of Life Bible Institute students, alumni and staff • Visit places where Jesus taught, take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, tour Jerusalem and the City of David, see Calvary and the empty tomb and so much more! For more information visit: WORDOFLIFE.EDU/ACADEMICS/PROGRAMS/ISRAEL-STUDY-TOUR

Deb (’81) lives in New Milford, Pennsylvania. She and her late husband, Paul, were influenced by Tom Davis’ class to tour the Holy Land and has been there four times with family, friends, and fellow alumni. Deb & Paul Frey (‘81) Levi Frey (’14)

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