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developed great relationships with the beautiful people living there. Over time these relationships evolved into a like-minded responsibility that, together, we could build a better future for the children in the dumps. Conversations of

difficult moments, I always have to remember the calling God placed in my heart at Word of Life and on that surf and serve trip so many years ago. I press on knowing that it is God who saves and provides for me, for Beautiful Feet

sustainability for the future began to unfold. We began partneringwith a local Nicaraguan pastor to develop a program for children to receive an education. The child-sponsor- ship program started with just 20 kids. We wanted to start small to be sure we could get a jumpstart. Two years later we have seen as many as 160 kids in our program. Some of the older students are finishing secondary school which is equivalent to high school in the United States. Seeing as the average Nicaraguan has a third grade reading level, this is a big deal! When the government consolidatedmultiple dumps into one called Cristo Rey, it opened the door to buy land to build a school and

and for each individual living in the dumps of Cristo Rey. That is God’s heart. He sees the one, and He pursues them. GOD’S HEART IS TRULY FOR THE LOST AND BROKEN. God’s heart is truly for the lost and broken. As believers we cannot stop until every soul on this earth has been given the chance to experience His love. For some of us, our ministry field and calling may be our work- place, and for others it may be to the ends of the earth. God continues to call me back time and time again to Nicaragua. Though Beautiful Feet’s work is not finished in the slums and Nicaragua is currently in com-

missions center. This opportunity changed our mission to a fight against spiritual and physical poverty through local economical, educational and spiritual development. Cristo Rey and the surrounding slums was our ministry field. This new area that the Nicaraguan government created is made up of 13 districts and is home to around 30,000 families. Shelter, food, water and any future for the kids growing up in these districts is scarce. Looking back to that first surf trip, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I felt I had a responsibility to the spiritually lost and physically poor. I felt God calling me to be light in this dark place. Over the years, I have stepped away from the lifestyle I once held onto so tightly to become a full-time missionary. I am passionate about leveraging all God has given me, to point others to Jesus and to help the body of Christ give back. Real talk...missionary life is downright the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life. When I come across

plete chaos, I have this hope that, together, we can end physical and spiritual poverty in Cristo Rey, Nicaragua and the world. Romans 10:15 How can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News!

Ryan Jasper

Ryan ('95) is the President and Founder of Beautiful Feet Call Ryan at: 941.780.7809 To learn more, visit: BEAUTIFULFEET.ORG. PO Box 61215 Fort Myers, FL 33966

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