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Julie (Lawson ‘85) Dillon and her husband, Dwight, live in Kentucky. Julie retired from 30 years of teaching and is now working for Martin Tours. They have two adult children. Rebekah (Becky) (Bailey ‘86) Schuring and her husband, Russ, are missionaries in Brazil to the Javae Indians on the world’s largest river island! They have nine children including four who are also alumni: Garrett, Janessa Borja (‘11 & ‘12), Jaalah (‘11 & ‘12), Jacinda Davis (‘15 & ‘16), Janaiza, Jesse (‘16 & ‘17), Jedidiah, Jared, and Jayme. Janessa and Jacinda are also married to alumni: RJ (‘14 & ‘15) and Austin (‘14 & ‘15). Jodi Davis (‘87) is a missionary with Word of Life in Japan. Since 2006 she has served as the Dean of English in the SYME program - an ESL program for high school graduates to attend Word of Life Bible Institute. Since the beginning of the ESL program, over 100 Japanese students have attended Word of Life Bible Institute in New York, Florida, South Korea, or Hungary. Michelle Hidalgo (‘87) lives in Michigan where she is working as a preschool teacher. 1990’s Ian (‘92) and Merideth (Goddard ‘92) Kille live in Indianapolis where Ian works as a corporate chef, and Merideth is a registered nurse. Ian serves in their church as an elder, Merideth is in the worship ministry, and they both serve as Celebrate Recovery leaders. They have a 15-year-old daughter, Morgan. Daniel Garrison (‘93) lives in Virginia with his wife, Victoria, and their daughter, Abigail. Daniel is the Director of Online Education and an engineering professor at George Mason University. He is also a lay pastor at McLean Bible Church. Scott Canion (‘93) is a studio manager for an architectural and interior design firm in New York City. He and his wife, Christine, live in New Jersey and have a son, Zach. Tim (‘94 & ‘95) and Kim (Dame ‘90 & ‘92) Carter are missionaries with Word of Life in Chile. They have three teenage children: Timmy, Nicole, and Austin. Timmy is planning on attending the Bible Institute in New York this fall. Richard “Grandpa” Clark (‘96) is a retired chaplain and is currently involved in ministry as a visitation pastor. Landon (‘98 & ‘99) and Sarah (Smith ‘99) Clouse started Restore Church in Goffstown, New Hampshire where Landon is the pastor. They have five children: Jasper, Brielle, Ezra, Oliver, and Owen.

Lisa (Tucker ‘99) Moore and her husband, Tony, live in Virginia. Lisa works in sales in the family business. She says she has a ministry of “sharing Christ with others through my own experience of His daily guidance and provisions as I live with an incurable genetic disorder that causes multiple brain tumors and spine

tumors”. 2000’s


Brian Dregits ('00 & ‘01) is a missionary with Eight Days of Hope and serves in the Air Force Reserves in Indiana. Alan Keith (‘02) and his wife, Matasha, live in New York. Alan is a lineman for a municipal electric company. They are hobby farmers and foster parents. They have seven children. Rachel (Peterson ‘06 Argentina) Knafel and her husband, Chris, live in Indiana. They have two children. Rachel is a nurse practitioner. Jeffrey (‘10 & ‘12) and Jennifer (Crago ‘06 & ‘09) Stappenbeck live in New York with their three children: Judah, Janelle, and Joel. Jeff is the Discipleship/Care Pastor at New Hope Community Church in Queensbury. Alicia (Wulf ‘08 & ‘09) Terwilliger and her husband live in Oklahoma with their daughter, Avery. She is a play and learn leader at the YMCA. Alicia says, “My time at the Bible Institute really shaped my core beliefs and just everyday decisions. I’m so thankful that I decided to devote two years to the Bible and learning under some great teachers.” Mark (‘11) and Amanda (Libby ‘08 & ‘09) Joubert live in Kentucky. In addition to pursuing a Master’s Degree at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Mark is working for Sayers Classical Academy, and Amanda works for a caregiving agency. Daniel Bacon (‘09 & ‘10) and his wife, Sonya (Johnston ‘08) , live in Northern Ireland. Daniel works as a baker, a tour guide, and a cook. He also runs a chapter of Disciple the Nations. Jaime (Peterson ‘09 & ‘10) Budzynski and her husband, Justin, live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jaime is a stay-at-home mom to their two children: Alice and Elijah. 2010’s Nathan Deck (‘10 & ‘11) and his wife, Jessica (Hudy ‘11) , live in North Carolina. Nathan is a youth pastor and Jessica is a stay-at-home mom to daughters, Hannah and Laura. In September 2018, Nathan represented Team





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