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Founder’s Bible Conference On the weekend of March 29th, we hosted our annual Founder’s Bible Conference. This conference is held at the New York Campus of Word of Life Bible Institute to help students catch the vision, to see the hearts of the generations before them, and to provide valuable insight into our history as a youth ministry. Our founder, Jack Wyrtzen, said, “It is the responsibility of each generation to reach their generation for Christ”. Word of Life is still centered on that principle, and we want to continue to pass that focus on to each class. When students hear directly from alumni, from co-founder, Harry Bollback, along with Don Lough, Jr., Executive Director, and Roger Peace, President of the Bible Institute, they have an opportunity to see the hearts of those who continually pour out their time and effort to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The speakers for Founder’s Bible Con- ference were Chris Goeppner and Jarrod Jones. Each highlighted the conference theme, “Forward”. The students especially connected with Friday night’s message, which focused on taking a step forward in victory when your faith is weak. They were encouraged to trust the Lord and to listen for His still, small voice as they fought to go forth through trials. Each message, however, provided a unique challenge and encouragement as students’ hearts were opened through worship, nourished through the Word, and even gently prodded ROGER PEACE (‘94)

through prayer. Each of the messages was recorded and posted on our YouTube page: YOUTUBE.COM/C/WORDOFLIFEBIBLEINSTITUTE . If you were unable to attend Founder’s Conference, we would like to encourage you to listen to the messages and see what God will do in your heart! We were also pleased to hold the dedi- cation of the Huskies Den and Recreation Center on Saturday night. “The Den”, as the students call it, is a space on campus for them to gather together, relax, and share what God is doing in their lives. With ping pong tables, arcade-style games, pool table, air hockey table, and foosball table, the space will become a hub for disciple- ship, growth, and fun.

jarrod jones

Jarrod is the Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church. He is a visionary leader, author, and gifted speaker. Jarrod is pas- sionate about bringing the glorious truth of the Gospel to all people and often uses humor and real-life experiences as he shares from God’s Word and its practical application for daily living. He, his wife, Christie, and their four children live in Sugar Loaf, New York.


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