A Visit to NASA

Dear Mom and Dad,

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere, but someone didn’t let you? Well if you have then you’ll understand why I chose this topic. I would love to go to NASA for one main reason. I LOVE SPACE. A few other reasons I would like to go to NASA is that it’s not expensive, most attractions are kid-friendly, and scientists suggest that while children are still young they should visit a science center such as NASA.

One reason I would like to go to NASA is that it’s not expensive. In fact, it’s $24.95 to get in and an additional $16.95 for the Limited Edition Galaxy Light Exhibit. Also since we live in Dallas you don’t need to pay for airfare since you can just drive to Houston.

Another reason I would like to go to NASA is because most attractions are kid-friendly. Although some are packed with boring information, others are loaded with information that will entertain kids for hours. In addition, most kids 8+ will like almost all of the attractions, as the starship gallery which has fascinating space shuttles like the APOLLO 11 Spaceship.

The last reason I would like to go to NASA is because the scientists suggest it. Who knows? It might inspire careers or jobs. For example, since I want to be a roboticist at NASA it would be a good start. For example, I could see if I like building space shuttles.

I know that we’ve been on a lot of trips, but I feel that NASA is a must because most trips we go on are not educational, but NASA is. Specifically, I could learn about the moon.

Did you know that over 100,000 teachers go to NASA to take part in the extraordinary learning experience? Those were some reasons why I would like to go to NASA. I hope these reasons, it’s not expensive, it’s kid-friendly, and scientists suggest it, help you consider taking me to NASA.

Chyler Reiman, Fourth Grade


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