Biola Broadcaster - 1969-11

by Louis T. Talbot


remarkable miracles. This individual will also be a man of science. We know how important that is for such a day and age. He will be the personi­ fication of all human knowledge. A great part of Israel will recognize the claims of this man. At the apex of his authority the antichrist will set up his image in the temple. God will then raise up two witnesses as a warning for the people. While there will be antagonism against them, yet no one will be able to kill them. When their time of testimony is over, God will take them to heaven. The antichrist will attempt to extermi­ nate the nation of Israel. The Lord will give a special protection to the Jewish people. This will be especially true during the last 3% years of the 70th week of Daniel. After the true Church has been taken out of the world, there will come into even greater prominence the great confederacy of religious systems. We can see the forerunner of this now. It’s in the process of for­ mation with not only various Protes­ tant groups, but also includes inter­ est from other faiths, cults, and concepts. This all is carefully re­ vealed to us in Revelation 17 and 18. This apostate church is called “the scarlet woman.” She is intoxicated with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. She becomes associated with the antichrist. Here is a union of church and state. He will use this system as long as it is to his advan­ tage. Just prior to the heavens’ open­ ing and the Son of God’s returning as King of kings and Lord of lords, there is the description of the mar­ riage supper of the Lamb. What a time that will be! There will be the Church in all her beauty, that which 11

P art I O NE of the most thrilling studies for a Christian to consider con­ cerns the future events of prophecy found in the Word of God. One of the prime books is Revelation. Every­ thing from chapter 4 to the begin­ ning of chapter 19 has to do with the Tribulation period when the wrath of God will be poured out upon a Christ-rejecting world. In a coming glorious hour, God will part the heavens, and reveal His Son in all of His divine majesty. This old world has seen some times of tribula­ tion, but the Lord Jesus said con­ cerning this coming unprecedented time of trouble, that never has there, been such a trial since there was a nation. If you have placed your faith in the Saviour, you can be thankful that you will not be here during the Great Tribulation. Some Bible teach­ ers would have us believe that the church will not be raptured until after this seven-year period. They are in great error. As Paul would re­ mind us even today, the Church, the body of Christ, is “not appointed to wrath.” Wonderful it is to realize that we could be translated even be­ fore this day is over. This will hap­ pen when the last member is added to the body of Christ. After this, the antichrist will appear. Those seven years will culminate with the return of the Lord Jesus Christ in glory. It is during the Tribulation that Israel will be the main target of the antichrist and all of the Satanie forces. There is no nation of modern or ancient antiquity that has gone through such trial and heartache. Their greatest difficulty is still ahead. The devil will give to the antichrist the power to do unusual and rather

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