Biola Broadcaster - 1969-11

of the one true God! Some day, soon­ er than we think, the smoke of battle will be over. The noise and confu­ sions will have passed. God will say that it is enough. (Have you ever marvelled at the patience of God?) In that day the heavens will open, the Lord Jesus Christ will come as King of kings and Lord of lords. Some years ago, as pastor of a church in Minneapolis, I used to preach a great deal on the second coming of Christ. A woman asked me if I would visit in her home to help answer some questions a missionary friend, there as a guest, had been pondering. I discovered this servant of the Lord to be a very godly man. He had known nothing about proph­ ecy. In my morning sermon, I spoke about Christ’s coming back literally and bodily. He told me, “I just can’t believe that.” He had been led to be­ lieve that all of the modern inven­ tions of man were equivalent to Christ’s coming. He felt the event was figurative and not literal. I was much younger then and countered with, “Do you mean things like vacu­ um cleaners, refrigerators, washing machines and the like, typify the second coming of Christ? No wonder you have been confused!” Together we read I Corinthians 15, I Thessa- lonians 4, and other wonderful pas­ sages. Paul declared, “The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven.” I had my new friend pronounce “Himself” several times. The Lord obviously wasn’t talking about vacu­ um cleaners or deep freezers. There is no one else but Himself! What a wonderful truth this is! Make no mistake about it, the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ will be very real. This time He will not come as a helpless Babe; He will return as a mighty warrior. Everything that’s offensive to God will be put down. When Jesus Christ left this earth the first time, He went into glory and was lost in space from man

has been imputed to her by the Lord Jesus Christ. While the Church is with the Lord, the Son of God re­ turns to this earth as described in Revelation 19:11. Here we see that the Saviour is called “Faithful and True.” He is the only One who ever walked this earth who could truly be called by those two words. Do you know Him as your Lord? Have you come to Him for forgiveness? Meet Him now in love and grace before the hour of judgment. P art II I N A WORLD of chaos and confusion, how wonderful it is to realize that some day soon our Saviour will re­ turn. D u r in g His thousand-year reign, righteousness will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. In Revelation 19, we have a graphic de­ scription of this glorious event (Rev. 19:llff). Thus far the greatest event in the history of the world was the first coming of Christ more than 1900 years ago. Nothing else compares with th a t! Consider the fact that the eternal God, Creator of the uni­ verse, was bom into this world as a humble Babe. He lived here as a man for 33 years, walking and talking with men. The greatest thing for the future is that Christ will be coming back again. While we see the rise and fall of kingdoms, and question the very future of our own beloved land, what are they in the sight of Al­ mighty God? They are merely like the building of a bunch of ant hills. On one of my missionary journeys, I had the privilege of seeing some of the past glory of ancient Egypt. To find that, one has to dig down about 30 feet below the surface of the sand where the ruins appear. The Sphinx and pyramids above the ground are merely mournful monuments of a de­ parted glory. What an illustration of man’s folly apart from the knowledge 12

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