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we see that Paul is not teaching this at all. As an example, referring back to this statement the apostle de­ clares in verse 26, “I suppose there­ fore that this is good for the present distress.” You see, he is now talk­ ing about a period of persecution through which the Church was pass­ ing. The 25 preceding verses are summed up by the 26th. Naturally in such a condition it would be far easier for a person, man or woman, to remain single. It would spare them from even greater heartbreak and sorrow. Keep in mind then that in I Timothy 3:3, 4, Paul warns par­ ticularly against the teaching of the unmarried state as spiritually supe­ rior to the married condition. He goes so far as to call this “the doc­ trine of demons.” Q. “Is there any Scripture for the teaching that Christ fell on His way to the crucifixion, making it neces­ sary for Simon to carry His cross?” A. No, the Bible doesn’t specifically say that the Saviour actually fell. This is only by inference. In some re­ ligious paintings, as well as through the words of some hymns, we have this portrayed, but the Bible account does not relate this to us. It comes into the category of questions as to whether Christ was actually nailed to the cross or merely tied there with leather thongs. In this case, however, despite how some artists may have sought to recreate the crucifixion scene, Christ was very definitely nailed to the tree. Prophetically speaking, Psalm 22 gives us a real insight into this aw­ ful event of man’s bitterness. The ac­ count was given to David by the Holy Spirit hundreds of years before Jesus was bom. Among other things there is the statement that His hands and His feet would be pierced. As further proof, we find that follow­ ing the resurrection when the Sav­ iour appeared to Thomas, He said,

for they are “beside themselves. ’ that is, they find that t h e i r old Adamic nature is no longer under control and now manifests itself freely. At regeneration, the old na­ ture is by no means changed. It is still the same, although the new na­ ture comes through the power of God’s Holy Spirit. This is why we are exhorted not to walk in the flesh but rather to walk in the Spirit, mortify­ ing, or putting to death, the deeds of the flesh. Specifically, if your relative has been born again, you may depend on his Heavenly Father to take care of him even during this mental sick­ ness. One day the Lord is going to present that one faultless before the throne of His glory. Q. “I am interested in the subject of the Rapture of the Church. Will this event include others than just New Testament saints?” A. It has always been my belief that the Old Testament saints will also be raised with them at the marriage supper of the Lamb, spoken of in Revelation 19:6-9. This will take place in the glory and will include the f r i end s of the Bridegroom. This would refer to those who, by faith before the cross, looked ahead to God’s perfect Sacrifice. John the Baptist so refers to himself. Q. “In carefully studying First Co­ rinthians, I came to the seventh chapter which seems to teach that it is better for a man not to marry. Is celibacy the highest kind of Chris­ tian living? Paul doesn’t seem to limit his views to some religious or­ der, but rather applies the sugges­ tion.” A. It is interesting in these days to see the revolt of Roman Catholic priests relative to this subject. One needs to examine carefully the con­ text which is involved. In this way

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