Biola Broadcaster - 1969-11

Corinthians 2:1b when he referred to ‘the natural man’?” A. This is an important question because it helps us to understand the situation concerning those, even very learned and brilliant people, who deny the outstanding doctrines of the Christian faith. Paul, under the in­ spiration of the Word of God, tells us that unless a person is born again, there is no way for him to compre­ hend the truths of eternal life. We have all been born according to the laws of natural generation but many have never been reborn supematur- ally, reborn according to the laws of regeneration. Scripture here tells us three things about this natural man. First of all, “he receiveth not the things of the Spirit.” Second, “they are foolishness unto him.” He can see no value in them. The third state­ ment that’s so significant about the natural man is, “neither can he know them.” Notice please that it doesn’t say that he will not know them, but rather is quite definite he cannot know them. The reason is that it requires the Holy Spirit to make them real and evident. We know that there are some things that are micro­ scopically or telescopically discerned. A professor will take a drop of water on a piece of glass and invite the students to see the thousands of mi­ crobes that appear. In the case of polluted water, there may be bacteria which, if placed in the proper cul­ ture, could kill millions. The students may not believe his statement but when the microscope is adjusted so that they can see what he’s been talk­ ing about, it is very evident. The same, in essence, is true in a spiritual sense. We have to see things of the Word of God through the Holy Spirit. This is why every believer, when he receives Jesus Christ as Sav­ iour, is given the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. A man may be able to talk about the sciences but when he begins to speak about the

darkly, but then face to face.” God is not going to take my brains away when I get to heaven. We’ll each take our names with us when we go into the presence of the Lord. Up there it’s not going to be a minus; it’s go­ ing to be a plus'. All the blessed fel­ lowship we've had with loved ones down here will consummate in a glad reunion up there. There is going to be a glad reunion. But, best of all, we’re going to see Him who loved us and gave Himself for us. Q. “The Lord just saw jit to take our little son to be with Himself. Do you think infants and other children will take part in the first resurrection? Will they also reign with Christ a thousand years?” A. The answer to your first question is respondingly in the affirmative. Children who have died before the age of accountability are covered by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Word of God says that where there is no law sin is not imputed. Every child born into this world is a sinner. Do not speak of little chil­ dren as being innocent. A baby or a child is rather undeveloped. The only people who were innocent when they lived upon this earth were Adam and Eve before they sinned. There is a sinful nature in all of us. During the period of undevelopment, sin must be imputed somewhere, and that is why it’s imputed to the Lord Jesus Christ. His blood covers that child’s need. This applies to stillborn infants as well. This is what makes the killing of children before birth murder. A baby lives long before it leaves the womb. It is my assumption that these re­ deemed children will be back with us when the Church returns to rule and reign with the Lord Jesus Christ during the Millennium. What specific part they will have I do not know. Q. “What did Paul mean in First

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