Biola Broadcaster - 1969-11

three and a half years, there will be a degree of tranquillity upon this earth. He will present himself to Is­ rael as their Messiah. Then, during the last three and a half years, he will show himself as he really is, and that time of “Jacob’s sorrow” will bring unspeakable persecution such as the world has never seen before. Q. “Would you please comment on the following: Genesis 17:4, 5, Ro­ mans 4:17, 18, and Genesis 22:17? I have heard a certain program in this area saying that the Jews, now in Palestine, couldn’t constitute old Israel because that race was to be­ come many nations, numbering as many as the sand of the sea.” A. A full answer would never fit into this space. The program you’ve heard is probably Anglo-Israelism which is both strange and amusing in its interpretations of God’s Word. This erroneous view originated in the latter half of the 18th Century. It sought to answer the question of the supposed lost ten tribes of Israel. Their view is that these Jewish peo­ ple are none other than the British or English-speaking peoples. It also takes in the Swedes, Norwegians, and others from different parts of Europe. Great Britain supposedly is Ephraim while the United States is Manasseh. Keep in mind that to God these tribes have never been lost. In fact, the Jewish nation is the only race of people the world over which has always retained its distinctive characteristics no matter how hard man has tried to obliterate them. Q. “I am a high scchool student and am confused relative to the days of creation. Were the six days 24 hours in length, or were they longer pe­ riods of time?” A. This has been a r gu e d down through the years. My personal con­ victions is that they were solar days

fessed this publicly, but have asked God’s forgiveness many times. Will the lack of public confession keep me out of heaven?” A. First of all, you need a clear understanding of how an individual goes to heaven. Our salvation is not dependent upon confession, despite what some religious organizations would have us believe. There is only one thing that enables anyone to go to heaven and that is personal faith in the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are saved by grace alone. All the confessions in the world will not get you within ten million miles of the pearly gates. There are times when public con­ fession could do more harm than good. I remember years ago in one of my churches when a man got up and made a confession along simi­ lar lines. It was tragic that within three days three people were killed, the man himself, the woman involved, and then her husband who was a suicide. Be very careful about this matter. If you have wronged a per­ son, who is suffering as a result of it, it should be made right with that person. In some instances restitution can be made. Read David’s confession in Psalm 51 as he poured out his soul to God. Basically, all sin is against Him. Talk to the Lord and leave it with Him. Q. “Will the Tribulation begin im­ mediately after the Church has been translated?” A. Actually, it takes place during the last three and a half years of Daniel’s 70th week. There will be seven years between the Rapture of the Church and the Millennium. When believers are taken to be with Christ in glory, the restraining influ­ ence of the Holy Spirit will be re­ moved. The antichrist will appear as a great peacemaker. During the first

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