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will eventually find them. In addition, however, there are goats. This class of people is likened unto the swine and dogs (II Pet. 2:22). It is a sol­ emn and sobering truth that to these who have rejected repeatedly the Gospel of grace, the Lord Jesus will some day have to say, “Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his an- angels” (Matt, 25:41). Q. “I am at a loss to understand the mean ing of Luke 1:35. Has Christ ever sat on the throne of David ? Someone said that the Lord is now on David’s throne in heaven. Was that ever transferred to heav­ en?” A. We must use as our only author­ ity the Word of God which never in­ dicates or even infers that the throne of David was taken to glory. Christ is now seated at the right hand of God (Psa. 110:1; Col. 3:1). David’s throne remains unoccupied all these yeai's. Luke 1:32 is where we find the assertion that Christ will be giv­ en David’s throne as a place for rul­ ing His kingdom during the millen­ nium here on earth. Studying the context of the angel’s pronouncement, we come to realize that the greater part of it has never been fulfilled. These are blessed events to which we can look forward in prophetic revela­ tion. Q. “What is the difference between the three words: Hebrew, Israelite and Jew?" A. In some sense they are used syn- onomously, while strictly speaking they are not the same in meaning. “Hebrew” is the racial name for Is­ rael, “Israel” is the national name, and “Jew” is the religious name. All of these words are used for the de­ scendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and are all one and the same people.

of 24 hours each. Some fine Bible teachers would hold other views such as each one’s being a thousand years, based on statements such as II Peter 3:8 which may imply a thousand years. The insurmountable difficulty in believing that the Genesis days were ages is that the Word of God said that each of the days of the crea­ tion was divided into two parts. The light was called the day and the dark­ ness was called the night. Now if the days were geological periods, we have to put .them at a million years. If the night had consisted of thousands of years, all vegetation would have died. I do not believe in evolution, nor do I hold to any modified version such as theistic evolution, or progressive creationism. Certainly our God is able to create it all in just 24 minutes or even 24 seconds if He so chose to do so. Q. “Does the Bible teach anything about the possibility of salvation after death? I heard a speaker talk­ ing about the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 15:3-7. The fourth verse was empha s i z ed with the words, ‘until he find it.’ The man said that if need be the love of God would eventually come to the grave to select out a sinner.” A. There is absolutely nothing in Scripture which would authorize such an interpretation. There is no oppor­ tunity after death for a man to change his soul’s eternal destiny. The very next chapter of Luke’s gospel shows us this very clearly (16:19- 31). It might be a comfort to some people to think that because of the love of God everybody is going to be saved. The Word of God tells us no such thing. I would rather believe an unpleasant truth than to believe a pleasant lie. There is something else we must consider which is the fact that sheep refer to the children of God. Without a question, the Shep­ herd will go after His sheep and He

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