Biola Broadcaster - 1969-11

A. The translation of the Church, made up of all true born-again be­ lievers, is the next great prophetic fulfillment to which we look forward. That could come at any moment. I believe the Church age closes with the third chapter of Revelation. Gen­ erally speaking, the saints mentioned are those who turn to the Lord Jesus during the Tribulation. We find them referred to specifically in the seventh and thirteenth chapters. They will come to know Christ through the preaching of the 144,000. The devil isn’t going to treat these believers in any different manner from the way he has sought to defeat the saints all through the ages. Q. “How would you explain the words of the Lord in Matthew 5:41 where He says, ‘And whosoever shall com­ pel thee to go a mile, go with him twain’? To what does this compul­ sory service refer?” A. The reference is to something of a legislative or governmental na­ ture, such as military service. The Saviour reminds us that for our tes­ timony’s sake we should do even more than is commanded. This is not al­ ways easy, but it is possible through the indwelling presence and power of God’s Holy Spirit. To be sure, by going the second mile, you will put yourself to a lot of inconvenience. If you’re a Sunday school teacher, as an example, the first mile is to be there Sunday morning with a pre­ pared lesson. The second mile might be to meet your pupils on Saturday afternoon for an outing, or to visit in their homes; to do anything that would bring you into a closer rela­ tionship with them and their ulti­ mate spiritual needs. It’s really the second mile that counts in the final analysis. May the Lord help us to put ourselves to many inconveniences for the One whom we serve!

Q. Where does one find in the Bible authority to use musical instruments in church ministry? Good singing is more beautiful without any accom­ paniment.” A. In a sense, in your evaluation of “good” singing, you have a point. Musical instruments should be a way to draw people to hear the Gospel rather than a means to entertain them. I do not believe there is any Scripture given which would militate against such instruments in their proper perspective. Keep in mind that the only music God hears comes directly from the heart. If there isn’t music from a redeemed heart, then there’s no music at all, even though you have a symphony orchestra in your church. Paul admonishes us to this end, “making melody in your heart unto the Lord.” Q. ‘‘Can you tell me how the various apostles met their death? Js there any authentic information on this?” A. All we have to go on concerning this subject is tradition. Apparently well founded, it indicates that all the apostles, except John, met a vio­ lent death. A Bible dictionary, or other similar reference volume, can give you further specifics. Q. “Are we to live on the earth with the Lord Jesus Christ after the great Tribulation?” A. The wonderful truth is that we’re going to be with the Lord for­ ever, no matter where He is. We shall also share His millennial glory and be with Him throughout all the eter­ nal ages. Q. In the book of Revelation we read how the antichrist will endeavor to blot out the saints. I thought we would be safe with the Lord follow­ ing the Rapture."

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