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mer would include Greeks and Ro­ mans while the latter would involve the Slavs and Russians. Webster de­ fines “gog” as meaning height or a high mountain. This seems to be a correct title for the ruler of the land of Magog. The Bible speaks of Gog as the king of Rosh. Those who study languages are unanimous in their view that this refers to Russia. D r . T albot : All the nations of the earth are going to be formed into four confederacies. The king of the North doubtless will be Russia and her satellite nations. The king of the South includes not only the Egyptian and Arabian people, but also those of the African continent. The king of the East leads the Oriental powers, while the king of the West includes England, the United States and simi­ lar allies. Again, we underscore that all directions in Scripture are given in relation to the land of Palestine which is the geographical and politi­ cal center of the earth. Israel is to the nations what a hub is to a wheel. In the Old Testament we read that God set the boundaries of countries in relation to the land of Palestine. It doesn’t take any great spiritual insight for one to look at the nations today and see these four great con­ federacies in the process of forma­ tion. We can be thankful as believ­ ers in the Lord Jesus Christ that “our times are in His hands.” D r . T albot : In Revelation 16:13 the Apostle John says, under the inspira­ tion of the Holy Spirit: “And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false proph­ et.” These went into all the world gathering their armies for the Battle of Armageddon. These unclean spir­ its represent the systems of teach­ ings which would be highlighted by communism, rationalism, and spirit­ ism. The three spirits of these evil 26

teachings are making rapid progress in all parts of the world in prepara­ tion for the arrival of the antichrist on the scene. The battle, of course, will culminate in the return of our Lord. D r . A nderson : There are a number of serious crises which are causing world-wide tensions. One of them that stands out is the North Atlantic Treaty which was signed in Wash­ ington, D.C., April 4, 1949. Article five of this document affirms that an armed attack against one or more of them shall be considered as an at­ tack upon all of them. It is a binding together of nations. It has always been a sore point with the Commu­ nist nations. A second cause for ten­ sion is growing need for raw mate­ rials. Another focal point is the un­ stable condition of the smaller na­ tions. It is amazing to see the riots, rebellions and revolutions which are now on a world-wide scale. Each country and race is striving for its “place in the sun.” Communist Rus­ sia, along with Red China, always ex­ ploits the weakness and instability of smaller nations, seeking to foment difficulties on the broadest possible scale. Then one very real “powder keg” is the area of the Near East with Israel’s struggle against invading forces. It has been thrilling in the last two decades or so to see the birth and development of the Jewish state. No student of Bible prophecy can be unmindful of what is taking place today after centuries and even several millenniums of inactivity as far as a national homeland for the Hebrew people. Every day just seems to bring us nearer to the time of final culmination. We cannot help but be­ lieve in the imminency of the Lord’s return! These are but a few of the signposts along the way. D r . T albot : There has been confu­ sion in the minds of some people con-

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