Biola Broadcaster - 1969-11

ceming Russia’s involvement. Re­ member that the Gog and Magog in Ezekiel are not the same as we find them when they are mentioned in Revelation. D r . A nderson : As we have noted, “Gog” literally means high or moun­ tain. Symbolically, the Bible employs the term mountain in reference to a government or kingdom. The use in Ezekiel 38:17 shows then a moun­ tainous power among the nations. The Old Testament reference has to do with the battle before the king­ dom or millennial rule of Christ be­ gins. In Revelation, it is Satan’s last federation of all of the anti-God forces of the world, coming at the close of the 1000 years of peace and righteousness. This last rebellion is conclusive proof that earthly blessed­ ness will not make saints out of un­ regenerated people. Men are just as prone to sin in stately mansions as they are in poverty-stricken tene­ ments. All of this simply means that “you must be born again!” In Ezekiel we have the power coming out of the uttermost parts of the north (Ezek. 38:15), while the Gog of Revelation 20:8 shall come forth from the four corners of the earth. The former has limited allies, while the latter is from all the earth. The Gog of Ezekiel is to be destroyed by a sword (Ezek. 38:21, 22), while the Gog of Revelation is to be destroyed by fire coming down from heaven (Rev. 20:9). Gog from Ezekiel will be given a place for burial in Israel (Ezek. 39:11, 13, 15), while in Rev­ elation Gog passes completely from view. D r . T albot : Someone may ask, “Why is God so definitely against Russia?” The answer is that the Lord is against all those who show their hatred and jealousy for Israel. Ever since Communism took over, Russia has become the fountainhead of all infidelity and anti-Christian

doctrine s p r e a d throughout the world. Lenin, and those who followed him, readily admitted that their plan was to wipe out the name of God from the minds and the hearts of men and women. In the days ahead, the prophetic Word indicates that we will see Russia moving down into Palestine from the north, while Egypt in the South with her allies will come up to stage another battle. The kings of the sunrising nations will seek to be in on the “kill” too. In times like these, only the true Chris­ tian has cause to be optimistic for bad news is good news! The coming of the Lord draweth nigh! D r . T albot : One of the most excit­ ing things to contemplate is the rapid culmination of world events, as we see them transpiring in every area of life. We cannot help but feel that the return of the Lord is near at hand. May our hearts rejoice in the assur­ ance salvation brings, no matter what takes place across the face of the globe. In the light of this, it might be well to consider a brief glimpse at the specific happenings which are a part of God’s end time calendar. Billy Sunday testified, “With the Holy Spirit as my Guide, I entered the wonderful temple of Christian living. I came in at the portico of Genesis, walking down the Old Testa­ ment art galleries where I saw the pictures of Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jonah, Isaac, Jacob and Daniel hang­ ing on the walls. I passed into the music room of the book of Psalms where the Spirit swept the keyboard until it seemed that every pipe of God’s great organ pulsated to the tuneful harp of David, the sweet singer of Israel. I entered the cham­ ber of Ecclesiastes where the voice of the preacher was heard; and into the conservatory of Sharon where the Lily of the Valley with its sweet- scented spices filled and perfumed all my life. I entered into the business 27

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