Biola Broadcaster - 1969-11

the emerging power of the devil’s man, the antichrist. In Ezekiel 29:11- 14 we have a period of desolation for 40 years as far as the history of Egypt is concerned. While this may be past history, it is symbolic of the tragedy which will one day overcome that country once occupying a sig­ nificant place in the realm of world powers. D r . A nderson : This p a s s a g e of Scripture shows us the folly of man’s attemept to b r i n g force against God’s chosen people. The sword will be brought upon this area and its people. Best records indicate that it was some 17 years after this proph­ ecy was given before it was fulfilled. God’s judgment made this former, seemingly invisible, land to feel the horrors of war which it had brought upon others. Even though the monu­ ments of the past don’t tell us much about this period, God’s Word, you may be sure, was fulfilled to the let­ ter. Never since that day has Egypt been a great force with which the world would have to reckon. D r . T albot : Without question we are beginning to hear the rumbles of what may be the lengthening of the shadows of that which is found in Ezekiel 36-40. No matter what takes place in the few years we are privi­ leged to live, God’s Word will be ful­ filled! When the dictator of the North, known as Gog, meets the Lion of the tribe of Judah, it will be something to see, to be sure. It’s wonderful that God allows us the op­ portunity to see some of these fore­ glimpses of the future. D r . T albot : There is an interesting chain of events which will bring about the final great collision in a death struggle between the four g r e a t confederacies of th e end times. The coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is always presented to us as imminent. It can take place at any

moment. We are not looking for signs of the nearness of the coming of the Lord for the Church. We have been studying roadposts which indi­ cate the coming of Christ as King of kings and Lord of lords here upon this earth. Believers earlier will have met Him in the air. Seeing events in formation right now should quicken our pulse. D r . A nderson : Russia is interested in Palestine because of that country’s natural wealth as well as its strategic geographical location. Conservation­ ists, for example, have long pointed to the fabulous contents in the Dead Sea. The Bible says that Rosh (or Russia) will go to the land of un­ walled villages. In King David’s time, the people used walls and gates to protect themselves from any enemy intruder. In the villages being con­ structed today in the Holy Land, none of them have any walls; they’re just like our own cities. The Bible says that in that day all the nations of the earth will make their way to Armageddon. The staggering force of Russia is amazing. The Soviet na­ tion is 8.6 million square miles in area with more than 220 million peo­ ple, comprised of 100 different na­ tionalities. Nearly a quarter of Rus­ sia’s people are under military train­ ing. One of the founders of Commu­ nism didn’t hesitate to boast, “I come to announce a new gospel. We must penetrate our system to the ends of the earth. The old world must be destroyed and replaced by a new one. The Lie (and he used a capital “L”) must be stamped out and give way to truth. The first Lie is God. The second Lie is right. When you have freed your minds from rever­ ence for God and from doing that which has been considered tradition­ ally as right, all the remaining chains that bind you will snap asunder like threads. Let your own personal hap­ piness be your only law. You must accustom yourself to the destruction 31

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