Biola Broadcaster - 1969-11

of everything, the good with the bad. If a single atom of this old world remains, the new will never be cre­ ated.” So go the evil words of one of the disciples of Karl Marx who joined Lenin in the revolution that carried Russia in the tide of Commu­ nist aggression. D r . T albot : Despite propaganda ef­ forts, remember that Russia hasn’t changed one single bit! When a per­ son or a nation turns away from God, barbarianism is the natural result. Ezekiel tells about the Western pow­ ers who wijl rather meekly ask Rus­ sia why she has gone into Palestine. The answer is too obvious to expect an answer. There is a false teaching today that claims that England and the United States are the inheritors of all the promises of Israel since they are the true lost tribes. This is completely false. It may be that these powers of the Western world may be identified by Tarshish and her cubs (Ezek. 38:13). Great Britain has been the greatest nation of mer­ chants in all the world. She has al­ ways been vitally interested in the land of Palestine. This is why there’s a protest from her against the spolia­ tion of Israel. Tarshish is a nation of which the lion is a familiar sym­ bol. This is true of the British em­ pire with her cubs Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other colonies, in­ cluding as some Bible teachers hold, the United States. We have a com­ mon Anglo-Saxon heritage. There is a western block of nations protesting Russia’s intrusion into the land of Palestine. The nations occupying the territory of the old Roman empire will come into this western confeder­ acy, too. We see some of the forma­ tion of that in the Common Market. The image of Daniel’s prophetic in­ terpretation speaks of the two legs and ten toes. D r . A nderson : Y ou know, when the Roman Empire fell in the sixth cen- 32

tury, it separated into about twenty divisions. Over the years those divi­ sions have narrowed to just twelve nations now occupying the territory of the ancient Roman empire. Those 12 will reduce further to 10 which is possible to realize in our own gen­ eration. The establishment of this western confederacy will reach its ultimate fulfillment after the Church is translated. That glorious event to which we look forward may take place today. D r . T albot : Frequently people, who are confused on events of the end times, wonder if the Rapture of the Church is the same as the second ad­ vent of Christ. While some teachers may have these two classified as the same, and hence have confused many, such is not actually the case. This is why we are exhorted to rightly di­ vide the Word of Truth. The Rapture does not find Christ coming to the earth, but our meeting Him in glory “in the air”. In His advent, He will return in glory to the world which over these many centuries has re­ jected Him. The two happenings are separated by a seven-year period of unprecedented tribulation throughout the world. The Rapture is both a timeless and a signless event. The New Testament body of Christ is composed of all believers in the Lord who love and serve Him, and who have certainly received Him as per­ sonal Saviour from sin. D r . A nderson : A great point of con­ trast between the two will be the many things prophesied in the Gos­ pels and the book of the Revelation taking place during the Tribulation. We do not believe that the Church will have to go through any of the Tribulation, including the first half of Daniel’s 70th week. Let us not confuse man’s wrath with God’s! This world has seen little of God’s handiwork, except for an occasional earthquake or hurricane. That’s why

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