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er a preacher unimportant if he pas­ tors just a small church. Such evalua­ tions are not pleasing to God! While the world today might look on these listed in this chapter as “a lot of no­ bodies.” Paul certainly didn’t hold such an evaluation of them. When the Saviour sent out His disciples, He re­ minded them, “He that receiveth you receiveth Me.” Have you ever thought of it that when you receive a child of God into your home, you’re receiving the Lord Jesus Christ? Phebe had helped many, and Paul’s desire was that the believers at Rome assist her in whatever needs she might have. Tradition over the cen­ turies indicates that possibly Phebe was a business woman who carried this epistle to the Romans personally. If this is true, what a tremendous responsibility was entrusted to her. The word “succourer” here means that she was an encouragement to God’s people as well as to Paul him­ self. Has it ever occurred to you that Paul got discouraged, like the rest of us? Perhaps there were times when the devil tempted him and he may have felt momentarily that the Lord had forsaken him. Phebe would come along with a word of strengthening in the hour of testing. This should remind us that we all can be succourers. Have you ever tried to encourage a weaker broth­ er? Anyone can criticize, but to help lift a burdened heart is a real min­ istry. Many have fallen by the way- side because those who should have stood with them, giving a helping hand, have not done their jobs. Go out of your way, especially after church service, to be friendly and offer encouragement to those who seem in great need. Give them the assurance that you’ll remember them before the throne of grace. This may be the very thing that will make them strong in the Lord. In verse three, we have two names linked together, Priscilla and Aquila, who were willing to risk their own

servant of the church which is at Cenchrea. That you receive her in the Lord as becometh saints.” I think she was a business woman. Paul wrote this letter at Corinth and Phebe was going to Rome. One of the most priceless things she was to carry was this epistle to the Romans. What a wonderful thing it must have been to be entrusted with this book for her fellow-Christians! Suppose that she had become careless. Sup­ pose she changed her mind and de­ cided not to go to that city. Who could ever put a value upon this won­ derful portion of God’s Word? Just think of such verses as Romans 8 :28; 10:9, 10; and others. Phebe was faithful in her service for Christ. She may not have thought that carry­ ing the letter was as great a service as those who were privileged to preach in the synagogue, but think what it has meant down through the ages. So it is with what you have before you. It may not seem like a great deal, but God wants you to be faithful, too, like Phebe. Those saints who may seem insignificant to us and the church are not obscure in the sight of God. of these names may have escaped our study, but they are certainly not un­ known to the Lord. One of the key listings of these individuals is in the 16th chapter of Romans. These peo­ ple were very near to the heart of the Apostle Paul. He had just con­ cluded an exposition on the tremen­ dous truths of justification by faith in Jesus Christ. Nowhere do we find a parallel to this magnificent and all- encompassing subject. It always hurts me to hear people run down other Christians who, in their estimation, are insignificant. We think of those who would consid- 4 P art II D id you know that God has a “Who’s Who in Heaven” ? Some

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