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lives for the cause of Christ, as well as that of Paul’s. It could be that this is a man and his wife. We won­ der what occasion or series of epi­ sodes this might have been when Paul’s life was in jeopardy. It could have been when he was stoned at Lystra. When we get to heaven that can be one of the questions we’ll ask. The thing that impresses me is the fact that if these two people saved Paul’s life then as far as God's reck­ oning is concerned everything the Apostle did from that time on would be credited to them as well, as far as the Lord’s records are concerned. It’s exciting to think the same in con­ nection with us. Let me illustrate. When you pray for missionaries who are in danger (and they often are to some extent or other) you share through intercession in the ministry which the Lord has given them. The life of David Livingstone has been a challenge to me. After he had spent some years in Africa, he re­ turned to London where he had the opportunity to address a great body of people. He told of one of his trips through the jungle when he encoun­ tered near the end of a hot, dusty day a full-grown lion some 50 yards away. For some unknown reason God protected him and the lion turned aside. After the meeting was over, a woman came up to the mis­ sionary statesman and said, “I want to give you some money to be placed in the bank as a trust. With the in­ terest, you are to hire a man to go along with you through the jungles as your helper and protector.” This is what he did, and all through his travels there was one whose pres­ ence was made possible by this gen­ erous woman. One day he met a real need. Another lion sprang out of the dense underbrush and before any­ thing could be done, its sharp fangs sank into Livingstone’s shoulder. If it hadn’t been for that man inter­ cepting Livingstone would have been killed. Although she may not have

been there personally, this woman really saved his life. It may well be that when we stand at the judgment seat of Christ, we may find that ev­ erything David Livingstone did from that time on was also put to the cred­ it of the one who made possible the presence of that assistant. So it may well be with Priscilla and Aquila. Are you sharing in the ministry of any of God’s saints? You can be through your prayers and faithful stewardship. We note from verse five that the church was meeting at their house. This is the way people met during the first three centuries of the Chris­ tian era. They had no building such as those we see today. Temples were erected at the beginning of the fourth century. This is when Con­ stantine was emperor of Rome. What blessed times of fellowship those early believers must have enjoyed! Although the groups may have been small, the Lord was in the midst of them. Don’t ever feel disappointed when just a few turn out for a serv­ ice. The Lord has promised to be there, and that’s the thing that’s im­ portant. Let Him speak to your hearts as you gather in His name. It is sad to come to the place where we over - emphasize numbers. The most important thing is what has been accomplished for the glory of the Lord. It was a sacrifice for peo­ ple to have the church meet in their homes in those days. With the per­ secutions of Nero, it could have meant imprisonment or death. I won­ der if we would be that willing in our own age to risk our lives for Christ. In verse five we have the next name mentioned, “Salute, my well be­ loved Epaenetus, who is the first- fruits of Achaia unto Christ.” When Paul was in that city this man led those who came to a saving knowl­ edge of Jesus Christ. As he came for­ ward to make his decision, this new bom saint was, in a sense, a trail-

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