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be that you’ll find when you go to hell, that you took somebody else along with you. You see this works in both ways to salvation or to con­ demnation. Everyone of us exercises^ an influence over somebody else whether we want to or not. In verse six, the greeting is to Mary “who bestowed much labor on us.” Notice the emphasis upon the word “much”. As Mary worked on behalf of Paul, she was actually do­ ing it as unto the Lord. This Mary is not the Mary who was the mother of Jesus, nor is she the sister of Martha, nor any other Mary listed in the Gospels. This Mary lived in Rome and her efforts as a faithful servant became known in many Christian communities. That’s a won­ derful name: Mary. But I trust that regardless of your name, you’re ex­ ercising a great influence on others living for the Lord Jesus Christ. Andronicus and Junia are referred to next as Paul’s kinsmen. Here are two of Paul’s relatives who came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a wonderful thing for us to so live that those who are a part of our families come to Christ. They were also his fellow-prisoners. Because they were related to Paul, they were thrown into jail with him. Have you ever thought what a privilege it would be to be in a cell with this great apos­ tle? We learn of these two that they '“were in Christ before me” ; that is, they had come to know the Saviour before Paul’s conversion. You know, I love to see a whole family going to heaven together. That’s the greatest sight in all the world. We see all too many who are going to hell together. In verse 10 the salutation is to Apelles “approved in Christ.” If you mark your Bible, put a circle around that word “approved”. All of these people whom Paul mentions were in Christ, for that is what salvation means, but Apelles is “approved in Christ”. It’s my thought that per­ haps God allowed him to go

blazer of others who came to know the Saviour. It may be that there are those in your family or among rela­ tives or neighbors who would come to Christ if they observed a strong, consistent and sincere testimony from your heart and life. These are days of great impact in which we’re living. May God give us the power, through His Holy Spirit, to live them to the fullest for Christ’s honor and glory! P art III T here are some wonderful lessons to be learned from the lives of the people mentioned in the 16th chapter of Romans. Not only did Paul send his greetings to them, but also he singled them out for traits which were significant in his thinking and to his ministry. We need to keep in mind that those people whom the world might feel are unimportant, God may rate in an entirely different manner. In our last study, we were talking about another of these saints whose name was Epaenetus. He must have been a wonderful person with whom to get along. He’s the type I’d like to have on a church board. For some people, it would almost take the change of heaven to make them fit to be with! The Spirit of God says only two things about this man. First, he was beloved of the Apostle Paul; that would be an honor in itself not to be lightly esteemed. Second, he was the first believer in Achaia. Epaene­ tus took a stand for Jesus Christ in a pagan community. No doubt he risked his reputation as well as his life. Many of his friends of former years turned their backs on him. That’s often the way, for the world hates the things of the Christian life. But this dear brother made it easier for those who came after him. He started a chain reaction that brought blessing to each trusting heart. If you don’t know Christ, it may well 6

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