Biola Broadcaster - 1969-11

er list. (And I would appreciate your having Biola, our many students, graduates and staff on it.) It was Paul’s earnest request of his fellow saints, “Pray for me that utterance might be given.” I have often thought that if Paul, who was perhaps the greatest preacher the Lord ever raised up, stood in need of the prayer, then most certainly we do, too. Do you remember your pastor before the Throne of Grace? You know, a praying church makes a great preacher, while a prayerless church will take the very heart out of God’s servant. I believe you sin when you fail to hold up and reinforce the minister. Pray that the Holy Spirit will keep him on the track doctrin- ally. Too many today, once sound in the faith, have been doing so much “rethinking” that they fail to “re­ affirm” the great cardinal truths of Scripture. No wonder so many peo­ ple are confused. The d is c ip le s were concerned about some of the problems which were confronting them. Their worry was in the area of physical or ma­ terial security. Our Lord reminded them, don’t be overly burdened about what you will eat, drink or wear. The heavenly Father knew all their needs. Christ illustrated this by saying that a tiny sparrow does not fall to the ground without God’s notice. The Saviour pointed out, “God is so much more interested in you, oh, ye of little faith.” The next time you begin feeling sorry for yourself, and think that no one cares, be reminded of these precious words. You may be set aside temporarily that you may be given a greater privilege of intercession on behalf of others. All of Paul’s effectiveness in service was bound up with the ministry of intercession. The out­ reach of God’s people everywhere is built around the ministry of inter­ cession, If you fail in this aspect of the Christian life, you are sin­ ning against others, but more sig­

nificantly against God Himself. May the Holy Spirit speak to each of our hearts concerning our own personal needs in this valuable area of de­ velopment and consistency. P art II I T IS A WONDERFUL M I N I S T R Y to preach the Gospel! Yet keep in mind that the Lord never taught anybody how to preach while He did teach us how to pray! May our hearts testify with the prophet Samuel of old, “God forbid that I should sin against God in ceasing to pray for you.” In thinking of those today who are confined to beds in hospitals and homes who because of failing health have no public ministry, you may often wonder why the Lord has set you aside. It could be His divine purpose is to allow you to have an outreach more engrossing and re­ warding than preaching or teaching, and that is intercession. In this con­ nection I so often think of that dear saint of God now home in heaven, Martha Snell Nicholson. She spent the majority of her life flat on her back in pain, suffering all manner of diseases. Yet how much her poems have meant to countless numbers all over the world! She was so faithful in prayer that it was always a chal­ lenge to my life. I think when we stand at the judgment-seat of Christ, her crown will be much greater than some of the best-known pulpit ora­ tors. It is right for us to dwell on the greatness of God. However, we need also to remember His interest even in the small things of life. I had a friend take me to Griffith Planeta­ rium in Hollywood some time ago. It was thrilling to see the portrayal of the stars of the universe in the pre­ sentation they have devised. Planets and suns were shown which are a thousand million light-years away from this earth. As I looked upon 9

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