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P art I T here are many portions of Scrip­ ture which stand out as high- points for spiritual understanding. I Corinthians 13 reminds us of the importance of love. Hebrews 11 is the chapter in which is a record of God’s hall of fame. I Corinthians 15 and I Thessalonians 4 deal with the re­ turn of the Lord as far as the Be­ liever is concerned. In Romans 16 we have a listing of names of those whom we might call God’s obscure saints. This is a rich section, con­ taining Paul's salutations to his loved ones. Too often, Bible teachers have a tendency to hurry over and even omit these important verses. Many of these people are not men­ tioned anywhere else in the Word of God. I’ve often referred to these verses as “God’s Who’s Who in Heaven.” The apostle doesn’t single these people out for significant out­ standing achievements, but for con­ sistent deeds of faithfulness. What a blessing to realize that these names have been in this Book for over 19 centuries! They’ll be here throughout all the eternal ages because God’s Word is eternal. We can look forward to the time when we get to heaven and meet them personally. Have you ever gotten discouraged and started to think that you don’t amount to much? Have you ever felt that this world wouldn’t be any bet­ ter or worse if you hadn’t come into it? If you know Christ as your Sav­ iour, you can rejoice first of all that your name is already written in heaven’s book of eternal life. Without question, nearly everyone

has heard the name of D. L. Moody. He was one of America’s greatest Bible preachers. But, let me ask you, have you ever heard about the man who led him to Christ? George Goodman was a shoe salesman who lived and died unheralded. It’s my belief that at the judgment seat of Christ this man’s crown will be as bright as the one the Lord will have for D. L. Moody. So, if you feel ob­ scure or unimportant, take the time to study these names. You will feel encouraged in your own soul. In Rom. 16:1. Paul, under the in­ spiration of the Holy Spirit, pens, “I commend unto you Phebe our sis­ ter.” I’m impressed, first of all, with the fact that this list of God’s chos­ en servants starts with the name of a woman. It may be that when re­ wards are given out in heaven, wom­ en will be first. We have seen over the years how that those who go to the mission field are anywhere from three or four to one who are women. I found this to be true in my vari­ ous trips to survey the work of our Biola graduates. I recall hearing about the leader of a foreign religion who was concerned about the inroads of Christianity. He wanted to know what might be done to suppress the doctrines of the Saviour. He was told, “We can stop men preaching on the streets and building places to preach in, but how can we stop the women going into the homes and reaching the people there? Until we can get rid of Chris­ tian women missionaries, we will never be able to halt the growth of the faith.” Note what Phebe did: “Who is a 3

er a preacher unimportant if he pas­ tors just a small church. Such evalua­ tions are not pleasing to God! While the world today might look on these listed in this chapter as “a lot of no­ bodies.” Paul certainly didn’t hold such an evaluation of them. When the Saviour sent out His disciples, He re­ minded them, “He that receiveth you receiveth Me.” Have you ever thought of it that when you receive a child of God into your home, you’re receiving the Lord Jesus Christ? Phebe had helped many, and Paul’s desire was that the believers at Rome assist her in whatever needs she might have. Tradition over the cen­ turies indicates that possibly Phebe was a business woman who carried this epistle to the Romans personally. If this is true, what a tremendous responsibility was entrusted to her. The word “succourer” here means that she was an encouragement to God’s people as well as to Paul him­ self. Has it ever occurred to you that Paul got discouraged, like the rest of us? Perhaps there were times when the devil tempted him and he may have felt momentarily that the Lord had forsaken him. Phebe would come along with a word of strengthening in the hour of testing. This should remind us that we all can be succourers. Have you ever tried to encourage a weaker broth­ er? Anyone can criticize, but to help lift a burdened heart is a real min­ istry. Many have fallen by the way- side because those who should have stood with them, giving a helping hand, have not done their jobs. Go out of your way, especially after church service, to be friendly and offer encouragement to those who seem in great need. Give them the assurance that you’ll remember them before the throne of grace. This may be the very thing that will make them strong in the Lord. In verse three, we have two names linked together, Priscilla and Aquila, who were willing to risk their own

servant of the church which is at Cenchrea. That you receive her in the Lord as becometh saints.” I think she was a business woman. Paul wrote this letter at Corinth and Phebe was going to Rome. One of the most priceless things she was to carry was this epistle to the Romans. What a wonderful thing it must have been to be entrusted with this book for her fellow-Christians! Suppose that she had become careless. Sup­ pose she changed her mind and de­ cided not to go to that city. Who could ever put a value upon this won­ derful portion of God’s Word? Just think of such verses as Romans 8 :28; 10:9, 10; and others. Phebe was faithful in her service for Christ. She may not have thought that carry­ ing the letter was as great a service as those who were privileged to preach in the synagogue, but think what it has meant down through the ages. So it is with what you have before you. It may not seem like a great deal, but God wants you to be faithful, too, like Phebe. Those saints who may seem insignificant to us and the church are not obscure in the sight of God. of these names may have escaped our study, but they are certainly not un­ known to the Lord. One of the key listings of these individuals is in the 16th chapter of Romans. These peo­ ple were very near to the heart of the Apostle Paul. He had just con­ cluded an exposition on the tremen­ dous truths of justification by faith in Jesus Christ. Nowhere do we find a parallel to this magnificent and all- encompassing subject. It always hurts me to hear people run down other Christians who, in their estimation, are insignificant. We think of those who would consid- 4 P art II D id you know that God has a “Who’s Who in Heaven” ? Some

lives for the cause of Christ, as well as that of Paul’s. It could be that this is a man and his wife. We won­ der what occasion or series of epi­ sodes this might have been when Paul’s life was in jeopardy. It could have been when he was stoned at Lystra. When we get to heaven that can be one of the questions we’ll ask. The thing that impresses me is the fact that if these two people saved Paul’s life then as far as God's reck­ oning is concerned everything the Apostle did from that time on would be credited to them as well, as far as the Lord’s records are concerned. It’s exciting to think the same in con­ nection with us. Let me illustrate. When you pray for missionaries who are in danger (and they often are to some extent or other) you share through intercession in the ministry which the Lord has given them. The life of David Livingstone has been a challenge to me. After he had spent some years in Africa, he re­ turned to London where he had the opportunity to address a great body of people. He told of one of his trips through the jungle when he encoun­ tered near the end of a hot, dusty day a full-grown lion some 50 yards away. For some unknown reason God protected him and the lion turned aside. After the meeting was over, a woman came up to the mis­ sionary statesman and said, “I want to give you some money to be placed in the bank as a trust. With the in­ terest, you are to hire a man to go along with you through the jungles as your helper and protector.” This is what he did, and all through his travels there was one whose pres­ ence was made possible by this gen­ erous woman. One day he met a real need. Another lion sprang out of the dense underbrush and before any­ thing could be done, its sharp fangs sank into Livingstone’s shoulder. If it hadn’t been for that man inter­ cepting Livingstone would have been killed. Although she may not have

been there personally, this woman really saved his life. It may well be that when we stand at the judgment seat of Christ, we may find that ev­ erything David Livingstone did from that time on was also put to the cred­ it of the one who made possible the presence of that assistant. So it may well be with Priscilla and Aquila. Are you sharing in the ministry of any of God’s saints? You can be through your prayers and faithful stewardship. We note from verse five that the church was meeting at their house. This is the way people met during the first three centuries of the Chris­ tian era. They had no building such as those we see today. Temples were erected at the beginning of the fourth century. This is when Con­ stantine was emperor of Rome. What blessed times of fellowship those early believers must have enjoyed! Although the groups may have been small, the Lord was in the midst of them. Don’t ever feel disappointed when just a few turn out for a serv­ ice. The Lord has promised to be there, and that’s the thing that’s im­ portant. Let Him speak to your hearts as you gather in His name. It is sad to come to the place where we over - emphasize numbers. The most important thing is what has been accomplished for the glory of the Lord. It was a sacrifice for peo­ ple to have the church meet in their homes in those days. With the per­ secutions of Nero, it could have meant imprisonment or death. I won­ der if we would be that willing in our own age to risk our lives for Christ. In verse five we have the next name mentioned, “Salute, my well be­ loved Epaenetus, who is the first- fruits of Achaia unto Christ.” When Paul was in that city this man led those who came to a saving knowl­ edge of Jesus Christ. As he came for­ ward to make his decision, this new bom saint was, in a sense, a trail-

be that you’ll find when you go to hell, that you took somebody else along with you. You see this works in both ways to salvation or to con­ demnation. Everyone of us exercises^ an influence over somebody else whether we want to or not. In verse six, the greeting is to Mary “who bestowed much labor on us.” Notice the emphasis upon the word “much”. As Mary worked on behalf of Paul, she was actually do­ ing it as unto the Lord. This Mary is not the Mary who was the mother of Jesus, nor is she the sister of Martha, nor any other Mary listed in the Gospels. This Mary lived in Rome and her efforts as a faithful servant became known in many Christian communities. That’s a won­ derful name: Mary. But I trust that regardless of your name, you’re ex­ ercising a great influence on others living for the Lord Jesus Christ. Andronicus and Junia are referred to next as Paul’s kinsmen. Here are two of Paul’s relatives who came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a wonderful thing for us to so live that those who are a part of our families come to Christ. They were also his fellow-prisoners. Because they were related to Paul, they were thrown into jail with him. Have you ever thought what a privilege it would be to be in a cell with this great apos­ tle? We learn of these two that they '“were in Christ before me” ; that is, they had come to know the Saviour before Paul’s conversion. You know, I love to see a whole family going to heaven together. That’s the greatest sight in all the world. We see all too many who are going to hell together. In verse 10 the salutation is to Apelles “approved in Christ.” If you mark your Bible, put a circle around that word “approved”. All of these people whom Paul mentions were in Christ, for that is what salvation means, but Apelles is “approved in Christ”. It’s my thought that per­ haps God allowed him to go

blazer of others who came to know the Saviour. It may be that there are those in your family or among rela­ tives or neighbors who would come to Christ if they observed a strong, consistent and sincere testimony from your heart and life. These are days of great impact in which we’re living. May God give us the power, through His Holy Spirit, to live them to the fullest for Christ’s honor and glory! P art III T here are some wonderful lessons to be learned from the lives of the people mentioned in the 16th chapter of Romans. Not only did Paul send his greetings to them, but also he singled them out for traits which were significant in his thinking and to his ministry. We need to keep in mind that those people whom the world might feel are unimportant, God may rate in an entirely different manner. In our last study, we were talking about another of these saints whose name was Epaenetus. He must have been a wonderful person with whom to get along. He’s the type I’d like to have on a church board. For some people, it would almost take the change of heaven to make them fit to be with! The Spirit of God says only two things about this man. First, he was beloved of the Apostle Paul; that would be an honor in itself not to be lightly esteemed. Second, he was the first believer in Achaia. Epaene­ tus took a stand for Jesus Christ in a pagan community. No doubt he risked his reputation as well as his life. Many of his friends of former years turned their backs on him. That’s often the way, for the world hates the things of the Christian life. But this dear brother made it easier for those who came after him. He started a chain reaction that brought blessing to each trusting heart. If you don’t know Christ, it may well 6

through a great deal of trial. It may have been sickness, or if he was in business, it could be that he experi­ enced financial reverses. In the midst of the difficulty he always had a song and a testimony for the Lord. He was approved as well in the eyes of all those who knew him. Would to God that this same could be said about each of us! P art IV I T has always been a real blessing to my heart to read the listing of names in the 16th chapter of Romans where we find “God’s Who’s Who in Heaven.” Whenever you feel discour­ aged, especially as you see what oth­ er people are doing, think of these dear saints. These are some of the people we want to meet when we get to glory. No doubt Paul spent a great deal of time when he got to heaven looking up all of these people. I can’t help but think of the obscure saints who have stood behind me faithfully over the years; no preacher serves Christ alone. In verse 13, we find the name of Rufus who was “chosen in the Lord.” Also linked to his name is his moth­ er as well as the mother of the apos­ tle. The use of the word chosen is an­ other way to say that he was a very special servant of God. We find a reference to this name in Mark 15:20 and 21. Here we learn that Simon the Cyrenian, who was compelled to bear our Lord’s cross, was the father of Alexander and Rufus. This is the only other mention of Rufus in the Bible. Since it is an unusual name, it could well be the same person. What a glorious assignment was that of Simon’s! The cross of Christ will be the theme of our song throughout the eternal ages. Although some re­ ligious systems would have people be­ lieve to the contrary, there are no parts of the cross in existence today. They are all gone. But there was a literal cross on which the Lord Jesus

Christ died. Without it He could not have redeemed us; without the shed­ ding of blood is no remission of sins. Paul came to know Rufus, the son of the one who carried Christ’s cross. Their mothers were also evidently acquainted and believers. It may be that Rufus was there the day Christ was crucified. I wonder what went through his mind as he saw the bit­ terness of that vile and mocking crowd. What love Paul had for Ru­ fus! When he visited in his home, he no doubt called Rufus’ mother his own mother. Although my literal mother has been in heaven for many years, all through my various pastor­ ates there have been faithful women whom I could consider as my adopted mothers. There was one woman in a church of mine who said, “Mr. Talbot, once I had a son who was killed. You re­ mind me so much of him.” (I felt sorry for the son when she said that!) She invited me to come to their home at any time. She and her husband welcomed me whenever I could visit them. We find a special warning in verse 14. It seems a shame in the light of all these wonderful things we have found so far. “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause di­ visions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them.” Here were those with whom Paul had no patience. These were those who perverted the Gos­ pel of the grace of God. This is what is known as Galatianism and that’s why Paul wrote that Epistle to com­ bat this belief. This system would add the law to the faith in Jesus Christ. Consider especially Galatians 1 :7-9. Keep in mind that there is only one thing that will keep an individ­ ual out of hell and that is faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ on Calvary. May the example of these faithful saints in Romans 16 be a real testimony to each of our hearts today! 7

Sometimes we think that a sinful life is one given over to drunkenness or immorality. Have you ever stopped to realize that upright churchgoing people may commit sin when they ex­ clude this ministry of intercession from their lives? If you haven’t prayed this morning, you’ve already sinned against God! There are many texts in the Bible dealing with prayer. It is impossible to single out all of them. Another favorite of mine is I Timothy 2:1-3. Here we can see God’s mind in re­ gard to what prayer accomplishes. We are shown here the need of re­ membering those who are in author­ ity over us. Keep in mind that when Paul wrote these words, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Nero was killing Christians by the scores. His delight had been in devising new means for their wholesale slaughter. Yet, the Apostle tells them that as children of God they should pray for the Emperor, as well as other rulers. Our desire should be that we might live a quiet and peaceable life. What he had in mind was that we should desire to have the liberty of accom­ plishing God’s plan for this age which is simply calling out of the Church, made up of all born-again believers from around the world. This is why Christ gave us the commis­ sion to preach the Gospel to every creature. It’s not p o s s ib le when there’s war or closed doors in cer­ tain areas. Someone once asked me whether it’s right to pray for uncon­ verted people. Is there any Scripture to substantiate such a view? Here Paul says that we are to pray for all men. What a prayer life this faith­ ful servant must have had. I trust that you have an ever-growing pray

P art I I N an age op confusion and chaos, it’s important for Christians to realize that their first resource in every experience of life is prayer. The Bible tells us how that this experi­ ence can move the arm of God. Noth­ ing is more important for our in­ volvement than the ministry of in­ tercession. I know of many people who because of health, experience or perhaps ability may not have a pub­ lic service such as p r e a c h in g or teaching, who can do that which is invaluable in upholding the hands of others through petitions and praise to the Lord. I think of Epaphras who was with Paul in an inner prison in Rome. The church was in its infancy and if ever there was a time when the Apostle should have had his freedom, it was then. Instead, we find these two incarcerated. The Lord had a di­ vine purpose, as we see in Colossians 4:12, which was an outreach of pray­ er. Here we see that Epaphras’s de­ sire before the Lord was that these believers might “stand perfect and complete in all the will of God.” Such would be an ideal pattern of inter­ cession for us, especially for the mis­ sionaries in all parts of the heathen world, who are out in the front lines of Satan’s dominion. Another p a s s a g e of Scripture which challenges my heart continu­ ally is I Samuel 12:23, “God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you.” This is an amazing statement! I used to think that prayer was a privilege, as, of course, it is. But here God’s servant shows that it is also an obligation, a debt, we owe to others. Failure to pray is basically a sin against God. 8

er list. (And I would appreciate your having Biola, our many students, graduates and staff on it.) It was Paul’s earnest request of his fellow saints, “Pray for me that utterance might be given.” I have often thought that if Paul, who was perhaps the greatest preacher the Lord ever raised up, stood in need of the prayer, then most certainly we do, too. Do you remember your pastor before the Throne of Grace? You know, a praying church makes a great preacher, while a prayerless church will take the very heart out of God’s servant. I believe you sin when you fail to hold up and reinforce the minister. Pray that the Holy Spirit will keep him on the track doctrin- ally. Too many today, once sound in the faith, have been doing so much “rethinking” that they fail to “re­ affirm” the great cardinal truths of Scripture. No wonder so many peo­ ple are confused. The d is c ip le s were concerned about some of the problems which were confronting them. Their worry was in the area of physical or ma­ terial security. Our Lord reminded them, don’t be overly burdened about what you will eat, drink or wear. The heavenly Father knew all their needs. Christ illustrated this by saying that a tiny sparrow does not fall to the ground without God’s notice. The Saviour pointed out, “God is so much more interested in you, oh, ye of little faith.” The next time you begin feeling sorry for yourself, and think that no one cares, be reminded of these precious words. You may be set aside temporarily that you may be given a greater privilege of intercession on behalf of others. All of Paul’s effectiveness in service was bound up with the ministry of intercession. The out­ reach of God’s people everywhere is built around the ministry of inter­ cession, If you fail in this aspect of the Christian life, you are sin­ ning against others, but more sig­

nificantly against God Himself. May the Holy Spirit speak to each of our hearts concerning our own personal needs in this valuable area of de­ velopment and consistency. P art II I T IS A WONDERFUL M I N I S T R Y to preach the Gospel! Yet keep in mind that the Lord never taught anybody how to preach while He did teach us how to pray! May our hearts testify with the prophet Samuel of old, “God forbid that I should sin against God in ceasing to pray for you.” In thinking of those today who are confined to beds in hospitals and homes who because of failing health have no public ministry, you may often wonder why the Lord has set you aside. It could be His divine purpose is to allow you to have an outreach more engrossing and re­ warding than preaching or teaching, and that is intercession. In this con­ nection I so often think of that dear saint of God now home in heaven, Martha Snell Nicholson. She spent the majority of her life flat on her back in pain, suffering all manner of diseases. Yet how much her poems have meant to countless numbers all over the world! She was so faithful in prayer that it was always a chal­ lenge to my life. I think when we stand at the judgment-seat of Christ, her crown will be much greater than some of the best-known pulpit ora­ tors. It is right for us to dwell on the greatness of God. However, we need also to remember His interest even in the small things of life. I had a friend take me to Griffith Planeta­ rium in Hollywood some time ago. It was thrilling to see the portrayal of the stars of the universe in the pre­ sentation they have devised. Planets and suns were shown which are a thousand million light-years away from this earth. As I looked upon 9

yes, He’s very much alive! I’ve been seasick for about five days. This morning I longed for an orange, but we don’t get them here in third- class. I wondered what I could do, so I sat here praying that the Lord would answer me. I must have fallen asleep, and when I awakened, sir, I found that my Father had sent not one but two oranges. That’s why I say my Father is very good to me.” I want to tell you that the bottom fell out of that man's thinking. He lost all of his arguments about God and prayer. Dr. Meyer said that this man came to be a real believer on the Lord Jesus Christ. When we pray, there must be a right relationship with God. This is set forth in those two words “Our Father.” This unique fellowship and communion is only brought about by the new birth. Unconverted people can’t address God as “Father” at all. The theory of the universal father­ hood of God and the brotherhood of man is totally wrong. Only when you by faith have received the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, can you address God as Father. Jesus said, “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” May this be true in your life today.

that scene, all that I could say was, “Thank the Lord. What a God we serve!” Yet, I’m reminded that in His greatness of creation, never a tiny sparrow does fall to the ground without His notice. It’s sad to realize that when human beings become great, they tend to loose interest in common people. We can be thankful that it’s not so with our Lord. Many years ago, when I was a stu­ dent at the Moody Bible Institute, I had the privilege of hearing that great man of God, Rev. F. B. Meyer. He illustrated this subject of prayer with an incident which occurred while he was crossing the Atlantic Ocean to minister here in the United States. The captain asked him to preach on Sunday morning in the dining room where all of the first- class passengers had gathered. In the audience was a well-known agnostic who ridiculed to his friends Dr. Meyer’s address on prayer. That aft­ ernoon Dr. Meyer had the privilege of speaking to the passengers who couldn’t travel first-class. The unbe­ liever heard about it and thought he’d listen again. Walking through the first-class dining room, he saw a bowl of fruit on the table and helped himself to a couple of oranges. On deck, heading for the service, the ag­ nostic noticed an elderly woman with silvery hair and a pale face, reclin­ ing in a deck chair. Her hands were opened on her lap and her eyes were closed in sleep. Thinking he would fool her, he pulled out the oranges and placed them in her hands very carefully. Then he quickly went on his way. After the meeting, he passed the elderly woman again. Now she was awake, munching one of the oranges. The agnostic smiled, “You seem to be enjoying your oranges,” he said. She responded joyfully, “Oh, yes, my Father is very good to me.” “Your father?” the infidel qu e s tion ed , “Your father can’t be living.” Then came the beautiful testimony, “Oh, 10

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remarkable miracles. This individual will also be a man of science. We know how important that is for such a day and age. He will be the personi­ fication of all human knowledge. A great part of Israel will recognize the claims of this man. At the apex of his authority the antichrist will set up his image in the temple. God will then raise up two witnesses as a warning for the people. While there will be antagonism against them, yet no one will be able to kill them. When their time of testimony is over, God will take them to heaven. The antichrist will attempt to extermi­ nate the nation of Israel. The Lord will give a special protection to the Jewish people. This will be especially true during the last 3% years of the 70th week of Daniel. After the true Church has been taken out of the world, there will come into even greater prominence the great confederacy of religious systems. We can see the forerunner of this now. It’s in the process of for­ mation with not only various Protes­ tant groups, but also includes inter­ est from other faiths, cults, and concepts. This all is carefully re­ vealed to us in Revelation 17 and 18. This apostate church is called “the scarlet woman.” She is intoxicated with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus. She becomes associated with the antichrist. Here is a union of church and state. He will use this system as long as it is to his advan­ tage. Just prior to the heavens’ open­ ing and the Son of God’s returning as King of kings and Lord of lords, there is the description of the mar­ riage supper of the Lamb. What a time that will be! There will be the Church in all her beauty, that which 11

P art I O NE of the most thrilling studies for a Christian to consider con­ cerns the future events of prophecy found in the Word of God. One of the prime books is Revelation. Every­ thing from chapter 4 to the begin­ ning of chapter 19 has to do with the Tribulation period when the wrath of God will be poured out upon a Christ-rejecting world. In a coming glorious hour, God will part the heavens, and reveal His Son in all of His divine majesty. This old world has seen some times of tribula­ tion, but the Lord Jesus said con­ cerning this coming unprecedented time of trouble, that never has there, been such a trial since there was a nation. If you have placed your faith in the Saviour, you can be thankful that you will not be here during the Great Tribulation. Some Bible teach­ ers would have us believe that the church will not be raptured until after this seven-year period. They are in great error. As Paul would re­ mind us even today, the Church, the body of Christ, is “not appointed to wrath.” Wonderful it is to realize that we could be translated even be­ fore this day is over. This will hap­ pen when the last member is added to the body of Christ. After this, the antichrist will appear. Those seven years will culminate with the return of the Lord Jesus Christ in glory. It is during the Tribulation that Israel will be the main target of the antichrist and all of the Satanie forces. There is no nation of modern or ancient antiquity that has gone through such trial and heartache. Their greatest difficulty is still ahead. The devil will give to the antichrist the power to do unusual and rather

of the one true God! Some day, soon­ er than we think, the smoke of battle will be over. The noise and confu­ sions will have passed. God will say that it is enough. (Have you ever marvelled at the patience of God?) In that day the heavens will open, the Lord Jesus Christ will come as King of kings and Lord of lords. Some years ago, as pastor of a church in Minneapolis, I used to preach a great deal on the second coming of Christ. A woman asked me if I would visit in her home to help answer some questions a missionary friend, there as a guest, had been pondering. I discovered this servant of the Lord to be a very godly man. He had known nothing about proph­ ecy. In my morning sermon, I spoke about Christ’s coming back literally and bodily. He told me, “I just can’t believe that.” He had been led to be­ lieve that all of the modern inven­ tions of man were equivalent to Christ’s coming. He felt the event was figurative and not literal. I was much younger then and countered with, “Do you mean things like vacu­ um cleaners, refrigerators, washing machines and the like, typify the second coming of Christ? No wonder you have been confused!” Together we read I Corinthians 15, I Thessa- lonians 4, and other wonderful pas­ sages. Paul declared, “The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven.” I had my new friend pronounce “Himself” several times. The Lord obviously wasn’t talking about vacu­ um cleaners or deep freezers. There is no one else but Himself! What a wonderful truth this is! Make no mistake about it, the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ will be very real. This time He will not come as a helpless Babe; He will return as a mighty warrior. Everything that’s offensive to God will be put down. When Jesus Christ left this earth the first time, He went into glory and was lost in space from man

has been imputed to her by the Lord Jesus Christ. While the Church is with the Lord, the Son of God re­ turns to this earth as described in Revelation 19:11. Here we see that the Saviour is called “Faithful and True.” He is the only One who ever walked this earth who could truly be called by those two words. Do you know Him as your Lord? Have you come to Him for forgiveness? Meet Him now in love and grace before the hour of judgment. P art II I N A WORLD of chaos and confusion, how wonderful it is to realize that some day soon our Saviour will re­ turn. D u r in g His thousand-year reign, righteousness will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. In Revelation 19, we have a graphic de­ scription of this glorious event (Rev. 19:llff). Thus far the greatest event in the history of the world was the first coming of Christ more than 1900 years ago. Nothing else compares with th a t! Consider the fact that the eternal God, Creator of the uni­ verse, was bom into this world as a humble Babe. He lived here as a man for 33 years, walking and talking with men. The greatest thing for the future is that Christ will be coming back again. While we see the rise and fall of kingdoms, and question the very future of our own beloved land, what are they in the sight of Al­ mighty God? They are merely like the building of a bunch of ant hills. On one of my missionary journeys, I had the privilege of seeing some of the past glory of ancient Egypt. To find that, one has to dig down about 30 feet below the surface of the sand where the ruins appear. The Sphinx and pyramids above the ground are merely mournful monuments of a de­ parted glory. What an illustration of man’s folly apart from the knowledge 12

Tribulation, it will be to judge and to make war. Those last three words would be better translated “to make battle”. Fighting has been in this world ever since sin entered through Adam and Eve. God is not responsi­ ble for war! You see, in this passage, the conflict has already started. The Saviour comes to settle the matter once and for all. All the armies of the earth will be gathered around Jerusalem, seeking to crush God’s chosen peonle. The Church, as we saw earlier, will have been raptured, and the antichrist will then be the su­ preme dictator of the earth. The scene will be on the battlefield of Ar­ mageddon. Their evil purpose is to wipe out the last trace or thought of God. In verse 12 we find a tremendous description of what the Saviour will be like. What a contrast to what He was when He walked this earth 1900 years ago! Then His glory was veiled. Physically He appeared as a man. But when He returns in glory He will be seen in all the characteris­ tics of His deity and holiness. Here we see that His eyes were as a flame of fire. When He was here the first time, there was such compassion in His heart that His eyes were filled with tears. On His head there will be many crowns. In the moments preceding His crucifixion He wore a crown of thorns. Here in Revela­ tion 19, the reference is to the fact that there is no power, government, country, in fact no place in all this universe that will not feel His sov­ ereignty. He will not only sit on the throne of David, reigning over the land of Palestine, but also the extent of His kingdom will be from sea to sea and from rivers unto the ends of the earth. Then we see that Christ will have a name written that no one will know but Himself. Have you ever wondered just what that name is? At best all we could do would be to conjecture. Think what the name Jesus means 13

kind’s view. He went up to the high­ est heaven. God gave Him a name which is above every name. The important thing to remember is that He must return. He positively assert­ ed, “I will come again.” In Revela­ tion 19:11 John gives us the glimpse, “And I saw the heavens open.” It’s been a long time since the heavens have been opened. The last time that happened was when Stephen was stoned. The next time will be when the Church is translated at the end of this age. At the close of the Tribu­ lation, it will happen once again as we see recorded here. Are you look­ ing forward to the One who is “faith­ ful and true” ? There is not a person in this world, no matter how good he may be, who can be so described. Those two words are set over against that which is unfaithful and false. We see both of these things in every person in this world, including the man writing these thoughts. Jesus Christ is the personification of every characteristic of God the Fa­ ther. He is returning soon. May we re-echo in our hearts, “Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” P art III I T is SAID that there are more than 350 descriptive names given to our Saviour in Scripture. Yet when we read in Revelation 19:11 that He is “faithful and true,” we have some­ thing that plumbs the depths of His glory. He is the only One who could bear names like that. Even the very best of men who ever lived (and that includes both you and me) are to some degree among the unfaithful and false. Christ, on the other hand, is the very personification of faith­ fulness and truth. It’s only His blood that will fit us for the presence of God. And that hour, as the prophetic Word assures us, is fast approach­ ing! In Revelation 19:11 we are told that when the Son of God returns to this Earth, at the end of the

to us! If it’s so sweet now there is something unspeakably wonderful in store for us when we come to know the full meaning of this title. In the not too distant future it will be re­ vealed to us. His full title by which we now know Him is the Lord Jesus Christ. (Whenever you refer to Him, never do as some of the cults or mod­ ernists, as just Jesus. Use His full name.) In Revelation 3:12 a blessed promise of the believer’s receiving a new name is given. Christ has said, “I will write upon him the name of my God . . . and the name of the city of my God.” Have you realized that we have already received one of the Lord’s names? We are called Christians. As someone has pointed out, it is the name Christ, plus the letters i-a-n- which should stand for our own tes­ timony. “I am nothing.” That’s a good definition. Jesus is the name by which we are saved. The angel announced, “Thou shalt call his name Jesus, for He shall save the people from their sins.” Some day we’re go­ ing to know this new name which He had promised to give us. It’s the same way that a bridegroom always confers his name upon his bride. As his wife, she c a r r i e s that name through the rest of her life. I think when Christ is about to an­ nounce that new name, which even angels don’t know now, all the uni­ verse will be breathlessly silent. What a tremendous thing that will be! Aren’t you glad that you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your per­ sonal Saviour, and that as such you are a part of the Church, His body? That just reveals a sample of God’s great love and grace. Everything that belongs to Him, even this new name, He will give to us. In verse 13 of Revelation 19, we see our Saviour prophetically clothed with a vesture dipped in blood, and His name is called the Word of God. On the cross He gave His life as an

atonement for our sins. There at Cal­ vary He was covered from head to foot with blood. Here, when He re­ turns in glory, the blood staining His vesture will be that of His ene­ mies. Have you found the peace of God through peace with God? May this be your moment of decision. Christ suddenly appeared on the horizon of this earth many years ago. When He went to glory, He went up to the highest heaven. God gave Him a name which is above every name. He must come back. He promised it, and will never fail to keep His word. This section of Revelation tells us what that will be like when He re­ turns as King of kings and Lord of lords. It is my fervent prayer that you will be ready to meet Him face to face. Special Notice Biola's monthly publication, THE KING’S BUSINESS, will be devoted to missions in the December issue. Helpful material will provide chal­ lenge, information, and special fea­ tures such as “Christmas in other lands." THE KING'S BUSINESS is also an ideal gift for loved ones. Published 11 times each year, the magazine is a constant reminder of your prayer­ ful concern. It would be an appropri­ ate gift for your pastor as well. Special Christmas rates are $2.50 per year (normal rate is $3.00). Orders received right away will be preceded by a Christmas greeting card announcing the gift Single copies of the special De­ cember M ISSIONS issue are available at 30 cents each or 10 for $2.00. Write to THE KING’S BUSINESS, 13800 Biola Ave., La Mirada, Calif. 90638.


I Corinthians 11:23-30 on the aspect of the Lord’s table. That last verse speaks of those who had not first ex­ amined themselves and as a result had become ill and even died. The Communion Supper to them had been turned into something the Lord nev­ er intended. The Apostle here is talk­ ing about their physical state. This is what John has reference to in the passage about which the questioner wrote. Keep in mind that an uncon­ verted man can never come to the place where God cannot save him or deal with him. The Holy Spirit con­ victs a man right up to the end of his life. Let us make certain that as chil­ dren of God we are living to the full­ est for our blessed Saviour. Q. “One of my loved ones has become insane and is now confined in a men­ tal hospital. Before this happened, he gave a strong testimony for the Lord, showing every evidence of hav­ ing been truly bom again. Now, however, he is boisterous and uses profanity. Bo you think that insan­ ity is demon possession?” A. In answer to your last question, some of it may be, but certainly not all of it. In the Gospels we read how our Lord went about healing those “who were possessed of demons and those who were lunatic.” Note that there is a difference between the two. The latter were what we would term mentally unbalanced. In the provi­ dence of God it is hard for us with our finite minds to know why some people have been allowed to lose their minds. This is one of the mysteries that often children of God will be thus afflicted. They may even act as you have described your loved one, 15

Q. “In I John 5:16 it speaks of a sin ‘which is not unto death,’ and a sin that is ‘unto death.’ What does this mean?” A. I believe this refers to physical death. Here is a Christian, for First John is written to believers, who dies before his time. It may be that he has been a hindrance or a stum­ bling block in the work of the Lord. He will still go to heaven, since he has placed his faith in the Lord. Salvation is always by grace. But you can be sure the Lord won’t greet him with the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” This is what Christ talks about in John 15. He refers to the vine and the branches. Verse six is very ex­ plicit in this context. He points out that if a branch does not bear fruit, He takes it away, that is, He takes it to heaven. As far as what man does with this individual who is not giv­ ing a good testimony, we see from this verse that they are gathered and cast into the fire where they are burned. Here is a person who just lives for self in following the pleas­ ures of the world. Then he tries to give a witness for Christ out of a heart that has grown cold and is in­ sincere. He’s not fooling anyone but himself. It’s as if others tossed his words to be consumed by the fire. This is figurative speech. If such a person is not living for the Gospel and for Christ, it would be better if he didn’t say anything at all. God is the judge; we cannot make such a determination. But He may look down from heaven and say, “That will not be a very happy situation for that person.” This same subject is in view in

we see that Paul is not teaching this at all. As an example, referring back to this statement the apostle de­ clares in verse 26, “I suppose there­ fore that this is good for the present distress.” You see, he is now talk­ ing about a period of persecution through which the Church was pass­ ing. The 25 preceding verses are summed up by the 26th. Naturally in such a condition it would be far easier for a person, man or woman, to remain single. It would spare them from even greater heartbreak and sorrow. Keep in mind then that in I Timothy 3:3, 4, Paul warns par­ ticularly against the teaching of the unmarried state as spiritually supe­ rior to the married condition. He goes so far as to call this “the doc­ trine of demons.” Q. “Is there any Scripture for the teaching that Christ fell on His way to the crucifixion, making it neces­ sary for Simon to carry His cross?” A. No, the Bible doesn’t specifically say that the Saviour actually fell. This is only by inference. In some re­ ligious paintings, as well as through the words of some hymns, we have this portrayed, but the Bible account does not relate this to us. It comes into the category of questions as to whether Christ was actually nailed to the cross or merely tied there with leather thongs. In this case, however, despite how some artists may have sought to recreate the crucifixion scene, Christ was very definitely nailed to the tree. Prophetically speaking, Psalm 22 gives us a real insight into this aw­ ful event of man’s bitterness. The ac­ count was given to David by the Holy Spirit hundreds of years before Jesus was bom. Among other things there is the statement that His hands and His feet would be pierced. As further proof, we find that follow­ ing the resurrection when the Sav­ iour appeared to Thomas, He said,

for they are “beside themselves. ’ that is, they find that t h e i r old Adamic nature is no longer under control and now manifests itself freely. At regeneration, the old na­ ture is by no means changed. It is still the same, although the new na­ ture comes through the power of God’s Holy Spirit. This is why we are exhorted not to walk in the flesh but rather to walk in the Spirit, mortify­ ing, or putting to death, the deeds of the flesh. Specifically, if your relative has been born again, you may depend on his Heavenly Father to take care of him even during this mental sick­ ness. One day the Lord is going to present that one faultless before the throne of His glory. Q. “I am interested in the subject of the Rapture of the Church. Will this event include others than just New Testament saints?” A. It has always been my belief that the Old Testament saints will also be raised with them at the marriage supper of the Lamb, spoken of in Revelation 19:6-9. This will take place in the glory and will include the f r i end s of the Bridegroom. This would refer to those who, by faith before the cross, looked ahead to God’s perfect Sacrifice. John the Baptist so refers to himself. Q. “In carefully studying First Co­ rinthians, I came to the seventh chapter which seems to teach that it is better for a man not to marry. Is celibacy the highest kind of Chris­ tian living? Paul doesn’t seem to limit his views to some religious or­ der, but rather applies the sugges­ tion.” A. It is interesting in these days to see the revolt of Roman Catholic priests relative to this subject. One needs to examine carefully the con­ text which is involved. In this way

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