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March/APril 2020

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The Importance of Vitamins for Your Teeth Nutrition in Dentistry

As we wrote in our last newsletter, our preventive appointments with our hygienists, Sharon, Leah, and new addition Nicole, are so full of gathering metrics for health, health history, medications, and various other checkpoints that nutrition rarely gets a mention. My sister, who is also a dentist, is an avid reader and student of nutrition. She’s been my mentor for many of my vitamin and supplement choices going back almost 12 years. She and I subscribe to Life Extension Magazine and to Dr. Sherry Rogers’ newsletters found online at Prestige Publishing. It’s sometimes overwhelming to follow all the great advice and information

about the plethora of vitamins and supplements available, but it enables me to make better choices for my health. I have saved many of Dr. Rogers’ newsletters because there is so much information that one read is not enough! When it comes to nutrition and dentistry, your approach will depend on what you are trying to control. Dry mouth and periodontal disease can cause bad breath, and having a history of many cavities can be attributed to poor dietary habits. We can make some suggestions for all of these issues. Building good bone strength in your jaw and tooth arches is important to keeping teeth and gums healthy.

Volumes have been written on the efficacy of vitamin supplements in regard to healing inflamed tissues in the mouth. Vitamin D is on top of the list when it comes to healing from implant surgery. Vitamin D has been found to stimulate bone formation and, as a result, augment the contact between the surface of the titanium implants and bone. Daily supplementation of vitamin D has changed and can be 2,000–4,000 international units depending on your blood serum levels and your doctor’s recommendation. There is also a relationship between vitamin D and periodontal disease, since vitamin D has a protective role in healing bone. Unless you’re eating all organic fruits and vegetables, diet alone is not going to provide enough nutrients to help you reach effective levels. Should you decide to stay with diet only, my best advice is to consume dark green leafy vegetables and fruits and vegetables of all colors and to rotate your diet for best effects.

Covid-19 Corner

We genuinely hope that all our dental families are able to stay safe and healthy through these unprecedented times. To help settle your minds, we are taking calls for emergencies despite being closed. If you are not sure if you’re experiencing an emergency, please call us and let us help you. Simply dial 610-868- 7601 and press 1 to reach Linda. She can contact any of the dentists and get your questions answered. We recommend that you let us know about any concerns you may have. For those patients in the middle of treatment, we will be prioritizing your care when we are able to continue with nonemergency treatment. We also know that our patients in invisible braces are anxious to move their treatment along —so are we! We can contact Invisalign to remake your current trays at no charge if they start to wear through. Just let us know your needs. To assist patients with questions or concerns, Kim has been coming in on Mondays and answering voice messages that patients are leaving, and Chrissy has been helping with the emergency patients. Otherwise, we are closed. Our administrative team and dentists are working behind the scenes to get ready to reopen the office. We hope that we will be able to open soon so we can see you again and help you with your dental needs. Thank you for your patience during this global crisis.

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