A WORD FROM OUR CEO Kenneth Cochran, DSc, FACHE President & CEO

We can officially declare the end of Winter when it is time to spring forward our clocks for daylight savings time. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Spring and the extra daylight to spend more time doing outside activities and chores, our two favorite things, right? Don’t forget to spring forward at 2:00 a.m. on March 8th.

Spring also marks the start of planning for the end of the school year and graduation. I know many of you are currently enrolled, or plan to enroll in college courses for career advancement, or you have a child or grandchild that is graduating high school. As a reminder, applications for our OGHS Foundation and MMRBH Scholarships are now being accepted. The deadline is March 27th. For more information, visit I would like to formally welcome the Opelousas Orthopaedic Clinic to our WellSmart brand. Effective March 1, they have joined our family as employees of Opelousas General Health System. We are very pleased with this addition and look forward to working with the entire staff. Join me this month in recognizing and celebrating all of our physicians for Doctors’ Day! Please be sure to thank members of our medical staff for their dedication and support given throughout the year. On March 31, we will honor and recognize them during our annual Doctors’ Day luncheon.


Below is the link to this month’s survey. All employees who fill it out correctly will be entered into a drawing to win money in the OGHS online store. The next drawing will be in April. Be sure to fill out the survey each month to get more chances to win.











PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT Dr. Robert Menuet Interventional Cardiologist March 2020

Where are you originally from? I’m originally from Napoleonville, which is about two hours away. I moved to Sunset in 2006 and currently live in Lafayette, Louisiana. Why did you choose OGHS? It was a comfortable transition for me as my hometown, Napoleonville, is rural as well. I opened a practice with Dr. Michael Dibbs where I remained for three years and then joined CIS in 2009. CIS has one of the busiest catheterization labs right here in Opelousas. We offer patients innovative, state-of-the-art care in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of heart and vascular conditions. What is your favorite thing about working at OGHS? My favorite thing about working at OGHS is the people. My patients become like family members to me. What would you like everyone to know about you? I come from a family of lawyers and was initially applying to law school before changing my major to medicine. I graduated in 1996 with four Bachelors Degrees, including Political Science, Latin, Microbiology, and Biochemistry. I chose cardiology because it is logical, with not much subjectivity. It made sense to me; it is an evidence-based practice and the clinic and procedures are technology-driven. I attended medical school at LSU in New Orleans then attended residency at University of Texas Medical Branch, and concluded with my Cardiology Fellowship at Ochsner. What do you like to do in your free time? I enjoy watching LSU football, cooking on the weekends, and spending time with my four children. What do you enjoy most about being a physician? I enjoy being a part of my patients’ lives and making an impact on their health.

The following employees and physicians were recognized by the patients in February 2020 Patient Satisfaction Surveys. Congratulations to each of you and keep up the good work.

Lidietta Adams

Labor & Delivery

Jodi Macip

CP Lab

Patrick Andrus Holly Ardoin

CT Scan

Christie Medus



Sarah Phillips

Jacquelin Aymond Anthony Beaugh Christian Bourgeois Donna Carriere Christina Comeaux Mary Comeaux

Medical Imaging

Ariel Quebedeaux

CT Scan

Annette Ray Joseph Reed Laura Richard Sherry Smith Holly Snyder


Labor & Delivery




David Cormier Nicky Cormier

CP Lab

Jordan Soileau ICU Elizabeth Thibodeaux SDS Maranda Thibodeaux Admit


Vickie Couvillion

Labor and Delivery

Casey David


Tiffany Doucet Andrew Duplechin


CT Scan CT Scan

Jason Dupre Kimberly Faul


Jordan Fontenot Monique Fontenot Shannon Fontenot Trey Gravouilla Gladys Grayson Nathaniel Harvey Whitney Howard Wayne Fruge Sara Hardy



Dr. Damian Badeaux Dr. Bernard Boka Dr. Patrick Gillespie Dr. Richard Lastrapes Dr. Christopher Matt Dr. Amer Raza Dr. Jose’ Santiago Dr. Andrew Sicard



Corey Holland


Clarissa Jackson

4 North CP Lab

Kyla Joubert Mindy Lanclos Lori Lavergne Falon Lee



Crystal Lejeune


Jamie Lemon


Education Course Offerings

MARCH 2020



8:30 am 1:00 pm

March 3

March 12

March 30

8:00 am

8:00 am

8:00 am

8:30 am 1:00 pm 8:30 am 1:00 pm 8:00 am (Beginner)

March 10

March 13

March 11

March 24

1:00 pm (Renewal)

8:30 am 1:00 pm

March 25

APRIL 2020



8:30 am 1:00 pm 8:30 am 1:00 pm 8:30 am 1:00 pm 8:30 am 1:00 pm

8:00 am

April 1


April 7 & 8


8:00 am

April 14 & 15

April 27

8:30 am (Beginner) 1:00 pm (Renewal)

April 28

All classes will be held at South Campus, 2nd Floor, in Room 280.

To register, contact or call the Education Dept. at Ext. 3801.


James Keith Richard, better known as Keith, is being ACKNOWLEDGED  as the spotlight employee for March 2020.  We would like to  INTRODUCE Keith, who has been a member of our OGHS family for the DURATION  of 17 years.  He works as a Maintenance Technician in the Maintenance department. Keith’s EXPLANATION of his various duties: As a Maintenance Technician, Keith’s job is to preserve the good condition and functionality of the hospital. Keith is mainly responsible for the 2nd floor of the hospital, where the Surgery department is located. He has to make sure all things are working so that the departments can function in a way that provides the very best care to the patients of OGHS. What Keith likes about working at OGHS: The thing that Keith loves most about working at OGHS is his coworkers. They are always willing to help and are all very good at what they do. What Keith would like everyone to know about him? Keith enjoys hunting dove and other big game. He also really loves watching LSU Football and Baseball.

Keith is most THANKFUL  for his family, especially his two beautiful grandchildren.


Shelly Fontenot, Physician Liaison and Ciara Fontenot, Corporate Health Consultant accepted an award on behalf of Opelousas General Health System from the Carencro Business Association for being an active member of the CBA and for supporting their annual fundraising event as well as other community events.

Lauren David, RN, IBCLC, facilitated Lunch & Learn on January 29, 2020. In attendance were Dr. Rachael Tate, Dr. Samantha Vidrine, and staff from the offices of Dr. Damian Badeaux, Dr. Louis Kerkhoff, Dr. Thomas Jarnagin, and Dr. Andre Pinac. The goal of the luncheon was to encourage attendance of our free Prenatal Classes in an effort to guide and keep new mothers on a healthy journey and prepare them for what to expect during their pregnancy. New topics in 2020 include nutrition and exercise, perinatal mental health, home visiting services, and smoking & substance abuse. Also in attendance were Marie Leger, Outreach Specialist of the Nurse-Family Partnership and Kristen Copenhaver, Family Tree Counseling Services. Cafe au Lait was introduced, which is a breastfeeding support group that will be meeting every second Tuesday of the month from 6-7pm in the OGHS Auditorium. WOMEN’S CENTER LUNCH & LEARN


Morgan Bergeron, Physician Practice Supervisor for Surgical Associates and Nephrology, spoke at Senior Companions about hospital-employed clinics on February 14th. Shelly Fontenot also spoke about Better Breather’s Club and the expanded comprehensive services at Centre de la Vie.


Ciara Fontenot, Corporate Health Consultant for the OGHS WellnessWorks program, hosted an “Eye Protection & Safety” onsite health event for the employees at Gaiennie Lumber Co. Pictured with Ciara is Bridget Ray & Sean Daly of LaHaye Eye Center.

Ciara Fontenot also spoke at the Eunice Rotary Club’s recent meeting about the new location of Dr. John Rainey and the WellSmart Health- LSUE clinic. She also informed members about the benefits of being a part of the WellnessWorks program.


For the second year in a row, Dr. Kenneth Cochran, President & CEO of Opelousas General Health System has been named one of Becker’s Hospital Review’s Top 60 Rural CEOs to know. Once again, he is only one of two recognized in the state of Louisiana. For details visit,


Help us raise funds to support our Foundation Scholarships. Join a Team, recruit a team member or simply share this information. Vist for more information.


Caring for critically ill patients is a big part of what we do here at OGHS, but if you’re not clinically involved or directly exposed via care of a family member or loved one, it is hard to fully understand the complexity of the treatment process and the necessity of teamwork. Recently we took care of a very critically ill patient who was on life support because of an emergent cardiac condition. The patient was brought to ICU after receiving an Impella Device in the Cath Lab. An Impella is a miniaturized temporary ventricular assist device (VAD) inserted through the skin and placed across the aortic valve used to pump blood from the left ventricle into the aorta to help further pump blood throughout the body. The patient was also on a ventilator to assist in ventilation using the highest possible settings for oxygen intake. Because the patient was not showing improvement, Dr. Raza ordered the administration of Flolan, which is a drug used to increase oxygenated blood flow in the lungs and to decrease lung circulation pressures so that the patient can improve gas exchange and arterial oxygenation. The proper dosage is based on the patient’s body weight and other factors so Candy Marks, Respiratory Therapist worked with Hope Lejeune, Pharmacist to ensure proper dosage. Special equipment was used to administer this drug. Once this drug was given to the patient via a nebulizer (a medical device that turns liquid into a very fine mist that can be inhaled through the ventilator circuit), he showed significant improvement. The patient went from 75% oxygen saturation to 95% and was eventually able to be weaned off the Impella Device and the Flolan medication. Flolan is a recently acquired drug recommendation by Dr. Raza, who had previous experience with its use and efficacy. Because of the collaboration between Dr. Raza and Dr. Siby as well as the ICU staff, Cath Lab staff, Pharmacy and Respiratory staff, the patient was able to make a complete recovery. This seamless process would not have been possible without all individuals involved working together.

Pictured from left: Candyce Jensen, Candy Marks, Dr. Amer Raza, Pulmonary/Critical Care and Dr. Siby Ayallore, Cardiologist.

Pictured from left: Kevin Gobert, Director of Respiratory and Respiratory Therapists George Hargroder, William Lee and Dores Ledet.


The following employees were recognized at the recent Employee Forums.


Monika is being acknowledged for all of our standards.

Comment: Monika quickly filled a request to get a spray bottle for FANS. She had to go outside to get it but did so quickly without hesitation and with a super positive attitude.


Ali is being acknowledged for Supportiveness, Etiquette, Respect and Communication.

Comment: Great teamwork! Ali is always very helpful.


Olivia is being recognized for Etiquette, Respect, Vibrancy & Excellence.

Comment: Olivia was my dad’s nurse in ER. She was kind, polite, professional and attentive to my dad. She always had a smile when she walked in the room and was very reassuring to my dad. She is an excellent nurse.


Shonna is being recognized for Excellence.

Comment: Shonna always goes the extra mile for patients and staff. She has a great personality and is very knowledgeable and a great asset. She is a true team player.


Tanis is being recognized for Supportiveness, Respect, Communication & Excellence.

Comment: Tanis is very respectful and is always helping others. She works hard and doesn’t complain.


Michelle is being acknowledged for Communication

Comment: Michelle is so polite and always has a smile. She says hello to everyone who walks through the doors and says goodbye to everyone who passes her desk. Thank you for brightening up the place.


Jackie is being recognized for Supportiveness, Respect, Vibrancy & Excellence.

Comment: It is a great honor to have you leading and guiding our OGHS family to excellence. Thank you for being supportive, available and helpful. Your resourcefulness and willingness to serve is admirable. May God bless you for the good that you accomplish.


Kia is being acknowledged for Supportiveness, Etiquette, and Communication

Comment: Kia shows great teamwork skills.


Chase is being acknowledged for all of our standards.

Comment: Chase is very helpful throughout the unit. He works as a team through busy and stressful situations. He is a great part of our team.

Daylight Savings Time and Sleep

Daylight savings time is right around the corner. On March 8, we will “spring forward” and most people will lose an hour of sleep.

Daylight savings time changes what “time” the sun rises and sets, affecting daily light exposure. This is known as a circadian rhythm—a predictable, 24-hour cycle of physical, mental and behavioral changes regulated by daylight. Sleep is a key component of the circadian rhythm and is often influenced by environmental factors, such as light. Throwing that biological clock out of sync has adverse health effects, including increased risk of heart attack and ischemic stroke, according to a 2019 study from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. According to a University of Colorado 2014 study, the Monday morning after “springing forward” raised the risk of having a heart attack by 25%. A link between lack of sleep and heart attacks has been seen in previous studies, but experts don’t have a clear understanding of why people are so sensitive to sleep-wake cycles. Most experts argue it only takes about a week for the body to adjust to its new routine, but the Vanderbilt study suggests daylight savings time disrupts the schedule for the entire eight months i’t’s in effect.


New Employees: New Hires



Rehires RNs

4 1

Overall Turnover Rate First Year Turnover Rate

18.6% 28.9%

Three OGHS phlebotomists will be enrolling in a new Science Lab program at South Louisiana Community College’s Opelousas campus. The deadline to apply for OGHS Foundation and MMRBH scholarships is March 27th. For more information, visit

Patient Comments

“Dr. Matt did a great job. Sara, the nurse was great!”

“Jamie and the rest of the staff made me feel comfortable and started checking on me right away.”

‘Very courteous housekeeping staff.”

“I was very impressed with the quality of the food and the dietary department. They lady that came to set my menu for the next day was amazing!” “Jordan and Neal were excellent.” “All the nurses on 4th floor were great. My student nurse, Lindsey was excellent. She is going to make a great nurse.”


“Dr. Badeaux is awesome.”

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Parks and Dr. Vazquez. Also, my family doctor, Jamie Collins, M.D., called frequently to offer advice.” “Dr. George Williams was absolutely amazing! Any doctor that takes time to pray over the patient before surgery is amazing. He was very calming before surgery.”

Departments Above or at Target Ambulatory Services

Departments Below Target ED, Outpatient & Inpatient Services



Below are some volume statistics for the second quarter of FY 2020.


July 2018-Jan 2019

July 2019-Jan 2020

Surgery Visits

4305 618 1016 31083 88.3

4301 (up)


553 (down) 1141 (up) 30908 (down) 84.3 (down)

Cath Lab Cases

ER Visits

Average Daily Census


The drug screening department continues to grow. A new service, on-site random testing, is now available. We continue to see growth in the WellSmart Retail Pharmacy. In the month of January, there were 1,471 prescriptions filled along with 241 Meds to Beds deliveries. Same-Day Surgery, 4N, 5N, and OB are our top four departments utilizing this service.

MARCH 2020

Monthly Pack Your Lunch & Learn Session In-Person Presentation: “National Nutrition Month. Eat Right. Bite by Bite” Presenter: Katie Guedry, RD, LDN (LSU-Ag Center) March 3, 12pm-1pm, Auditorium A

“Protect What Matters Most” In-Person Presentations: “Identity Theft & Social Engineering” Presenter: Advancial Federal Credit Union March 4, 8am-9am, Auditorium A “Child Identity Theft” Presenter: Advancial Federal Credit Union March 4, 12pm-1pm, Auditorium A

“Time Management is Life Management” Relias LMS Presentations-Optional Employee Wellness & Time Management Life Skills: Managing Time in Your Busy Life Skills in Time Management How to Manage Your Time More Effectively



On the subject of overproduction/extra processing with discharge papers: Can we work towards deleting unnecessary information that we give the patients? Example: Their home medication list, smoking cessation, and knowing your numbers form. Yes, we are organizing team to review discharge information in all areas and work towards a more meaningful discharge packet. The hope is that there can be a cover sheet that covers essential information, followed by only what is necessary. Please discuss with your manager any thoughts for improvement or to express your desire to be involved with this project.

When entering the patient rooms who are in isolation, the thin tieback mask are provided. Are we fully protected with those compared to the thicker mask we are fitted for?

N-95 masks are approved for ‘Healthcare professionals’ for precautions in certain airborne illnesses such as Tuberculosis, SARS, etc. These are OSHA approved materials that are ‘fitted’ for healthcare workers. The surgical tieback masks are approved and recommended PPEs for contact and droplet isolation for patients, staff, and visitors. If worn appropriately, along with adhering to isolation precautions, which include practicing good hand hygiene, limiting exposure when possible, etc., the surgical mask is the appropriate PPE to wear in isolation precautions. Persons that are not properly fitted for an N-95 mask should not wear them. A surgical mask worn properly is what is required in contact and droplet precautions. Please feel free to contact Infection Prevention if there are any further questions/concerns.

Can Lean Six Sigma be implemented into every department in the hospital?

Training in the LSS methodologies began with leaders and select staff and process improvement initiatives are underway using these tools. There are currently four major LSS projects and several LEAN projects in various


Is it possible for our WellSmart Health Pharmacy of Opelousas to be able to give a patient an in-depth type of review especially where polypharmacy is present, or is their education and counseling a basic type of service? Yes, this is a service that our WellSmart Pharmacy does and currently offers to both patients and employees alike for our retail and meds-to-beds customers.


Why are bills being sent out for our annual OGHS lab screenings?

Bills for annual screenings should not be going out. We are currently looking into this matter to correct it. If you receive a bill that you have questions about, please contact Shannon Sam in our Business Office.



Would it be possible to get a time clock at the Posner Center entrance? We have time clocks strategically placed around the campus. There is a time clock in close proximity up the hall from that Women’s Center entrance. Can we please expand the use of physicians and other hospitals especially for chronic conditions since we don’t have pediatric doctors (specialist) at OGHS? On the health plan, there is a Tier 2 of coverage for services are not available at OGHS. These providers must also be in the Blue Cross Blue Shield provider network. Visit for providers that are available. You can also reach out to Human Resources for assistance in your health plan questions. Can we please use our PTO conversion two times a year? The OGHS policy of PTO conversion to cash is 40 hours once per year in November and paid out at 100%. Paying out additional times per year is not within the policy. Why can’t we have Skills Lab classes at South Campus? Sometimes it is hard to get to Main Campus? This recommendation was shared with Education department and expanded classes at South Campus will be offered throughout the year. We currently hold annual Skills Lab and Employee Forums at South Campus.


What are the plans/goals/timeline for a new facility? ASCO? Migration to South end of town? At the February Board of Trustees meeting, the Board approved Administration to move forward with a major strategic planning project for phasing of services between both Main and South Campuses along with expansion of our ambulatory services. Requests for proposals will be sent out to various architectural and engineering firms with the expectation that a decision on next steps with a firm to begin in early June. We look forward to providing further details as this project known as Avenir (“Future”) begins.


What can be done about people (employees) speeding in the parking tower? We are watching this mostly at shift change. We encourage all staff members to inform Security at Ext. 7151 when this is happening and if possible, provide a description of the vehicle description.


Can we access South Campus cafeteria menu on-line? Yes, the Cafeteria Menu is located on the OGH Intranet. You can get there by typing http://oghintranet in your computer internet browser.

Main Campus 539 E Prudhomme St Opelousas, LA 70570

South Campus 3983 I 49 S Service Rd Opelousas, Louisiana 70570

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