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This month, I need to give you a peak behind the scenes. In order to get these newsletters out to our readers each month, I have to write these letters several weeks in advance. I’m telling you this so you’ll understand why I “waited” so long to address the fact that a car crashed into our San Diego office the Sunday before Presidents Day. At the time of writing, it’s only been a few days since the accident. By the time you’re reading this, I really hope the damage has been repaired and everything has gone back to normal. Right now, I’m still trying to process what’s happened. You never expect a car to crash into the building where you work. It sounds like something out of a movie! The damage even looked like it belonged on the set of an action flick. When the police called to tell us about the accident, we were expecting to find a dent on the outside wall. Dr. Janice got there first, and she was shocked to see a massive hole in the wall of our staff break room! Later on, I saw pictures of the car when it was still part way through the wall. It looked so unreal. The police told us that the driver, who was arrested under suspicion of a DUI, tried to turn onto 38th Street but was going way too fast. She lost control of the car, jumped the curb, and crashed into our office. After the accident, I was pretty upset. There is only material damage, but we started A+ Family Dentistry 18 years ago, and it’s painful to see the place we’ve built suffer such terrible damage. At the same time, I am really sad for the driver. She’s just 20 years old. I don’t know what her situation is, but I do

“You never expect a car to crash into the building where you work. It sounds like something out of a movie!”

hope she’ll be able to bounce back from this and pick a better path. She still has her whole life ahead of her. The accident was bad, but it could have been so much worse. Our office was closed that morning, so there was no one inside. Plus, our dental equipment is on the other side of the building. We were still able to see patients that following Tuesday. But ours isn’t the only building on that street. There’s a laundromat nearby that would have been full of people even on an early Sunday morning. We’re also not far from a school. Had this happened on a school day, there’s a chance some kids who walk to school could have been hurt. When I think of how badly things could have turned out, I’m so grateful no one was seriously hurt. Everyone is safe and well. All we need to do now is focus on repairs. Dr. Janice’s son, Jake, suggested that we “just glue it!” That gave us all a good laugh. While it’s going to take a bit more than glue to fix the building, we have insurance, so I expect the repairs to get done quickly.

This was a big reminder that you never know what will happen. We can only hope for the best and be grateful that our friends and family are around to help us get through life’s challenges.

–Dr. Justene Doan

April 2020 Edition

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