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Jesus the Great Philosopher Jonathan T. Pennington Mere Apologetics Alister E. McGrath Mere Discipleship Alister E. McGrath Miracles, 2 vols. Craig S. Keener Miracles Today Craig S. Keener Narrative Apologetics Alister E. McGrath Proofs of God Matthew Levering Reforming Apologetics J. V. Fesko Religious Experience and the Knowledge of God Harold A. Netland Roman but Not Catholic Kenneth J. Collins and Jerry L. Walls Roman Catholics and Evangelicals Norman L. Geisler and Ralph E. MacKenzie Scaling the Secular City J. P. Moreland Testing Scripture John Polkinghorne Theodicy of Love John C. Peckham Why Christian Faith Still Makes Sense C. Stephen Evans Why God Makes Sense in a World That Doesn’t Gavin Ortlund

Greek Accents D. A. Carson Greek for Life Benjamin L. Merkle and Robert L. Plummer Intermediate Greek Grammar David L. Mathewson and Elodie Ballantine Emig Introduction to New Testament Textual Criticism, rev. ed. J. Harold Greenlee Invitation to the Septuagint, 2nd ed. Karen H. Jobes and Moisés Silva It’s Still Greek to Me David Alan Black Learn New Testament

Synopsis of the Pauline Letters in Greek and English James P. Ware, ed. Using and Enjoying Biblical Greek Rodney A. Whitacre Using New Testament Greek in Ministry David Alan Black Voice and Mood David L. Mathewson HEBREW Beginning and Intermediate Biblical Hebrew, 2-vol. set John A. Cook and Robert D. Holmstedt Beginning

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Apologetics 120 Biblical Languages 120 Greek Hebrew Biblical Studies 121 General Studies Commentaries Biblical Theology Hermeneutics/Exegesis Bible Survey

Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin Hans Madueme and Michael Reeves, eds. All Things Hold Together in Christ James K. A. Smith and Michael L. Gulker, eds. The Bible in a Disenchanted Age R. W. L. Moberly Biblical Authority after Babel Kevin J. Vanhoozer Can We Still Believe in God? Craig L. Blomberg Can We Still Believe the Bible? Craig L. Blomberg Christian Apologetics, 2nd ed. Norman L. Geisler Christianity and Religious Diversity Harold A. Netland Confronting Old Testament Controversies Tremper Longman III Cosmology in Theological Perspective Olli-Pekka Vainio Creation out of Nothing Paul Copan and William Lane Craig Did God Really Command Genocide? Paul Copan and Matthew Flannagan The End of Apologetics Myron B. Penner Good Arguments Richard A. Holland Jr. and Benjamin K. Forrest Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory Jerry L. Walls Imaginative Apologetics Andrew Davison, ed. Introducing Apologetics James E. Taylor Introduction to Philosophy Norman L. Geisler and Paul D. Feinberg Is God a Moral Monster? Paul Copan The Jesus Legend Paul Rhodes Eddy and Gregory A. Boyd

Old Testament General Studies Old Testament Backgrounds/His- torical Studies/Archaeology Old Testament Survey Pentateuch

Historical Books Wisdom/Poetry Prophets

New Testament General Studies New Testament Backgrounds/His- torical Studies/Archaeology New Testament Survey Jesus Studies Pauline Studies Gospels/Acts General Epistles/Revelation Christian Education 128 Christianity and Culture 128 General Studies Popular Culture Public Affairs Church History 130 Eastern Orthodoxy 130 Ethics 131 Evangelicalism 131 Evangelism 132 Family 132 Gender Studies 132 Higher Education 132 Homiletics 132 Intercultural Studies 133 Mission World Religions

Biblical Hebrew John A. Cook and

Greek, 3rd ed. John H. Dobson

Robert D. Holmstedt Beginning Biblical Hebrew Instructor’s Manual and Answer Key John A. Cook and Robert D. Holmstedt Biblical Hebrew Step by Step, vol. 1, 2nd ed. Menahem Mansoor Biblical Hebrew Step by Step, vol. 2, 3rd ed. Menahem Mansoor Exegetical Gems from Biblical Hebrew H. H. Hardy II From Exegesis to Exposition Robert B. Chisholm Jr. Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Hebrew, 2nd ed. Gary A. Long Hebrew for Life Adam J. Howell, Benjamin L. Merkle, and Robert L. Plummer A Hebrew Reader for Ruth Donald R. Vance Intermediate

Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek, 3rd ed. Bruce M. Metzger Linguistic Analysis of the Greek New Testament Stanley E. Porter Linguistics and New Testament Greek David Alan Black and Benjamin L. Merkle, eds. Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek, 2nd ed. David Alan Black More Light on the Path David W. Baker and Elaine A. Heath, with Morven Baker New Testament Greek with CD, rev. and exp. ed. James Allen Hewett, C. Michael Robbins, and Steven R. Johnson New Testament Textual Criticism David Alan Black A Patristic Greek Reader Rodney A. Whitacre Philippians Jerry L. Sumney Reading Koine Greek Rodney J. Decker Rethinking New Testament Textual Criticism David Alan Black, ed.

Leadership 133 Literature/Arts/ Communication 134 Patristics 134 Philosophy 134 Practical Theology/ Church Life 135

Psychology/Counseling 136 Science and Religion 136 Spirituality/Spiritual Formation 137 Theological Interpretation 137 Theology 138 General Studies/Reference/ Contemporary Systematic Theology Anthropology

Biblical Languages

GREEK The Apostolic Fathers, 3rd ed. Michael W. Holmes, ed. and trans.

The Development of Greek and the New Testament

Christology Ecclesiology Eschatology God Pneumatology

Biblical Hebrew John A. Cook and Robert D. Holmstedt

Chrys C. Caragounis Exegetical Fallacies, 2nd ed. D. A. Carson Exegetical Gems from Biblical Greek Benjamin L. Merkle Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Greek Gary A. Long

Revelation Soteriology Historical Theology Worldview 141 Worship/Liturgy 141 Youth Ministry 142

Intermediate Biblical Hebrew Instructor’s Manual and Answer Key John A. Cook and Robert D. Holmstedt Introducing Biblical Hebrew Allen P. Ross

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