Academic Fall 2021 Indexes

SUBJECT INDEX: E-H God’s Word in Human Words Kenton L. Sparks Good News for Anxious Christians Phillip Cary The Gospel of Our King Bruce Riley Ashford and Heath A. Thomas A High View of Scripture? Craig D. Allert Inspiration and Incarnation, 2nd ed. Peter Enns Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology

The Forgotten Ways, 2nd ed. Alan Hirsch Gospel Allegiance Matthew W. Bates Graceful Evangelism Frances S. Adeney Kingdom Conspiracy Scot McKnight Models of Evangelism Priscilla Pope-Levison The Mystic Way of Evangelism, 2nd ed. Elaine A. Heath A Public Missiology Gregg Okesson Resilient Faith Gerald L. Sittser Transforming Conversion Gordon T. Smith Understanding Christian Mission Scott W. Sunquist Whole and Reconciled Al Tizon Family The Children of Divorce Andrew Root Family in the Bible Richard S. Hess and M. Daniel Carroll R., eds. Family Systems and Congregational Life R. Robert Creech The Family, 5th ed. Jack O. Balswick, Judith K. Balswick, and Thomas V. Frederick Flame of Yahweh Richard M. Davidson Flawed Families of the Bible David E. Garland and Diana R. Garland Growing With Kara Powell and Steven Argue Hurt 2.0 Chap Clark It Takes a Church to Baptize Scot McKnight Joining Children on the Spiritual Journey Catherine Stonehouse Marriage, Scripture, and the Church Darrin W. Snyder Belousek

On the Spectrum Daniel Bowman Jr.

The Symphony of Mission Michael W. Goheen and Jim Mullins

Performance in Preaching Jana Childers and Clayton J. Schmit, eds. The Practices of Christian Preaching Jared E. Alcántara Preaching and Teaching from the Old Testament Walter C. Kaiser Jr. Preaching and Teaching the Last Things Walter C. Kaiser Jr. Preaching as Worship Michael J. Quicke Preaching God’s Grand Drama Ahmi Lee Preaching Jesus Christ Today Annette Brownlee Preaching That Speaks to Women Alice P. Mathews Preaching the Old Testament Scott M. Gibson, ed. Preaching the Parables Craig L. Blomberg Preaching to People in Pain Matthew D. Kim Preaching with Cultural Intelligence Matthew D. Kim Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross Mark D. Baker, ed. Public Speaking, 2nd ed. Duane A. Litfin Sacramental Preaching Hans Boersma The Sermons to the Seven Churches of Revelation Jeffrey A. D. Weima Toward an Exegetical Theology Walter C. Kaiser Jr. A Vision for Preaching Abraham Kuruvilla What Does the Lord Require?

Gender Studies

Beyond the Curse Aída Besançon Spencer Emerging Gender Identities Mark Yarhouse and Julia Sadusky Finally Feminist John G. Stackhouse Jr. Flame of Yahweh Richard M. Davidson Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters Marion Ann Taylor, ed.; Agnes Choi, assoc. ed. I Suffer Not a Woman Richard Clark Kroeger and Catherine Clark Kroeger Liberating Tradition Kristina LaCelle-Peterson The Making of Biblical Womanhood Beth Allison Barr Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian Michelle Lee-Barnewall Paul and Gender Cynthia Long Westfall Paul, Women, and Wives Craig S. Keener Prey Tell Tiffany Bluhm Understanding Transgender Identities James K. Beilby and Paul Rhodes Eddy, eds. Women in the Mission of the Church Leanne M. Dzubinski and Anneke H. Stasson Women in the World of the Earliest Christians Lynn H. Cohick Higher Education Beauty for Truth’s Sake Stratford Caldecott Communicating with

Homiletics 360-Degree Preaching Michael J. Quicke The Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative, 2nd ed. Steven D. Mathewson Biblical Preaching, 3rd ed. Haddon W. Robinson Biblical Sermons Haddon W. Robinson, ed. The Big Idea Companion for Preaching and Teaching Matthew D. Kim and Scott M. Gibson, eds. Christ-Centered Preaching, 3rd ed. Bryan Chapell Christ-Centered Sermons Bryan Chapell Communicating with Grace and Virtue Quentin J. Schultze An Essential Guide to Public Speaking, 2nd ed. Quentin J. Schultze Good Arguments Richard A. Holland Jr. and Benjamin K. Forrest

Daniel L. Brunner, Jennifer L. Butler, and A. J. Swoboda Introducing Evangelical Theology Daniel J. Treier Is the Reformation Over?

Mark A. Noll and Carolyn Nystrom Israel Matters Gerald R. McDermott Letters to a

Young Calvinist James K. A. Smith Luther for Evangelicals Paul R. Hinlicky A Model for Evangelical Theology Graham McFarlane Reformed and Always Reforming

Homiletics and Hermeneutics

Roger E. Olson Restless Faith Richard J. Mouw

Scott M. Gibson and Matthew D. Kim, eds. Las prácticas de la predicación cristiana Jared E. Alcántara The Majesty of God in the Old Testament Walter C. Kaiser Jr. A Manual for Preaching Abraham Kuruvilla Models for Biblical Preaching Haddon W. Robinson and Patricia Batten, eds. Narrative Reading, Narrative Preaching Joel B. Green and Michael Pasquarello III, eds. The Pastor as

Roman Catholics and Evangelicals Norman L. Geisler and Ralph E. MacKenzie


The Church and Its Vocation Michael W. Goheen Contextualizing the Faith A. Scott Moreau Evangelism after Christendom

Walter C. Kaiser Jr. The Worlds of the Preacher Scott M. Gibson, ed. Worship Words Debra Rienstra and Ron Rienstra

Grace and Virtue Quentin J. Schultze Learning for the Love of God Donald Opitz and Derek Melleby

Bryan Stone Evangelism after Pluralism Bryan Stone Faith for Exiles David Kinnaman and Mark Matlock, with Aly Hawkins

Public Theologian Kevin J. Vanhoozer and Owen Strachan


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