Academic Fall 2021 Indexes


Faithful and Fractured Rae Jean Proeschold-Bell and Jason Byassee Family Systems and Congregational Life

Listening to Children on the Spiritual Journey Catherine Stonehouse and Scottie May Living the Sabbath Norman Wirzba A Many Colored Kingdom Elizabeth Conde-Frazier, S. Steve Kang, and Gary A. Parrett Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians

Seven Deadly Spirits T. Scott Daniels Seven Transforming Gifts of Menopause Cheryl Bridges Johns The Shape of Living, 2nd ed. David F. Ford Shepherding God’s People Siang-Yang Tan Soulful Spirituality David G. Benner Spiritual Companioning Angela H. Reed, Richard R. Osmer, and Marcus G. Smucker Spiritual Formation as if the Church Mattered James C. Wilhoit Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood David P. Setran and Chris A. Kiesling Spiritual Friendship Wesley Hill Spiritual Landscape James L. Resseguie Spirituality and the Awakening Self David G. Benner The Story of Monasticism Greg Peters Subversive Sabbath A. J. Swoboda Sustaining Ministry Sondra Wheeler Teaching the Next Generations Terry Linhart, ed. Three Pieces of Glass Eric O. Jacobsen Thy Will Be Done Gilbert Meilaender Traces of the Trinity Peter J. Leithart Transforming Conversion Gordon T. Smith Transforming Spirituality F. LeRon Shults and Steven J. Sandage The (Un)Common Good Jim Wallis Understanding

Understanding Spiritual Warfare James K. Beilby and Paul Rhodes Eddy, eds. Unfettered Mandy Smith Why Science and Faith Need Each Other Elaine Howard Ecklund The Wisdom of Your Body Hillary L. McBride You Are What You Love James K. A. Smith You’re Only Human Kelly M. Kapic

Spirituality/Spiritual Formation Abuelita Faith Kat Armas

R. Robert Creech Following Jesus

After Doubt A. J. Swoboda Already Sanctified

in a Culture of Fear, rev. and updated ed. Scott Bader-Saye Generous Spaciousness Wendy VanderWal-Gritter Glittering Vices, 2nd ed. Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung Good News for Anxious Christians Phillip Cary Gracious Christianity Douglas Jacobsen and Rodney J. Sawatsky A Guide to Christian Spiritual Formation Evan B. Howard Healing the Wounds of Sexual Abuse Elaine A. Heath A Holy Meal

Don J. Payne Always On

Angela Williams Gorrell America’s Original Sin Jim Wallis Be Not Afraid Samuel Wells Beating Guns Shane Claiborne and Michael Martin Becoming Brave Brenda Salter McNeil Becoming Friends Paul J. Wadell Becoming Whole and Holy Jeannine K. Brown, Carla M. Dahl, and Wyndy Corbin Reuschling Being with God AJ Sherrill The Brazos Introduction to Christian Spirituality Evan B. Howard Cross-Shattered Christ Stanley Hauerwas Darkness Is My Only Companion, rev. and exp. ed. Kathryn Greene-McCreight Deep Focus Robert K. Johnston, Craig Detweiler, and Kutter Callaway Diary of a Pastor’s Soul M. Craig Barnes The Didache Thomas O’Loughlin Divine Sex

Chris R. Armstrong Mere Discipleship Alister E. McGrath Mere Discipleship, 2nd ed. Lee C. Camp The Minister as Moral Theologian Sondra Wheeler Monk Habits for Everyday People Dennis L. Okholm

Theological Interpretation

1 & 2 Chronicles Peter J. Leithart 1 & 2 Kings Peter J. Leithart 1 & 2 Peter Douglas Harink 1 Samuel Francesca Aran Murphy 2 Samuel Robert Barron Acts Jaroslav Pelikan Beginnings Peter C. Bouteneff Body, Soul, and Human Life Joel B. Green The Character of Christian Scripture Christopher R. Seitz Covenant and

The Monkhood of All Believers Greg Peters

The Mystic Way of Evangelism, 2nd ed. Elaine A. Heath On Reading Well Karen Swallow Prior On the Road with

Gordon T. Smith How the Body of Christ Talks C. Christopher Smith iGods Craig Detweiler

Saint Augustine James K. A. Smith Our Bodies Tell God’s Story Christopher West The Pastor in a

Intercultural Discipleship W. Jay Moon

Intercultural Discipleship, Video-Enhanced Ebook Edition W. Jay Moon

Secular Age Andrew Root

Communion Scott W. Hahn

An Introduction to Christian Mysticism

Practices of Love Kyle David Bennett Presence and Encounter David G. Benner Redeeming the Time Leland Ryken Rejoicing in Lament

Jason M. Baxter Intrusive God,

Creation Untamed Terence E. Fretheim Deuteronomy Telford Work Dictionary

Disruptive Gospel Matthew L. Skinner Joining Children on the Spiritual Journey Catherine Stonehouse The Justice Calling Bethany Hanke Hoang and Kristen Deede Johnson The Leader’s Journey, 2nd ed. Jim Herrington, Trisha Taylor, and R. Robert Creech A Life Observed Devin Brown

Jonathan Grant Early Christian Martyr Stories

for Theological Interpretation of the Bible Kevin J. Vanhoozer, gen. ed.; Craig G. Bartholomew, Daniel J. Treier, and N. T. Wright, assoc. eds. The Drama of Scripture, 2nd ed. Craig G. Bartholomew and Michael W. Goheen Ephesians Michael Allen

J. Todd Billings Resilient Faith Gerald L. Sittser

Bryan M. Litfin The End of the Christian Life J. Todd Billings Ethics for Christian Ministry Joe E. Trull and R. Robert Creech Exploring Christian Spirituality Kenneth J. Collins, ed.

Rethinking Holiness Bernie A. Van De Walle Romans Disarmed Sylvia C. Keesmaat and Brian J. Walsh The Science of Virtue Mark R. McMinn Selfies Craig Detweiler

Faith Formation Mark A. Maddix,

Jonathan H. Kim, and James Riley Estep Jr.


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