Academic Fall 2021 Indexes


Abernethy, Andrew T. God’s Messiah in the Old Testament Achtemeier, Elizabeth Minor Prophets I Achtemeier, Paul J. Inspiration and Authority Adam, A. K. M. Reading Scripture with the Church Adeney, Frances S. Christianity Encountering World Religions

Arand, Charles P. The Genius of Luther’s Theology

Barnes, M. Craig Diary of a Pastor’s Soul Barr, Beth Allison The Making of Biblical Womanhood 75 Barrett, Matthew Simply Trinity Barron, Robert 2 Samuel Exploring Catholic Theology The Priority of Christ 10 Bartholomew, Craig G. Christian Philosophy Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible The Drama of Scripture, 2nd ed. Ecclesiastes Introducing Biblical Hermeneutics Living at the Crossroads Theological Interpretation of the Old Testament

Baxter, Jason M. A Beginner’s Guide to

Bennett, Kyle David Practices of Love Benson, Bruce Ellis Liturgy as a Way of Life Berkhof, Louis Principles of Biblical Interpretation Beyer, Bryan E. Encountering the Book of Isaiah Encountering the Old Testament, 3rd ed. Readings from the Ancient Near East Bierma, Lyle D. An Introduction to the Heidelberg Catechism Billings, J. Todd The End of the Christian Life Rejoicing in Lament Union with Christ Bird, Michael F. Are You the One Who Is to Come?

Dante’s Divine Comedy

An Introduction to

Argue, Steven Growing With Armas, Kat Abuelita Faith

Christian Mysticism 16

Beale, G. K. Colossians and Philemon Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament Handbook on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament A New Testament Biblical Theology The Right Doctrine from the Wrong Texts? Beavis, Mary Ann Mark Beck, David R. Rethinking the Synoptic Problem Beeke, Joel R. Reformed Confessions Harmonized Begbie, Jeremy S. A Peculiar Orthodoxy Resounding Truth Beholding the Glory Beilby, James K. Understanding Spiritual Warfare Understanding Transgender Identities Bell, Daniel M., Jr. The Economy of Desire Just War as Christian Discipleship Bellinger, W. H., Jr. Engaging the Christian Scriptures, 2nd ed. 39 Leviticus, Numbers Psalms, 2nd ed. Belousek, Darrin W. Snyder Marriage, Scripture, and the Church 16 Bender, Kimlyn J. Reading Karl Barth for the Church Benjamin, Don C. Social World of Ancient Israel Benner, David G. Presence and Encounter

Armstrong, Chris R. Medieval Wisdom for Modern Christians Arnold, Bill T. Ancient Israel’s History Encountering the Book of Genesis Encountering the Old Testament, 3rd ed. The Face of Old Testament Studies Readings from the Ancient Near East The World around the Old Testament Arterbury, Andrew E. Engaging the Christian Scriptures, 2nd ed. 39 Ashford, Bruce Riley The Gospel of Our King Augustine, Jonathan C. Called to Reconciliation 55 Austin, Victor Lee Friendship Ayayo, Karelynne Hermeneutics, 2nd ed. Bader-Saye, Scott Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear, rev. and updated ed. Badzinski, Diane M. An Essential Guide to Interpersonal Communication Baker, David W. The Face of Old Testament Studies More Light on the Path Baker, Mark D. Proclaiming the Scandal of the Cross Baker, Morven More Light on the Path Balswick, Jack O. The Family, 5th ed. 58 Balswick, Judith K. The Family, 5th ed. 58 Banks, Robert J. Paul’s Idea of Community, 3rd ed. Reviewing Leadership, 2nd ed.

Graceful Evangelism Alcántara, Jared E. Las prácticas de la

predicación cristiana

The Practices of

Christian Preaching Alexander, T. Desmond Exodus From Paradise to the Promised Land, 3rd ed. Allen, Leslie C. Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther A Liturgy of Grief Allen, Michael Christian Dogmatics Ephesians 34 Justification and the Gospel Reformed Catholicity Allert, Craig D. A High View of Scripture? Allison, Dale C., Jr. Constructing Jesus Studies in Matthew Allison, Gregg R. Embodied Ames, William The Marrow of Theology Anatolios, Khaled The Holy Trinity in the Life of the Church Retrieving Nicaea Anderson, Charles A. Everyday Theology Anderson, Gary A. Christian Doctrine and the Old Testament Anderson, Kelly James, First, Second, and Third John Anizor, Uche How to Read Theology Anthony, Michael J. Foundations of Ministry Introducing Christian Education

Where Mortals Dwell Bates, Matthew W. Gospel Allegiance Salvation by Allegiance Alone

Black, David Alan It’s Still Greek to Me Linguistics and

New Testament Greek Linguistics for Students of New Testament Greek, 2nd ed. New Testament Textual Criticism Rethinking New Testament Textual Criticism Rethinking the Synoptic Problem Using New Testament Greek in Ministry Blaising, Craig A. Progressive Dispensationalism Block, Daniel I. Covenant 41 For the Glory of God Blomberg, Craig L. Can We Still Believe in God? Can We Still Believe the Bible? A Case for Historic Premillennialism Effective Generational Ministry A Handbook of New Testament Exegesis Making Sense of the New Testament Preaching the Parables

Batten, Patricia Models for Biblical Preaching Bauckham, Richard Bible and Mission The Christian World around the New Testament Gospel of Glory The Jewish World around the New Testament The Testimony of the Beloved Disciple Who Is God?

Bauer, David R. The Book of Acts as Story 38 Inductive Bible Study Bauerschmidt, Frederick Christian The Essential Summa

Theologiae , 2nd ed. 12

Bavinck, Herman Essays on Religion, Science, and Society Reformed Dogmatics, 4 vols. Reformed Dogmatics, abridged ed. Reformed Ethics, vol. 1 Reformed Ethics, vol. 2

Soulful Spirituality Spirituality and the Awakening Self Strategic Pastoral

Counseling, 2nd ed.


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