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A Science and

Christ-Centered Worship Chapman, Stephen B. The Law and the Prophets Charry, Ellen T. Psalms 1–50 Cherry, Constance M. The Music Architect The Special Service Worship Architect The Worship Architect, 2nd ed. 60 Childers, Jana Performance in Preaching Chisholm, Robert B., Jr. 1 & 2 Samuel From Exegesis to Exposition Handbook on the Prophets Choi, Agnes Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters Christensen, Michael J. Partakers of the Divine Nature Chung, Sung Wook A Case for Historic Premillennialism Claiborne, Shane Beating Guns Clark, Chap Adoptive Church Adoptive Youth Ministry Hurt 2.0 Youth Ministry in the 21st Century Clark, David K. Readings in Christian Ethics, vol. 1 Readings in Christian Ethics, vol. 2 Clark, John C. A Call to Christian Formation 15 Clendenin, Daniel B. Eastern Orthodox Christianity, 2nd ed. Eastern Orthodox Theology, 2nd ed. Cohick, Lynn H. Christian Women in the Patristic World Women in the World of the Earliest Christians Collett, Don C. Figural Reading and the Old Testament Collins, Kenneth J. Exploring Christian Spirituality Roman but Not Catholic

Bluhm, Tiffany Prey Tell

Bowman, Daniel, Jr. On the Spectrum 76 Boyd, Craig A. Christian Ethics and Moral Philosophy Boyd, Gregory A. Across the Spectrum, 2nd ed. God of the Possible The Jesus Legend Boyer, Steven D. The Mystery of God Bradshaw, Paul Foundations in Ritual Studies Brant, Jo-Ann A. John Bridge, Steven L. Getting the Old Testament Briggs, Richard S. The Lord Is My Shepherd 24 A Theological Introduction to the Pentateuch Brimlow, Robert W. What about Hitler? Brink, Emily The Worship Sourcebook, 2nd ed.

Bruckner, James K. Exodus Brunner, Daniel L. Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology Bullock, C. Hassell Encountering the Book of Psalms, 2nd ed.

Religion Primer Capes, David B. The Divine Christ Caputo, John D. What Would Jesus Deconstruct? Caragounis, Chrys C. The Development of Greek and the New Testament Cardoza, Freddy Christian Education Carroll R., M. Daniel The Bible and Borders Family in the Bible Carson, D. A. Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament Exegetical Fallacies, 2nd ed. Greek Accents How Long, O Lord?, 2nd ed. Justification and Variegated Nomism, vol. 1 Justification and Variegated Nomism, vol. 2 The King James Version Debate New Testament Commen- tary Survey, 7th ed. Praying with Paul, 2nd ed. Carter, Craig A. Contemplating God with the Great Tradition 17 Interpreting Scripture with the Great Tradition Rethinking Christ and Culture Carter, Warren John Matthew, rev. ed. Seven Events That Shaped the New Testament World Cary, Phillip Good News for Anxious Christians Jonah The Meaning of Protestant Theology Castelo, Daniel The Marks of Scripture Castleman, Robbie F. Interpreting the God-Breathed Word

Bobertz, Charles A. The Gospel of Mark Bock, Darrell L. Acts Jesus according to Scripture, 2nd ed. Jesus in Context Jesus the God-Man Luke, 2 vols. Progressive Dispensationalism Studying the Historical Jesus Bockmuehl, Markus

Psalms, vol. 1 Psalms, vol. 2

Burdett, Michael Finding Ourselves after Darwin Burge, Gary M. Interpreting the Gospel of John, 2nd ed. Jesus and the Land Burgess, John P. Karl Barth and Dietrich Bonhoeffer Butler, Jennifer L. Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology Byassee, Jason Faithful and Fractured Following 63 Psalms 101–150 Byerly, T. Ryan Introducing Logic and Critical Thinking Byrne, Brendan, SJ Paul and the Economy of Salvation 43 Caldecott, Stratford Beauty for Truth’s Sake Callan, Terrance First and Second Peter Callaway, Kutter Deep Focus Theology for Psychology and Counseling 59 Calvin, John The Bondage and Liberation of the Will The Institutes of Christian Religion A Reformation Debate Camp, Lee C. Mere Discipleship, 2nd ed. Campbell, Constantine R. Reading the New Testament as Christian Scripture

Seeing the Word Boda, Mark J. The Heartbeat of

Old Testament Theology

Boersma, Hans Sacramental Preaching Scripture as Real Presence Violence, Hospitality, and the Cross Bolger, Ryan K.

Emerging Churches Bolsinger, Tod E. It Takes a Church

to Raise a Christian

Brock, Brian Disability 63

Bolt, John Essays on Religion, Science, and Society Reformed Dogmatics, 4 vols. Reformed Dogmatics, abridged ed. Reformed Ethics, vol. 1 Reformed Ethics, vol. 2

Bronkema, F. David Advocating for Justice Brookins, Timothy A. First and Second Thessalonians 29 Brotzman, Ellis R. Old Testament Textual Criticism, 2nd ed. Brown, Cheryl A. Joshua, Judges, Ruth Brown, Devin A Life Observed Brown, Jeannine K. Becoming Whole and Holy The Gospels as Stories Matthew Scripture as Communica- tion, 2nd ed. 37 Brownlee, Annette Preaching Jesus Christ Today Broyles, Craig C. Interpreting the Old Testament Psalms

Boonstra, Harry Essays on Religion,

Science, and Society

Borger, Joyce Psalms for All Seasons Borgman, Dean Foundations for Youth Ministry, 2nd ed. Borgmann, Albert Power Failure Boring, M. Eugene Apostle Paul Theology of the New Testament Bouma-Prediger, Steven Earthkeeping and Character For the Beauty of the Earth, 2nd ed. Bouteneff, Peter C. Beginnings

Campbell, Evvy Hay Effective Intercultural Communication Campbell, Heidi A. Networked Theology

Chapell, Bryan Christ-Centered

Preaching, 3rd ed. Christ-Centered Sermons

Bruce, F. F. Philippians


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