Academic Fall 2021 Indexes


Fitch, David E. The Church of Us vs. Them Flannagan, Matthew Did God Really Command Genocide? Fogg, Julia Lambert Finding Jesus at the Border Ford, David F. The Gospel of John 35 The Shape of Living, 2nd ed. Forrest, Benjamin K. Good Arguments Fowl, Stephen E. Judges & Ruth Reading Scripture with the Church Franke, John R. The Character of Theology Missional Theology Frederick, Thomas V. The Family, 5th ed. 58

Geisler, Norman L. Christian Apologetics, 2nd ed.

Gorrell, Angela Williams Always On Goswell, Gregory God’s Messiah in the Old Testament Gould, Paul M. Philosophy Grant, Jonathan Divine Sex Graves, Michael How Scripture Interprets Scripture 31 Gray, Patrick Opening Paul’s Letters Gray, Timothy C. The Temple in the Gospel of Mark Green, Garrett Imagining Theology

Greer, Jonathan S. Behind the Scenes of the Old Testament Greggs, Tom The Breadth of Salvation Dogmatic Ecclesiology, vol. 1 Grenz, Stanley J. Created for Community, 3rd ed. Griffin, Brad Growing Young Grindheim, Sigurd Living in the Kingdom of God Gromacki, Robert G. New Testament Survey Gulker, Michael L. All Things Hold Together in Christ

Hall, Christopher A. The Mystery of God Hamilton, Victor P. Exodus Handbook on the Historical Books Handbook on the Pentateuch, 2nd ed. Hamm, Dennis, SJ Philippians, Colossians, Philemon Hanning, Robert W. The Lais of Marie de France Hanson, R. P. C. The Search for the Christian Doctrine of God Hardy, H. H., II Exegetical Gems from Biblical Hebrew Harink, Douglas 1 & 2 Peter Harmon, Matthew S. Making All Things New Harper, Brad Exploring Ecclesiology Harper, Lisa Sharon Fortune 71 Harris, J. Gordon Joshua, Judges, Ruth Harrison, Nonna Verna God’s Many-Splendored Image Harrison, R. K. Numbers Harrisville, Roy A. Church Conflicts 12 Hart, David Bentley Tradition and Apocalypse 1 Hartley, John E. Genesis Harvey, Barry Baptists and the Catholic Tradition, 2nd ed. Hastings, W. Ross The Resurrection of Jesus Christ 7 Hauerwas, Stanley A Better Hope Cross-Shattered Christ Matthew War and the American Difference

Christian Ethics, 2nd ed. Introduction to Philosophy Roman Catholics and Evangelicals Gibbs, Eddie Emerging Churches The Rebirth of the Church Gibson, Scott M. The Big Idea Companion for Preaching and Teaching 65 Homiletics and Hermeneutics Preaching the Old Testament The Worlds of the Preacher Gignilliat, Mark S. Reading Scripture Canonically Gilliland, Dean S. Announcing the Kingdom Gladd, Benjamin L. Handbook on the Gospels 40 Handbooks on the New Testament 3-Volume Set 40 Making All Things New Glasser, Arthur F. Announcing the Kingdom Goheen, Michael W. Christian Philosophy The Church and Its Vocation The Drama of Scripture, 2nd ed. A Light to the Nations Living at the Crossroads The Symphony of Mission Goldingay, John Genesis Hosea–Micah Isaiah Minor Prophets II Psalms, 3 vols.

Green, Gene L. Jude and 2 Peter Green, Joel B.

Gundry, Robert H. Commentary on the

New Testament, 2 vols. Gunnoe, Charles D., Jr. An Introduction to the Heidelberg Catechism Gupta, Nijay K. A Beginner’s Guide to New Testament Studies The State of New Testament Studies Gurtner, Daniel M. Introducing the Pseudepigrapha of Second Temple Judaism Gushee, David P. Moral Leadership for a Divided Age Guthrie, George H. 2 Corinthians Guthrie, Steven R. Creator Spirit Haarsma, Loren When Did Sin Begin? 14 Hafemann, Scott J. Central Themes in Biblical Theology Hagner, Donald A. Encountering the Book of Hebrews Hebrews How New Is the New Testament? The New Testament Hahn, Scott W. Covenant and Communion The Kingdom of God as Liturgical Empire Romans

Frend, W. H. C. Creeds, Councils

Body, Soul, and Human Life Conversion in Luke-Acts Narrative Reading, Narrative Preaching The Old Testament and Ethics Practicing Theological Interpretation The World of the New Testament The New Testament and Ethics Greene-McCreight, Kathryn Darkness Is My Only Companion, rev. and exp. ed. Greener, Susan Effective Intercultural Communication Greenhalgh, David C. Reviewing Leadership, 2nd ed. Greenlee, J. Harold Introduction to New Testament Textual Criticism, rev. ed. Greenman, Jeffrey P. Reading Romans through the Centuries The Sermon on the Mount through the Centuries Greenway, Roger S. Cities, 2nd ed.

and Controversies

A New Eusebius Fretheim, Terence E. Creation Untamed Fulgham, Nicole Baker Educating All God’s Children Gadenz, Pablo T. The Gospel of Luke Gaiser, Frederick J. Healing in the Bible Gallagher, Robert L. Encountering the History of Missions Gane, Roy E. Old Testament Law for Christians Gangel, Kenneth O. The Christian Educator’s Handbook on Teaching García-Johnson, Oscar Theology without Borders Garland, David E. 1 Corinthians Acts Flawed Families of the Bible Garland, Diana R. Flawed Families of the Bible Garner, Stephen Networked Theology Gathercole, Simon Defending Substitution Gaventa, Beverly Roberts When in Romans

Goldsmith, Dale Speaking of Dying Goldsmith, Joy V. Speaking of Dying Gorman, Michael J. Elements of Biblical Exegesis, 3rd ed. Participating in Christ Scripture and Its Interpretation

Hawkins, Aly Faith for Exiles

Greenwood, Kyle R. Since the Beginning


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