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Intermediate Biblical Hebrew Instructor’s

Hays, J. Daniel The Baker Illustrated Bible Background Commentary God’s Relational Presence Jeremiah and Lamentations Healy, Mary Catholic Commentary on

Hilber, John W. Behind the Scenes of the Old Testament Hill, Wesley Spiritual Friendship Hillyer, Norman 1 & 2 Peter, Jude Hinlicky, Paul R. Joshua 34 Luther for Evangelicals Hirsch, Alan The Forgotten Ways, 2nd ed. Hitchcock, Christina S. The Significance of Singleness Hoang, Bethany Hanke The Justice Calling Hoehner, Harold W. Ephesians Hoerth, Alfred J. Archaeology and the Old Testament Peoples of the Old Testament World Hoksbergen, Roland Serving God Globally Holland, Richard A., Jr. Good Arguments Hollenweger, Walter J. Pentecostalism Hollinger, Dennis P. Choosing the Good The Meaning of Sex Holman, Susan R. Wealth and Poverty in Early Church and Society Holmes, Arthur F. War and Christian Ethics, 2nd ed. Holmes, Christopher R. J. A Theology of the Christian Life 2 Holmes, Michael W. The Apostolic Fathers in English, 3rd ed. The Apostolic Fathers, 3rd ed. Holmstedt, Robert D. Beginning and Intermediate Biblical Hebrew, 2-vol. set Beginning Biblical Hebrew Beginning Biblical Hebrew Instructor’s Manual and Answer Key Intermediate Biblical Hebrew

Irwin, Andria Following 63 Jacobsen, Douglas Global Gospel Gracious Christianity Jacobsen, Eric O. Sidewalks in the Kingdom The Space Between Three Pieces of Glass Jacobson, Karl N. Invitation to the Psalms Jacobson, Rolf A. Invitation to the Psalms Jefford, Clayton N. Reading the Apostolic Fathers, 2nd ed. Jeffrey, David Lyle Luke Scripture and the English Poetic Imagination Jenkins, Gary W. Calvin’s Tormentors Jensen, Robin M. Baptismal Imagery in Early Christianity Jenson, Matt Theology in the Democracy of the Dead Jenson, Robert W. Ezekiel Jervis, L. Ann Galatians Jobes, Karen H. 1 Peter Invitation to the Septuagint, 2nd ed. Johns, Cheryl Bridges Seven Transforming Gifts of Menopause Johnson, Junius The Father of Lights 8 Johnson, Keith L. The Essential Karl Barth Johnson, Kristen Deede The Justice Calling Johnson, Marcus Peter A Call to Christian Formation 15 Johnson, Steven R. New Testament Greek with CD, rev. and exp. ed. Johnson, Thomas F. 1, 2 & 3 John Johnson, Todd E. The Conviction of Things Not Seen Performing the Sacred

Johnson, Todd M. Our Global Families Johnston, O. R. The Bondage of the Will Johnston, Robert K. Deep Focus God’s Wider Presence Joldersma, Clarence W. Educating for Life Jones, Beth Felker Practicing Christian Doctrine Jones, David Clyde Biblical Christian Ethics Jonker, Louis C. 1 & 2 Chronicles Kaemingk, Matthew Reformed Public Theology 15 Work and Worship Kaiser, Walter C., Jr. The Majesty of God in the Old Testament Mission in the Old Testament, 2nd ed. Preaching and Teaching from the Old Testament Preaching and Teaching the Last Things Toward an Exegetical Theology What Does the Lord Require?

Manual and Answer Key Holtz, Colin Moral Leadership for a Divided Age Horton, Michael Introducing Covenant Theology House, Paul R. Central Themes in Biblical Theology Howard, Cameron B. R. The Old Testament for a Complex World 37 Howard, Evan B. The Brazos Introduction to Christian Spirituality A Guide to Christian Spiritual Formation Howell, Adam J. Hebrew for Life Howell, Brian M. Introducing Cultural Anthropology, 2nd ed. Howell, James C. Birth Hubbard, Moyer V. Christianity in the Greco-Roman World Hughes, Amy Brown Christian Women in the Patristic World Humphrey, Edith M. Grand Entrance Scripture and Tradition Hunsinger, George Philippians Hurtado, Larry W. Jesus among Friends and Enemies Mark Hustad, L. Arnold Introducing Christian Doctrine, 3rd ed. Hutson, Christopher R. First and Second Timothy and Titus Huwiler, Elizabeth Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs Hvalvik, Reidar Jewish Believers in Jesus Ibrahim, Ayman S. A Concise Guide to the Quran Irving, Justin A. Leadership in Christian Perspective

Sacred Scripture New Testament, 17-vol. set

Four Gospels Deluxe Boxed Set 32 The Gospel of Mark Hebrews Heath, Elaine A. Healing the Wounds of Sexual Abuse More Light on the Path The Mystic Way of Evangelism, 2nd ed. Heine, Ronald E. Classical Christian Doctrine Reading the Old Testament with the Ancient Church Hendricks, Howard G. The Christian Educator’s Handbook on Teaching Herrick, Gregory J. Jesus in Context Herrington, Jim The Leader’s Journey, 2nd ed. Hess, Richard S. Ancient Israel’s History Family in the Bible Israelite Religions The Old Testament Song of Songs Hesselgrave, David J. Planting Churches Cross-Culturally, 2nd ed. Hettinga, Donald R. In the World, 2nd ed. Hewett, James Allen New Testament Greek with CD, rev. and exp. ed. Hiebert, Paul G. Anthropological Insights for Missionaries Anthropological Reflections on Missiological Issues Cultural Anthropology, 2nd ed. The Gospel in Human Contexts Incarnational Ministry Transforming Worldviews Understanding Folk Religion

Kane, J. Herbert A Concise History

of the Christian World Mission, rev. ed. Kang, S. Steve A Many Colored Kingdom Kapic, Kelly M. Mapping Modern Theology You’re Only Human 11 Kärkkäinen, Veli-Matti Christology, 2nd ed. Pneumatology, 2nd ed. Käsemann, Ernst Church Conflicts 12 Keating, Daniel First and Second Peter, Jude James, First, Second, and Third John Keener, Craig S. 1 Peter 42 Acts: An Exegetical Commentary, 4 vols. And Marries Another Galatians Gift and Giver


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