Academic Fall 2021 Indexes


The Gospel of John, 2 vols. The Mind of the Spirit Miracles Today 42 Miracles, 2 vols. Paul, Women, and Wives The Spirit in the Gospels and Acts Keesmaat, Sylvia C. Romans Disarmed Keith, Chris Jesus among Friends and Enemies Kent, Homer A., Jr. Jerusalem to Rome Kiesling, Chris A. Spiritual Formation in Emerging Adulthood Kim, Jonathan H. Understanding Faith Formation Kim, Matthew D. The Big Idea Companion for Preaching and Teaching 65 Homiletics and Hermeneutics Preaching to People in Pain 65 Preaching with Cultural Intelligence King, Roberta R. Global Arts and Christian Witness Kinnaman, David Faith for Exiles Kinzer, Mark S. Postmissionary Messianic Judaism

Köstenberger, Andreas J. Encountering John, 2nd ed. Handbook on Hebrews through Revelation Kraybill, J. Nelson Apocalypse and Allegiance Kreider, Alan The Patient Ferment of the Early Church Kroeger, Catherine Clark I Suffer Not a Woman Kroeger, Richard Clark I Suffer Not a Woman

Larsen, Timothy Reading Romans through the Centuries The Sermon on the Mount through the Centuries Larsson, Göran Bound for Freedom Lau, Te-Li Defending Shame Ledbetter, Bernice M. Reviewing Leadership, 2nd ed. Lee-Barnewall, Michelle Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian Lee, Ahmi Preaching God’s Grand Drama Lee, Dorothy A. The Ministry of Women in the New Testament Lehner, Ulrich L. Think Better 57 Leithart, Peter J. 1 & 2 Chronicles 1 & 2 Kings Athanasius The End of Protestantism Solomon among the Postmoderns Traces of the Trinity Levering, Matthew Engaging the Doctrine of Creation Engaging the Doctrine of Revelation Engaging the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit Ezra & Nehemiah Holy People, Holy Land Proofs of God The Theology of Augustine Levison, Jack A Boundless God An Unconventional God Levy, Ian Christopher Introducing Medieval Biblical Interpretation Liefeld, Walter L. Interpreting the Book of Acts Lillback, Peter A. The Binding of God Lim, Swee Hong A History of Contemporary Praise & Worship 61 Lingenfelter, Judith E. Teaching Cross-Culturally

Lingenfelter, Sherwood G. Leading Cross-Culturally Ministering Cross- Culturally, 3rd ed. Teaching Cross-Culturally Transforming Culture, 2nd ed. Linhart, Terry Teaching the Next Generations Litfin, Bryan M. Early Christian Martyr Stories Getting to Know the Church Fathers, 2nd ed. Litfin, Duane A. Public Speaking, 2nd ed. Livermore, David A. Cultural Intelligence Serving with Eyes Wide Open, updated ed. Lloyd, Michael Finding Ourselves after Darwin Lodahl, Michael Claiming Abraham Lohr, Joel N. A Theological Introduction to the Pentateuch Long, Gary A. Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Greek Grammatical Concepts 101 for Biblical Hebrew, 2nd ed. Longenecker, Bruce W.

Maag, Karin An Introduction to the Heidelberg Catechism Macaskill, Grant Living in Union with Christ MacKenzie, Ralph E. Roman Catholics and Evangelicals Maddix, Mark A. Practicing Christian Education Understanding Faith Formation Madueme, Hans Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin Mangina, Joseph L. Revelation Mansoor, Menahem Biblical Hebrew Step by Step, vol. 1, 2nd ed. Biblical Hebrew Step by Step, vol. 2, 3rd ed. Markley, Jennifer Foutz A Handbook of New Testament Exegesis Marshall, I. Howard Beyond the Bible Martin, Francis Encountering the Living God in Scripture The Gospel of John Martin, Michael

Krom, Michael P. Justice and Charity

Krötke, Wolf Karl Barth and

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Kuehne, Dale S. Sex and the iWorld Kuhn, Karl Allen The Kingdom according to Luke and Acts Kuruvilla, Abraham A Manual for Preaching A Vision for Preaching Kurz, William S., SJ Acts of the Apostles Kwon, Duke L. Reparations 75 LaCelle-Peterson, Kristina Liberating Tradition Laing, Stefana Dan Retrieving History Lamport, Mark A. Theological Foundations of Worship 64 Lane, A. N. S. (Tony) The Bondage and Liberation of the Will A Concise History of Christian Thought, rev. and exp. ed. The Institutes of Christian Religion A Reader’s Guide to Calvin’s Institutes Langberg, Diane Redeeming Power Laniak, Timothy S. Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther Lapsley, Jacqueline E. The Old Testament and Ethics

Beating Guns Mason, Steve Josephus and the

In Stone and Story The Lost Letters of

New Testament, 2nd ed.

Matera, Frank J. Romans Mathews, Alice P. Preaching That Speaks to Women Mathewson, David L. Intermediate Greek Grammar Voice and Mood 30 Mathewson, Steven D. The Art of Preaching Old Testament Narrative, 2nd ed. 64 Matlock, Mark Faith for Exiles Mattes, Mark C. Martin Luther’s Theology of Beauty Matthews, Victor H. The Cultural World of the Bible, 4th ed.

Pergamum, 2nd ed. Paideia: Commentaries on the New Testament, 18-vol. set 28 Philippians and Philemon Longman, Tremper, III Confronting Old Testament Controversies The Fear of the Lord Is Wisdom Jeremiah, Lamentations Job Making Sense of the Old Testament Old Testament Commentary Survey, 5th ed. Proverbs

Kirk, J. R. Daniel Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? Kirwan, William T. Biblical Concepts for

Christian Counseling

Klaus, Byron D. Called and Empowered Kolb, Robert Between Wittenberg and Geneva The Genius of Luther’s Theology Luther and the Stories of God Martin Luther and the Enduring Word of God Martin Luther as Prophet, Teacher, and Hero

Looy, Heather A Science and

Religion Primer

Luther, Martin The Bondage of the Will


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