Academic Fall 2021 Indexes


God Has Spoken, 3rd ed. Painter, John James and Jude Paris, Jenell Introducing Cultural Anthropology, 2nd ed. Parrett, Gary A. A Many Colored Kingdom Parsenios, George L. First, Second, and Third John Parsons, Mikeal C. Acts Luke Paideia: Commentaries on the New Testament, 18-vol. set 28 Pasquarello, Michael, III Narrative Reading, Narrative Preaching Patzia, Arthur G. Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon Payne, Don J. Already Sanctified Payne, J. D. Apostolic Imagination 50 Developing a Strategy for Missions Pazmiño, Robert W. Foundational Issues in Christian Education, 3rd ed. Peckham, John C. Divine Attributes 17 Theodicy of Love Pelikan, Jaroslav Acts Penner, Myron B. The End of Apologetics Pennington, Jonathan T. Heaven and Earth in the Gospel of Matthew Jesus the Great Philosopher Reading the Gospels Wisely Reading the New Testament as Christian Scripture The Sermon on the Mount and Human Flourishing Perkins, Pheme First Corinthians Perrin, Nicholas Jesus the Priest Jesus the Temple Peters, Greg The Monkhood of All Believers The Story of Monasticism

O’Loughlin, Thomas The Didache Oakes, Peter Galatians Oberman, Heiko A. The Harvest of Medieval Theology Oden, Thomas C. Classical Pastoral Care, 4 vols. Offutt, Stephen Advocating for Justice Okesson, Gregg Advocating for Justice A Public Missiology Okholm, Dennis L. Learning Theology through the Church’s Worship Monk Habits for Everyday People Olin, John C. A Reformation Debate Olson, Roger E. Reformed and Always Reforming Opitz, Donald Learning for the Love of God Oropeza, B. J. Perspectives on Paul

Petersen, Douglas Called and Empowered Pierce, Ronald W. Daniel Piper, John The Justification of God, 2nd ed. Let the Nations Be Glad!, 3rd ed. Plummer, Robert L. Greek for Life Hebrew for Life Pocock, Michael The Changing Face of World Missions Polkinghorne, John Testing Scripture Pope-Levison, Priscilla Models of Evangelism Porter, Stanley E. How We Got the New Testament Linguistic Analysis of the Greek New Testament Sacred Tradition in the New Testament The Synoptic Problem

Rasimus, Tuomas Stoicism in Early Christianity Ratcliff, Donald E. Introduction to Psychology and Counseling, 2nd ed. Redford, Shawn B. Announcing the Kingdom Reed, Angela H. Spiritual Companioning Reeves, Keith H. What Christians Believe about the Bible Reeves, Michael Adam, the Fall, and Original Sin Reeves, Ryan M. The Story of Creeds and Confessions Reimer, Kevin A Peaceable Psychology Reisacher, Evelyne A. Joyful Witness in the Muslim World Reno, R. R. Genesis Resseguie, James L. Narrative Criticism of the New Testament The Revelation of John

Robinson, Haddon W. Biblical Preaching, 3rd ed. Biblical Sermons Models for Biblical Preaching Robinson, Thomas A. World Religions, 2nd ed. Rodrigues, Hillary P. World Religions, 2nd ed. Romanowski, William D. Cinematic Faith Eyes Wide Open, rev. and exp. ed. Ronning, John The Jewish Targums and John’s Logos Theology Root, Andrew Bonhoeffer as Youth Worker The Children of Divorce Churches and the Crisis of Decline 54 The Congregation in a Secular Age The End of Youth Ministry? Faith Formation in a Secular Age Ministry in a Secular Age 3-Volume Set The Pastor in a Secular Age Rosenberg, Stanley P. Finding Ourselves after Darwin Ross, Allen P. Creation and Blessing Holiness to the Lord Introducing Biblical Hebrew Rowe, C. Kavin Early Narrative Christology Ruth, Lester A History of Contemporary Praise & Worship 61 Ryken, Leland Effective Bible Teaching, 2nd ed. Redeeming the Time Words of Delight, 2nd ed. Sadoleto, Jacopo A Reformation Debate Sadusky, Julia Emerging Gender Identities Salkeld, Brett Transubstantiation Samra, Jim James, 1 & 2 Peter, and Jude Sandage, Steven J. The Faces of Forgiveness Transforming Spirituality

Powell, Kara Growing With Growing Young

Ortlund, Gavin Why God Makes Sense in a World That Doesn’t 3 Osborne, Grant R. The Face of

Spiritual Landscape Reuschling, Wyndy Corbin

Powell, Mark Allan Introducción al Nuevo Testamento Introducing the New Testament, 2nd ed. Powery, Emerson B. The Good Samaritan 25 Prior, Karen Swallow On Reading Well Proeschold-Bell, Rae Jean Faithful and Fractured Provan, Iain W. 1 & 2 Kings Quash, Ben Heresies and How to Avoid Them Quicke, Michael J. 360-Degree Preaching Preaching as Worship Rakestraw, Robert V. Readings in Christian Ethics, vol. 1 Readings in Christian Ethics, vol. 2

Becoming Whole and Holy Reviving Evangelical Ethics Reynolds, Thomas E. Vulnerable Communion Rhee, Helen Loving the Poor, Saving the Rich Rhodes, Ben Freedom under the Word

New Testament Studies

Mark Revelation

Osborne, Hilary The Institutes of

Christian Religion Osmer, Richard R. Spiritual Companioning Ott, Alice T. Turning Points in the Expansion of Christianity 51 Ott, Craig The Church on Mission Encountering Theology of Mission Global Church Planting Globalizing Theology The Mission of the Church Teaching and Learning across Cultures 53 Packer, J. I. The Bondage of the Will

Riddell, Peter G. Islam in Context

Rienstra, Ron Worship Words Rienstra, Debra Worship Words Rivera, Bridget Eileen Heavy Burdens 72 Robbins, C. Michael New Testament Greek with CD, rev. and exp. ed.

Ramm, Bernard Protestant Biblical

Interpretation, 3rd ed.


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