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Taylor, Barry A Matrix of Meanings Taylor, James E. Introducing Apologetics Taylor, Marion Ann Handbook of Women Biblical Interpreters Taylor, Trisha The Leader’s Journey, 2nd ed. Taylor, W. David O. For the Beauty of the Church

Thorsen, Don Christian Ethics and Moral Philosophy An Exploration of Christian Theology, 2nd ed. What Christians Believe about the Bible Tibbs, Eve A Basic Guide to Eastern Orthodox Theology 13 Tiénou, Tite Understanding Folk Religion Timmerman, John H. In the World, 2nd ed. Tizon, Al Whole and Reconciled Tonstad, Sigve K. Revelation Tov, Emanuel Exploring the Origins of the Bible Traina, Robert A. Inductive Bible Study Treier, Daniel J. Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible Evangelical Dictionary of Theology, 3rd ed. Introducing Evangelical Theology Introducing Theological Interpretation of Scripture Proverbs & Ecclesiastes Theological Interpretation of the New Testament Theological Interpretation of the Old Testament Trueman, Carl R. Between Wittenberg and Geneva Trull, Joe E. Ethics for Christian Ministry Tuell, Steven Ezekiel Tully, Eric J. Old Testament Textual Criticism, 2nd ed. Turner, David L. Matthew Turner, Max The Holy Spirit and Spiritual Gifts, rev. ed. Twelftree, Graham H. In the Name of Jesus Paul and the Miraculous

Vainio, Olli-Pekka Cosmology in Theological Perspective Van De Walle, Bernie A. Rethinking Holiness van den Toren, Benno Finding Ourselves after Darwin Van Engen, Charles E. Announcing the Kingdom God’s Missionary People Mission on the Way Van Gelder, Craig The Missional Church in Perspective Van Rheenen, Gailyn The Changing Face of World Missions Van Til, Henry R. The Calvinistic Concept of Culture Vance, Donald R. A Hebrew Reader for Ruth VanderWal-Gritter, Wendy Generous Spaciousness VanGemeren, Willem The Progress of Redemption Vanhoozer, Kevin J. Biblical Authority after Babel Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible Everyday Theology The Pastor as Public Theologian Reading Scripture with the Church Theological Interpretation of the New Testament Theological Interpretation of the Old Testament Vanhoye, Cardinal Albert Galatians Veeneman, Mary M. Introducing Theological Method Venema, Dennis R. Adam and the Genome Virkler, Henry A. Hermeneutics, 2nd ed. Volf, Miroslav For the Life of the World 10 Public Faith in Action

Wadell, Paul J. Becoming Friends Walker, Andrew T. Liberty for All 74 Wall, Robert W. A Compact Guide

Weima, Jeffrey A. D. 1–2 Thessalonians Paul the Ancient Letter Writer The Sermons to the Seven Churches of Revelation 43 Wells, Samuel Be Not Afraid Esther & Daniel Improvisation Wengert, Timothy J. Reading the Bible with Martin Luther Wenham, Gordon J. Psalms as Torah

to the Whole Bible The Marks of Scripture Revelation Wallis, Jim The (Un)Common Good America’s Original Sin Walls, Jerry L. Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory Roman but Not Catholic Walsh, Brian J.

Teal, Andrew From Nicaea to

Chalcedon, 2nd ed.

Story as Torah Werntz, Myles A Field Guide to Christian Nonviolence 4 West, Christopher Our Bodies Tell God’s Story Westerholm, Martin Freedom under the Word Westerholm, Stephen Understanding Paul, 2nd ed. Westfall, Cynthia Long Paul and Gender

Tel, Martin Psalms for All Seasons Tellinghuisen, Donald J. Exploring Psychology and Christian Faith Tennent, Timothy C. Christianity at the Religious Roundtable Encountering Theology of Mission Terry, John Mark Developing a Strategy for Missions Encountering the History of Missions Thielman, Frank Ephesians Thiessen, Matthew Jesus and the Forces of Death 36 Thomas, Heath A. The Gospel of Our King Thompson, Carolyn Roberts Reading German for

Romans Disarmed Walton, John H. Ancient Near Eastern Thought and the

Old Testament, 2nd ed. Behind the Scenes of the Old Testament Ward, Graham The Politics of Discipleship Ward, Michael Heresies and How to Avoid Them Ward, Pete Introducing Practical Theology Ware, Bruce A. Still Sovereign Ware, James P. Synopsis of the Pauline Letters in Greek and English Waters, Brent Common Callings and Ordinary Virtues 5 Watson, Duane F. First and Second Peter Watson, Francis The Fourfold Gospel Reading Scripture with the Church Watts, Rikki E. Isaiah’s New Exodus in Mark Way, Kenneth C. Judges and Ruth Webber, Robert E. Ancient-Future Faith Webster, John The Culture of Theology Wegner, Paul D. The Journey from Texts to Translations

Westphal, Merold Whose Community?

Which Interpretation?

Wheeler, Sondra The Minister as Moral Theologian Sustaining Ministry

Whitacre, Rodney A. A Patristic Greek Reader Using and Enjoying Biblical Greek White, Aaron Recovering White, Thomas Joseph, OP Exodus Whitney, William B. Theology for Psychology and Counseling 59 Wichern, Frank B. Introduction to Psychology and Counseling, 2nd ed. Wilhite, David E. The Gospel according to Heretics

Theological Studies 44

Thompson, Gregory Reparations 75

Thompson, James W. Apostle of Persuasion The Church according to Paul The First One Hundred Years of Christianity Hebrews Moral Formation according to Paul Pastoral Ministry according to Paul Philippians and Philemon

A Public Faith Vriend, John Reformed Dogmatics, 4 vols.


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