Academic Fall 2021 Indexes


ACADIA STUDIES IN BIBLE AND THEOLOGY Beyond the Bible I. Howard Marshall Defending Substitution Simon Gathercole The Divine Christ David B. Capes Exploring the Origins of the Bible Craig A. Evans and Emanuel Tov, eds. Finally Feminist John G. Stackhouse Jr. The Heartbeat of Old Testament Theology Mark J. Boda How We Got the New Testament Stanley E. Porter A New Perspective on Jesus James D. G. Dunn Reformed and Always Reforming Roger E. Olson Scripture and Tradition Edith M. Humphrey Who Is God? Richard Bauckham Why Christian Faith Still Makes Sense C. Stephen Evans BAKER COMMENTARY ON THE OLD TESTAMENT: PENTATEUCH Genesis John Goldingay BAKER COMMENTARY ON THE OLD TESTAMENT WISDOM AND PSALMS Job Tremper Longman III Psalms, 3 vols John Goldingay Proverbs Tremper Longman III Ecclesiastes Craig G. Bartholomew


Joshua Paul R. Hinlicky Judges & Ruth Laura A. Smit and Stephen E. Fowl 1 Samuel Francesca Aran Murphy 2 Samuel

Acts of the Apostles William S. Kurz, SJ Romans Scott W. Hahn and Curtis J. Mitch First Corinthians George T. Montague, SM Second Corinthians Thomas D. Stegman, SJ Galatians Cardinal Albert Vanhoye and Peter S. Williamson Ephesians Peter S. Williamson Philippians, Colossians, Philemon

Liturgy as a Way of Life Bruce Ellis Benson The Politics of Discipleship Graham Ward What Would Jesus Deconstruct? John D. Caputo Who’s Afraid of Postmodernism? James K. A. Smith Who’s Afraid of Relativism? James K. A. Smith Whose Community? Which Interpretation? Merold Westphal CULTURAL EXEGESIS Everyday Theology Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Charles A. Anderson, and Michael J. Sleasman, eds. God in the Gallery Daniel A. Siedell


Hosea–Micah John Goldingay


Robert Barron 1 & 2 Kings Peter J. Leithart 1 & 2 Chronicles Peter J. Leithart Ezra & Nehemiah Matthew Levering Esther & Daniel Samuel Wells and George Sumner

Luke, 2 vols. Darrell L. Bock Acts Darrell L. Bock Romans, 2nd ed. Thomas R. Schreiner 1 Corinthians David E. Garland 2 Corinthians George H. Guthrie Galatians Douglas J. Moo Ephesians Frank Thielman Philippians, 2nd ed. Moisés Silva Colossians and

Dennis Hamm, SJ First and Second

Thessalonians Nathan Eubank First and Second Timothy, Titus George T. Montague, SM Hebrews Mary Healy James, First, Second, and Third John Kelly Anderson and Daniel Keating First and Second Peter, Jude Daniel Keating Revelation Peter S. Williamson Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture New Testament, 17-vol. set Peter S. Williamson and Mary Healy, eds. THE CHRISTIAN PRACTICE OF EVERYDAY LIFE Living the Sabbath Norman Wirzba Sidewalks in the Kingdom Eric O. Jacobsen Untamed Hospitality Elizabeth Newman What about Hitler? Robert W. Brimlow THE CHURCH AND POSTMODERN CULTURE The Economy of Desire Daniel M. Bell Jr. Fieldwork in Theology Christian Scharen From Nature to Creation Norman Wirzba

Psalms 1–50 Ellen T. Charry Psalms 101–150 Jason Byassee Proverbs & Ecclesiastes Daniel J. Treier Ezekiel Robert W. Jenson Jonah Phillip Cary Matthew Stanley Hauerwas Luke David Lyle Jeffrey Acts Jaroslav Pelikan Ephesians

Into the Dark Craig Detweiler The Space Between Eric O. Jacobsen


Awaiting the King James K. A. Smith Desiring the Kingdom James K. A. Smith Imagining the Kingdom James K. A. Smith Cultural Liturgies 3-Volume Boxed Set James K. A. Smith ENCOUNTERING BIBLICAL STUDIES Encountering the Old Testament, 3rd ed. Bill T. Arnold and Bryan E. Beyer Encountering the New Testament, 3rd ed.

Philemon G. K. Beale

1–2 Thessalonians Jeffrey A. D. Weima James Dan G. McCartney 1 Peter Karen H. Jobes 1–3 John Robert W. Yarbrough Jude and 2 Peter Gene L. Green Revelation Grant R. Osborne

Michael Allen Philippians George Hunsinger 1 & 2 Peter Douglas Harink Revelation Joseph L. Mangina

CATHOLIC COMMENTARY ON SACRED SCRIPTURE The Gospel of Matthew Curtis Mitch and Edward Sri The Gospel of Mark Mary Healy The Gospel of Luke Pablo T. Gadenz The Gospel of John Francis Martin and William M. Wright IV Four Gospels Deluxe Boxed Set Peter S. Williamson and Mary Healy, eds.

BRAZOS THEOLOGICAL COMMENTARY ON THE BIBLE Genesis R. R. Reno Exodus Thomas Joseph White, OP Numbers

Walter A. Elwell and Robert W. Yarbrough Readings from the Ancient Near East Bill T. Arnold and Bryan E. Beyer, eds. Readings from the

First-Century World Walter A. Elwell and Robert W. Yarbrough, eds. Encountering the Book of Genesis Bill T. Arnold

Song of Songs Richard S. Hess

David L. Stubbs Deuteronomy Telford Work


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