Vektek Zero-Point Systems


SWING-FREE Swing-free run-in and run out through the optimal contour of the pull-stud.

FORM FIT The balls are optimally encapsulated on 3 sides. As a result, the pull-stud always remains firmly clamped in the module.

No laborious searching for the holes anymore - self-centring via the diagonal side surfaces of the engagement screw.

YOUR ADVANTAGES - THOUGHT THROUGH IN DETAIL Experience a zero point clamping system that, through its innovative and forward-looking features, presents its strengths in use in an advanced way. Numerous advantages speak for themselves and make the VEKTEK zero-point system into a technology that revolutionizes the zero-point clamping technology market.

SIMPLE CLEANING Our zero-point clamping sytems can be blown out very simply with a commercially available compressed air cleaning pistol and do not require complicated suctioning out.

BLOW OUT Our system has a pneumatic blow-out installed at the factory. As a result, chips and dirt inside are effectively blown out.

RUSTPROOF STAINLESS STEEL High-alloy, hardened tool steel - so no corrosion.


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