GNRC Annual Report for FY 2021

Aging and Disability Services

TennCare CHOICES Intake Program Fredna Neas Hodge, Program Manager Misty Donaldson, Senior Counselor Lisa Brooks, Financial Coordinator Kara Tillery, Counselor

Sara Fowler, Director of Aging and Disability Programs

Aging and Disability Support April Merritts, Aging Support Specialist Ruth Childers, Aging Support Specialist Quality Assurance and Monitoring Marilyn Wade, Program Manager Jennifer Meade, Quality Assurance Analyst Christy Earheart, Quality Assurance Analyst Medicare Counseling (SHIP) Christine Mather, Senior Medicare Counselor Shea Northfield, Associate Counselor Data Management Cynthia Balfour, Program Manager Linda Murphy-Esmond, Data Processor Information and Assistance Diane Schlaufman, Program Manager Mark Singer, Lead Counselor Carole Russell-Griffin, Counselor Vonda Jenkins, Counselor Jessica Rame, Counselor Alexandra Seward-Beynen, Counselor

Melody Choate, Counselor Venus Johnson, Counselor Margaret Wolf, Counselor Janie Jewell, Community Living Supports Ombudsman Service Coordination/Options Program Earlean Chenault, Program Manager Pamela Williamson, Lead Counselor Angela Reeves, Counselor

Anthony Anderson, Counselor Deborah Carson, Counselor Faye Head, Senior Counselor Breanna Browder, Counselor

Jenny Calvillo, Counselor Tammy Cooper, Counselor Illisa Gay, Counselor Tonya Johnson-Lee, Counselor Quenteena Baldwin-Jarrett, Counselor


Public Guardianship Keisha Harris, Public Conservator

Patience Cohee, Assistant Public Conservator Susan Gilliam, Assistant Public Conservator Teresa Gamble, Fiscal Specialist

Family Caregiver and Veterans Support Johnna Neel, Senior Counselor

L-R: Keisha Harris, Susan Gilliam, Kim Hale, Michelle Poss, and Teresa Gamble.

Kim Hale retired in 2021 after serving more than 21 years as GNRC’s Public Conservator. Thank you, Kim, for all your hard work and dedication to those in need.


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