GNRC Annual Report for FY 2021


The Community and Regional Planning team at GNRC plays a vital role in shaping the future of Middle Tennessee. Its programs and services operate on both a multi-county, regional scale and at the neighborhood level. At the regional level, GNRC connects conversations about economic development and infrastructure planning.

Planning Studies GNRC’s regional transportation studies help develop a vision for future investments and provide its members with resources to meet long and short-term planning needs. Activities included: Regional Smart Mobility Assessment GNRC completed its Regional Smart Mobility Assessment in 2021. This study broadly examined how local jurisdictions could use emerging technologies around mobility to prioritize investments and maximize benefits across the various communities of Middle Tennessee. South Corridor Study GNRC continued its South Corridor Study to identify a series of recommendations to implement rapid transit to serve communities between Davidson and Maury Counties. The timeline of the study has been extended, in part due to the impacts of COVID-19. Throughout the year, GNRC staff and the consultant team worked to get the process back on track. GNRC staff will present the final recommendations of the effort before the end of the year. Downtown Inner Loop Study Throughout the year GNRC and the consultant team worked with stakeholders to develop concepts to establish a vision and recommend investments to improve mobility and safety through the Interstate 24/40/65 “loop” around downtown Nashville.

Transportation Planning Over the last year, through GNRC’s Transportation Improvement Program the agency assisted local communities with the planning and implementation of improvements to the area’s transportation system. $1B More than $1 billion was made available through the 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program. Capital Improvements GNRC works with local governments to identify and track upgrades or expansions to area schools, transportation systems, government buildings, and other public infrastructure. $7.9B Dollars in infrastructure needs were identified across the region. Community Planning GNRC provides a range of local planning services and technical assistance to its member communities on a fee for service basis. This support includes services for local planning commissions to project-based consulting. 12 In 2021, GNRC provided staffing services to more than 12 local planning commissions.


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